I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 924

924 A sudden backstab!_1

Linlin Manor.

Qin Lin had also been paying attention to the news on the internet. After all, he was the one who started the fire, so he had to pay attention.

As the initiator, he could also see that the netizens on the internet were very excited. It was a feeling of venting their anger, which could be seen from the comments.

Qin Lin also knew that now that the matter had been settled, he had to do the next thing. So, he went online and began to order all kinds of seeds.

You city’s seed store only sold limited types of seeds.

He ordered more seeds. The processing machine could always process some high-yield seeds.

Then, he would find an excuse to say that he had made some potions and soaked the seeds in them. Then, he would give them to brother li.

Qin Lin ordered all kinds of seeds online in one go. After placing the order, he turned off his computer and the office door opened.

Li Kai rushed in from the outside and said to Qin Yang with a bitter face, ” “Brother Qin, what’s going on online? I don’t even know what’s going on with these seeds. You were the one who concocted the potion!”

Qin Lin knew that Li Kai would react this way. He smiled and said, ” “old brother li, there’s no other way. those foreign companies are too much. you know that the seeds are caused by the special soil and the medicine, but there’s no way to explain those two things. in a hurry, you can only step in, old brother li.”

li kai’s face was full of bitterness. it was as if he could explain it, but he didn’t know how to explain it.

“brother li, how’s the test on the vegetables?” qin lin quickly changed the topic. Are the gene fragments the same as those of foreign companies?”

After reading the news on the internet, he also knew what the patent for vegetable seeds was about.

In the past, he didn’t understand how this seed was patented. Now he understood. It was based on gene fragments. If you used someone else’s seed and infringed on it, you could also use it to test the gene fragments after the plant grew.

This also gave him a reminder.

After all, he had a lot of crops here, and he had always been worried about the source.

Now, he could apply for the patent of the gene fragment. Even if someone managed to crack it, the other party’s gene fragment would be the same as his. He could also Sue the other party for patent infringement.

When Li Kai heard about the matter, he immediately smiled and said, ” “Brother Qin, I was just about to tell you the good news. Although the seeds were grown from foreign seeds, after the production increased, the gene fragments also changed. They are different from the original gene fragments and have completely met the conditions for applying for a new patent.”

“That’s good. They’re done for,” Qin Lin heaved a sigh of relief.

before, he was afraid that the gene fragments of the seeds processed by those foreign seeds would be the same as the original seeds, which would cause copyright infringement.

Now that he had heard old brother Li’s words, he was relieved. If that was the case, the other party would really be in trouble.

With his processing machine, he could produce as many seeds as he wanted.

it was unknown who would be punished from now on.

“Old brother li, prepare the documents and apply for the patent first,” Qin Lin said decisively.

I’ve already asked my assistants to prepare, ” Li Kai replied. the materials will be ready soon.

Just then, Qin Lin’s phone rang. It was Lin Lanzi.

He immediately pressed the answer button, and Lin Lanzi’s complaining voice came out of the phone, Chairman Qin, our multimedia department’s phone is going to explode from the calls. It’s from the seed companies in the country. They keep asking about the seed and we don’t know how to answer.

send another video, ” Qin Lin said. tell them that professor Li Kai has developed the seeds of white radish and cilantro, and the production is twice that of foreign seeds. Any domestic seed companies that are interested in cooperation can come to Linlin laboratory to cooperate.

Since the eggplant seed was a Grade 1 seed, he couldn’t take it out. He could only take out the ordinary radish and coriander seeds.

“Okay, boss!” Lin Lanzi answered and hung up the phone.

Li Kai looked at Qin Lin, who had put down his phone, and sighed silently.

This pot was really locked tight.

He could only leave the manor in a hurry and return to Linlin’s laboratory. He had to make last-minute preparations and learn more about these seeds, otherwise, he would be easily exposed.

As soon as Li Kai left, Qin Lin’s phone rang. It was Minister Lu.

He thought that Minister Lu would also ask about the seed. Who knew that as soon as he answered the phone, Minister Lu said, ” “Boss Qin, in the office. I’m at your Manor.”

“Ah Ling is here.” Qin Lin replied in surprise. Why did the Minister come here again?

After hanging up the phone, Qin Lin walked out of the office and saw Minister Lu walking toward him.

He hurried forward and welcomed Minister Lu into his office.

As soon as he sat down, Minister Lu asked anxiously, ” “Boss Qin, let’s cut to the chase. Is the seed real?”

“Minister Lu, how can this be fake?” qin lin explained with a smile, ” now we already have the seeds of white radish and cilantro. the output is twice that of the foreign seeds. the laboratory is preparing to apply for patents. first, we apply for domestic patents, then we apply for international patents. ”

“That’s great.” Minister Lu’s face was instantly filled with smiles. Mr. Qin, ask professor Li Kai to prepare the patent information for these two vegetables and give it to me. I’ll help you through the special patent channel, and I’ll help you quickly apply for an international patent. This time, those guys ‘plans will be in vain.

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