I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 930

930 Chapter 421-I’m done for!

There were many beans on the horn bean vine, but it also depended on the planting distance. If the planting distance was the same, then the more beans there were, the more beans there were.

In addition, it also depended on the growth of the beans. In the past, a bean company had researched a type of bean seed, and the number of beans condensed was amazing.

But in the end, he found that they were air bubble beans.

It meant that there were many fruits growing in the shape of beans, but there was only one small fruit inside. What was the use of a man who was big and thick but small in a room?

Moreover, the skin of the bubble beans was very old and hard to chew. No one ate it.

Only when these aspects were normal and the quantity was high could it be increased.

Xie Yuan quickly brought his technician to the beans area for testing. The first thing he did was to test the planting space.

After the technician finished checking, he reported to Xie Yuan, ” director Xie, the planting distance of these beans is normal. So, the number of beans planted in one mu is the same as normal seeds.

“Yes.” When Xie Yuan heard this news, his face revealed a trace of joy.

in other words, these beans were really high in production and had nothing to do with the distance between them. this made him immediately go forward and pick some beans, then peel or break them to check the situation.

The beans inside the skin were very plump, and the skin was also very crisp and fresh. One look and one could tell that they were good fruits.

At this time, the other planting companies also got the results, which were accompanied by some surprise.

“These beans are growing really well.”

that’s right. The distance between them is normal. There are a lot of them.

“The beans in Linlin’s laboratory are growing very well, even better than the ones from the seed companies abroad.”


The bosses of seed companies like Xie Yuan could not help but show joy on their faces.

Now, it all depended on the statistics of the true output of the beans. There were no problems in other aspects, but looking at the number of growing beans, the output was obviously higher than that of the seeds abroad.

after all, it wasn’t their first time seeing the production of foreign beans.

At this moment.

The boss, who was wearing a miniature camera, had deliberately adjusted the angle so that the beans in his hand could be captured.

He still looked a little nervous …

after all, he knew what he was doing. but what could he do? his daughter was studying abroad and had even founded her own company.

His daughter’s company was developing better than his subsidiary company. The other party had said that as long as they did this, they would inject capital into his daughter’s company.

Isn’t it good to earn US dollars?

Barus and the bosses of the seed companies had also seen the growth of the beans.

These people’s faces turned even uglier.

everything was developing in the direction they didn’t want.

In the plantation area, Shen Li also smiled and asked, ” “Everyone, how’s the investigation going?”

“President Shen, your beans are growing very well. They’re very full,” Xie Yuan said hurriedly.

The bosses of the other seed companies also quickly echoed.

Now, as long as the production of these beans was out, they could determine the specific production of these beans. Moreover, there was no doubt that the production of these beans was definitely very high.

In other words, if they could ride on the coattail of Linlin’s experiment, their company would take off.

The reason was simple. If Linlin’s experimental technology could produce one seed like the beans, then it could produce more seeds.

With these seeds, they could snatch back the market from foreign seed companies. As long as Linlin’s laboratory didn’t authorize the seeds, they could sell the seeds abroad and seize the market from those seed companies.

the people of their country were so patriotic that they would choose foreign seeds for the production of seeds, not to mention the people of the capitalist countries.

now, the only question was whether linlin’s laboratory would be authorized to a foreign seed company.

manager Yu, ” Shen Li called Yu Shui over and said, ” bring some people to pick these beans and calculate the yield per mu in front of everyone.

“okay, president shen.” Yu Shui quickly nodded and began to take action with the staff of the plantation Department.

The bosses of seed companies like Xie Yuan also focused their attention.

This was the problem they were most concerned about, and now that they had seen it with their own eyes, they could prove that Linlin’s laboratory had not tampered with it. This was the most authentic production.

at the same time, barus and the others also saw this scene through the micro camera, and they were extremely nervous.

Although they had already guessed the outcome, they still hoped for a miracle.

Very quickly, Yu Shui’s side had calculated the yield per mu and said to Shen Li, Xie Yuan and the others,”The yield per mu of beans is out. It’s about 13600 catties,”

Of course, the harvest was not really the harvest of one mu of beans, but calculated by the conversion formula. However, the specific amount would not be wrong.

However, this weight completely shocked Xie Yuan and the others. This figure was completely twice that of the foreign seeds.

The news released by Linlin’s laboratory was completely confirmed.

At this moment, Xie Yuan and the others ‘faces were full of joy because they had the opportunity to cooperate with Linlin laboratory. They could have the opportunity to ride on Linlin laboratory’s coattail here.

“President Shen, how are we going to work together?” Xie Yuan hurriedly asked.

The bosses of the other seed companies also asked in a hurry.

This was the most important thing for him now. Whoever didn’t cling to the Linlin laboratory this time would be destined to be eliminated from the market in the future.

everyone, we’ll discuss the cooperation at Linlin villa. They’ve prepared a special meeting room for us. The restaurant in the villa has also prepared a banquet for everyone. shen li said as he led his men out of the farm.

On the other side.

Barus and those foreign seed companies ‘representatives were also pale after receiving the results of the beans.

Linlin laboratory’s seed production increasing technology was real. In addition to the radish and coriander seeds that the other party had applied for before, they already had three kinds of seed production increasing technology.

Moreover, the other party’s planting area had so many types of crops. How many types were there?

If these were all seeds that could increase production, it would definitely be God’s will to kill them. This meant that the other party could produce more types of seeds that could increase production at any time.

“Barus, this is all your fault!” The boss of a seed company realized that something was wrong and shouted angrily.

that’s right, Barus, ” another person said. if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have imposed the seed punishment on them.

The others also chimed in, ”

that’s right, it’s all your fault. You have to give us an explanation for this.

“Do you know how much of a loss this will cause us?”

When Barus heard these people’s questions, his face naturally turned pale.

He knew how much capital these people had. They had more than just seed companies.

If these people wanted to deal with him, his future would definitely be over.

He was a little regretful now. Why was he so eager to make a contribution to increase his capital, and instead aimed the contradiction at the Linlin leisure tea and purification grass?

Although it was a great contribution to get the agency for these two products and let them appear in the xingjue Kingdom, now that something had happened, it was a big problem.

But now, Barus could only defend himself, ” everyone, Linlin’s laboratory already has this technology. Whether we punish them or not, they will still publish this technology.

He was obviously trying to defend himself. He couldn’t have everything good.

these words immediately made the bosses of the seed companies even angrier. ”

Barus, if it wasn’t for you, at least we wouldn’t have punished the other party. We could have even gotten their agency.

that’s right. We won’t offend the other party without your urging.

originally, the other party would have given us the authorization to be the agent, but it was all because of your sanctions. Now, that might not be the case.


Obviously, these people were trying to shift the blame to Barus. They were all angry at Barus. This was how capital was. They had to prove that it wasn’t their fault, even if they were tempted by benefits at the beginning.

At this moment, Barus and the rest noticed that the video recording of the villa in front of them was shaking. Then, there were exclamations.

The cameraman was pressed to the ground, and then they saw a hand take down the miniature camera and point it at a man who had been caught.

“You’ve been looking at it for a long time, have you seen the results?”

Barus and the bosses of the seed companies looked at each other in dismay!

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