I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 923

923 absolutely impossible! even li kai himself is dumbfounded _3

However, there was nothing he could do. These people not only had seed companies, but they also had other capital behind them. In the xingjue Kingdom, capital was everything. If something really went wrong, even if he was in his current position, he would still be in great trouble.

barus could only say, ” guys, don’t be anxious. this is most likely a smokescreen by the other party. they’re trying to use psychological warfare against us. ”

You should know better than me how difficult it is to increase the production of seeds. After all, how much money have you spent to continue increasing the production of seeds? ”

“And they haven’t made any progress in the research on increasing the production of seeds. Why did they suddenly have the technology this time? And it just had to be at this time.”

His words also made the others ‘attitudes become much gentler.

indeed, we’ve spent so much money, but it’s still difficult to increase the production of seeds. Their seeds have always been behind us, so it’s impossible for them to suddenly have the technology.

“Yes, they’re very good at setting up smokescreens like this.”

they even created a term for this scene called ‘bluffing’!

“Then, should we talk about the distribution of benefits after we get the Linlin leisure tea and purification grass?”

“Indeed, we should talk!”

All of a sudden, the few of them seemed to be on guard against each other.

After all, they only agreed to do this because they knew how much profit these two products could bring.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have let go of their stable income and taken the risk of offending the biggest customer of their seed company.

On the internet.

Originally, because of the sanctions imposed by the seed companies, everyone was furious and even furious.

After all, who would be willing to be threatened by someone?

Once their necks were grabbed, as part of the cells in this body, they would feel uncomfortable without oxygen.

But now, after the official account of Linlin villa released a piece of news that professor Li Kai had developed a technique to increase the production of seeds, everyone was excited again. This time, the boiling point was even higher, and they even felt relieved.

“We still have to depend on professor Li Kai!”

“Professor Li, you’re awesome!”

“You’re going to be dumbfounded, right? We have professor Li Kai.”

“Professor li has never disappointed us.”


In an instant, in this atmosphere, Li Kai seemed to have ascended to godhood. The internet was filled with praises and shouts for Li Kai.

Time passed.

After an unknown amount of time, Li Kai walked out of the laboratory with a few of his assistants, looking a little tired.

However, despite his exhaustion, he looked a little excited, because the gene fragments of the White radish, eggplant, and coriander he had tested were basically different from those of foreign seeds.

That was to say, in the process of increasing production, even if these seeds were improved from foreign seeds, they would have nothing to do with foreign seeds.

Their laboratory could apply for a new patent.

When Li Kai came out of the laboratory, he sharply noticed that all the researchers in the laboratory were looking at him with a strange gaze, as if they were all looking at him with admiration.

He wasn’t very handsome, and although he had some charm, there was no need to look at him like that, right?

“Professor Li, you’re amazing!” A researcher said in admiration.

“Professor li, this is so satisfying!” Another researcher said.

“Professor li!”

“Ran ran, professor li!”

The researchers were all talking at once, full of reverence and respect, which made Li Kai a little confused. He asked, ” “Can you guys be normal? What’s happening?”

“professor li, don’t you know?” one of the researchers asked, puzzled. It’s already all over the internet!”

Li Kai was puzzled. He immediately took out his phone and went online. In a moment, he saw a video on the internet.

on the achievements of professor li from an aristocratic family ”

professor Li’s seed production increase technique has given the other party a tight slap in the face!

‘No matter what means you have, in terms of crops, professor Li Kai said: No!”

“Another day of idolizing professor Li Kai!”

Li Kai was dumbfounded when he saw the entire internet discussing him.

What was going on?

Inexplicably, he felt his body Hunchback a little, and his back was as heavy as a Hunchback.

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