I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 928

928 Chapter 420-all-rounded little Qin! They must be putting on a show!_3

The other party had made such a big fuss. If they didn’t have this thing, it would be very embarrassing in the end. If they had it, then they would be in trouble.

“Did they really develop seeds that produce twice as much as us?”

“That’s impossible. How did they do it? Even our research can’t achieve this kind of production.”

but the other party’s momentum doesn’t seem fake. Also, that professor Li Kai is indeed very powerful.

” that’s right. the other party has also developed the purification grass. also, i’ve received news that the other party is applying for a patent for the gene fragment! ”

applying for gene fragments doesn’t necessarily mean that there is such a technology. It might be a Bluff. If there is really such a technology, then it would be terrible.

Barus, you can’t just keep quiet. If something like that really happened, you should know how angry we are.

yes, we need to know the specific situation. We can’t just sit here and wait for death.

When Barus heard this threat, his face turned even uglier. He could only take a deep breath and say, ” “Aren’t those seed companies going to Linlin laboratory to seek cooperation? I’ll find a way to get someone to help us confirm the authenticity of the news.”

As he spoke, Barus took out his phone and dialed a number.

There were so many seed companies in their country that it was not difficult to find one or two greedy ones.

A few days passed in the blink of an eye.

You city’s Zhong min hotel was once again bustling with activity. This time, it was the people from the country’s seed companies who had gathered here.

There were more than 5000 seed companies in the country. How many of them would want to suck up to the Linlin laboratory after seeing the video on the official account of Linlin villa?

however, most of the seed companies did not know that linlin’s laboratory had already inspected some of the top seed companies before they came.

The applications of these companies had been reviewed by Linlin’s laboratory. The reason for the review was to see if there were one or two quality companies. They could also observe them later.

He couldn’t just find all the top seed companies.

Xie Yuan’s tianfang seed company was one of the companies under inspection. They were taken to Linlin villa by the people from Linlin laboratory.

The person who received them was Shen Li from Linlin’s laboratory. When Xie Yuan and the others came, they naturally knew the situation in Linlin’s laboratory. They knew who Shen Li was, so they were all very respectful.

What they were most curious about now was whether the seeds could really produce that kind of yield.

However, they didn’t dare to ask. Whoever asked would be equivalent to questioning. Wouldn’t they be courting death if they were remembered?

Shen Li naturally knew what these people were thinking. After receiving the bosses of these seed companies, he directly brought them to the planting area of Linlin Manor.

The best way to tell these people about the yield of seeds was to let them see it with their own eyes.

And now, manager Yu said that one of the crops had matured.

These people were also in the field of seeds, so they naturally knew the yield of the seeds. Once they harvested the seeds, they roughly knew the yield.

what shen li didn’t know was that when he brought his men to the plantation area, the boss of a seed company subconsciously moved his clothes. there was a miniature camera hidden in his clothes!

At the same time, Barus was also having a video conference with the bosses of the foreign seed companies.

In front of them was a live broadcast of a scene in a villa.

Barus and the others looked grave as they watched the video.

“It seems like they really have that kind of seed!”

no, he must be bluffing. He’s doing this for us to see …

“They don’t know that we’re peeking at them, but if they really have that kind of seed Kasaya …”

These people all looked at Barus with hostility.

Barus hurriedly said, ” don’t worry, they definitely don’t have such seeds. They’re used to putting on a show. Tomorrow, their news will be that Linlin’s laboratory has such seeds and has reached a cooperation with these companies. They think we’ll give up just like that.

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