I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 926

926 Chapter 420! little Qin is well-versed in both literature and martial arts!

Qin Lin was suddenly a little confused.

In order to keep a low profile, he had been putting the blame on old brother li. How did he suddenly become the scapegoat again?

Could it be that his long-term shirking of responsibility had been noticed by old brother li?

That was impossible.

After Minister Lu got the information, he didn’t hesitate too much. He took out his mobile phone and took a picture of the experimental data. Then, he sent it to his assistant’s WeChat and made arrangements.

this matter had to be announced on the official news to boost his morale. he was not in beijing himself, so he had to ask his assistant to contact him.

Minister Lu then looked at Qin Lin and said, ” “Boss Qin, you’re really too unexpected.”

qin lin opened his mouth again, obviously not having reacted to the sudden change.

He wanted to tell Minister Lu to remove his name, but he didn’t know where to start. He was even more afraid of being exposed.

He was so conflicted.

When he saw Minister Lu and Li Kai go out and talk about patent-related issues, he sat in front of the computer and searched for books on Crop Research.

However, after reading two pages, he realized that he couldn’t understand it at all. So, he immediately went to look for University Books.



Lin Lin could only let out a sigh. It had been so long since he graduated, and he still had to face such a situation.

Qin Lin wasn’t the only one in a dilemma. The seed companies in the country were also in a dilemma.

Tianfang seed company was the largest seed company in the country, and the boss was called Xie Yuan.

xie yuan was in a dilemma. the reason was naturally because of a video released by linlin manor.

Although his tianfang seeds was the largest seed company in the country and had multiple seed patents, it was only in the country.

With the problem of seeds in China, any foreign seed company was better than his company. Because of the problem of seed production, his company’s seeds were not competitive at all.

Now that he knew that professor Li Kai from Linlin’s laboratory had developed a seed production technology, and the yield was twice that of foreign seeds, he felt that this was an opportunity.

So, as long as he could get on Linlin’s good side and get the seed agent, his seed company could crush foreign seed companies.

He knew very well that the seeds of foreign seed companies could run rampant in the country because of their high production of seeds.

The farmers and gardeners worked hard to plant so that they could get a higher harvest.

Therefore, in this matter, commercial means were not very useful. The best means that could be used was the production of seeds.

our country is a big agricultural country, and the farmers have their own scales.

As long as the production of the seeds was higher than these foreign seeds, everyone would voluntarily abandon the foreign seeds, let alone double the production.

However, Xie Yuan also knew that although his company was the top company in the country, it was too small compared to Linlin company.

Even a subsidiary company of Linlin company could crush them.

So, even if he wanted to suck up to someone, he might not be qualified. Why should Linlin laboratory let him be the agent?

If they were not strong enough, they would not have the chance to seek cooperation.

While Xie Yuan was at a loss, he could only check the information and movements of Linlin’s laboratory on the internet to see if he could find any opportunities.

However, at that moment, he saw a Short Video that had just been released by Linlin villa.

Lin Lanzi had made this Short Video to promote Qin Lin’s movie according to Qin Lin’s request.

Xie Yuan’s eyes lit up when he saw the video. He had been worried about how to cozy up to Linlin’s laboratory.

Now that Linlin’s company had released this video, wasn’t this his chance?

Although the video stated that they would cooperate at the lowest price in the country, even so, they could still make a lot of money. Moreover, the price was obviously for the foreign seed companies to see.

As for the lowest price in the country, it was up to Linlin company to decide. Anyway, as long as Linlin laboratory offered a lower price than the foreign seed companies, they could help say it was the lowest price.

A higher output, a lower price, and a direct suppression.

xie yuan didn’t hesitate at all. he hurriedly called his secretary over and instructed, ” go and prepare all the information about our company. Also, get people to make the most detailed PowerPoint presentation on our company’s advantages.

“Alright, director Xie!” The Secretary nodded and went out to make arrangements immediately.

Xie Yuan, on the other hand, continued to watch the news about Linlin’s laboratory and the seed production technology.

now that he had the opportunity to cozy up to linlin’s laboratory, how could he not make proper preparations?

Not only Xie Yuan, but all the bosses of the domestic seed companies were excited after seeing the new video posted by the official account of Linlin villa.

Anyone could see that this was an opportunity. As long as they could get the support of Linlin laboratory, they could crazily seize the foreign seed market and make the company rise.

Therefore, he had to get the cooperation of Linlin laboratory no matter what, even if he had to give up his own company’s shares.

The video released by the Linlin villa account wasn’t too shocking to the netizens. After all, they had always believed in the Linlin laboratory and professor Li Kai.

Since they already knew about the technology, they only knew that it was better than the foreign seeds. To them, it was still better than the foreign seeds.

However, an official piece of news attracted everyone’s attention.

The official news was arranged by Minister Lu, and it was about Linlin laboratory and the seed technology, including professor Li Kai’s experimental data.

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