I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 922

922 Absolutely impossible! Li Kai himself is dumbfounded _2

But now, the other party was punishing them and not allowing Linlin leisure tea and purification grass to enter their country.

Therefore, they could only use this method.

Naturally, they also knew that the other party would not give them the technology of the purification grass and Linlin leisure tea if they only made an issue of the seeds.

Therefore, their ultimate goal was to get the retail opportunity and let these two products enter the market of the Seijo.

This way, they would have enough time to slowly study and crack these two things.

as for talking about the technology at the beginning, it was naturally to give the other party room to bargain.

Minister Lu naturally understood this, but the Linlin leisure tea and purification grass were too important. The Linlin leisure tea they ordered had already been used in the Army.

Moreover, the purification grass’s effect could also be seen through the transformation of the capital.

In a sense, this could be considered a strategic thing.

This was not only because boss Qin wanted to sanction the starfish Kingdom, but also because they did not want these two products to enter the Western market.

Even if it was just a proxy.

Minister Lu was in a dilemma when his assistant rushed to his side and reported, ” Minister Lu, look at the official account of Linlin villa. Boss Qin has released an announcement. Professor Li Kai has a new research on increasing the production of seeds.

Minister Lu’s eyes lit up when he heard this.

When professor Li Kai and the seed production increase research were put together, he immediately guessed a possibility.

He hurriedly grabbed his phone and searched for the official account of Linlin Manor. The first thing he saw was the video Qin Lin had Lin Lanzi post.

I’m Lin Lanzi from Linlin Manor. The boss wants me to tell everyone some good news. Professor Li Kai has developed a technique to increase the production of seeds, and the increase in production is at least twice that of foreign seeds. He’s now testing the gene fragments and preparing to apply for a patent.

When Minister Lu saw the video, his face suddenly showed joy. He just wanted to shout in his heart, ” professor Li Kai is indeed worthy of his reputation.

Barus looked at Minister Lu in confusion and asked with a frown, ” “Mr Lu, perhaps it’s time to continue our discussion.”

” mr. barus, i would like to share a piece of good news with you. a professor from our country has developed a technology to increase the production of seeds, and it is twice the production of your largest seed company, meng sandu company. isn’t this good news? ”

When Barus heard this news, he didn’t believe it at all. “Mr Lu, you know that’s impossible. You’re not thinking of using this method to solve this problem, are you?”

Minister Lu laughed. Mr. Barus, I forgot to tell you. This professor is the one who developed the purification grass. Do you think it’s difficult to increase the production of seeds if he can develop something like purification grass? ”

as he said that, minister lu raised his head and walked out. he smiled and said, ” Mr. Barus, I’m sorry, but I need to understand the technique to increase the production of seeds first.

Outside, Minister Lu took out his phone and was about to report this to the leader. However, his phone rang first. It was the leader.

Once the call went through, the leader’s voice came through, ” “Hurry up and go to Linlin’s laboratory to understand the situation!”

The voice was very urgent.

Minister Lu hung up the phone and laughed. How could he not be anxious?

If professor Li Kai’s technology was real, not only would it solve this problem, but it would also completely free the seed from the other party’s grasp.

There would be no more problems in this area in the future.

As long as it wasn’t a matter of seeds, they would be able to do something if the other party wanted to play such tricks.

Barus’s expression turned ugly. The other party’s posture didn’t seem fake.

It would be terrible if the other party had really developed such technology.

Not only would this matter fail, but it might also implicate seed companies like Meng San du.

Once these seed companies had problems, they would lose a trump card.

Barus didn’t dare to waste any time and left in a hurry. When he arrived at the Embassy, he immediately held a video conference.

A few people appeared in the video conference. Opposite them were a few white men, old and young.

At this moment, the few of them also asked with some ugly expressions, ”

Barus, I’ve received news that Linlin’s laboratory has the technology to increase the production of seeds. Is it true? ”

“Linlin’s laboratory is the place where the purification grass was developed. How did they suddenly have the technology to increase the production of seeds?”

” barus, you said there wouldn’t be any problems. after we get the agent for the linlin leisure tea and purification grass, we will distribute the profits. ”

it’s different from what you said, Barus. If something goes wrong, we won’t let you off either.

These people were obviously questioning him.

They were earning money from the seeds, but Barus and the other B * stards came to their door, so they agreed to impose sanctions on the seeds.

Moreover, Barus and the others guaranteed that there would be no problems.

Now, things were clearly different from what he had expected. It seemed that something was going to go wrong.

they knew very well what it would mean if the other party had the technology to increase the production of seeds, or twice the production of their seeds.

Even if this double was fake and only equal to their seed production, it would be disastrous for them.

Barus was a little annoyed. These guys agreed to cooperate with him for the profit of Linlin leisure tea and purification grass.

Now, he had actually revealed such a face when he felt that something was wrong.

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