I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 933

933 Isn’t it just! punishment? I’m already not a good NPC

Besides, wouldn’t it be better to let these domestic seed companies break into the other party’s market, occupy the other party’s market, and then seize the neck of the other party’s agriculture industry?

In the past, the yield of the other party’s seeds was less than twice that of the domestic seeds, but they could already strangle the neck of their agriculture. Now, his seeds were twice that of the other party’s.

If they couldn’t do the same thing, they couldn’t only blame the incapability of the domestic seed companies. They would have to consider whether to continue to authorize these seed companies.

Qin Lin returned to Linlin Manor. As soon as he returned to his office, he searched for a book on Crop research on the internet.

Since old brother li had suddenly thrown half of the pot at him, he had no choice but to look at the relevant knowledge.

Damn it, he couldn’t possibly be unable to say anything when he really encountered a situation in the future, right?

Now that old brother li was in front of him, he really wanted to say, ” MMP!

Moreover, it would be really painful to read these books after graduation.

Unfortunately, the game in his mind was the farm game, not the academic genius game. Otherwise, he would be able to read the book easily.

As he thought about it, Qin Lin realized that the game in his mind had suddenly moved.

Thomas, the village chief, had appeared again.

Because of Thomas’s lagging behavior last time, his expectations of the village chief had plummeted.

This Thomas already knew how to trick people into doing free work. He was no longer a good NPC with rich rewards.

However, Thomas’s appearance here also meant that there was a plot quest. He controlled his character to go to the entrance of the farm and clicked on Thomas.

Thomas immediately replied, ”

[ Hi! ] [ nice to meet you again. Your Ranch has been doing very well recently. You’re the pride of ore town. So, the town is going to build a library. Are you willing to make a contribution to the library by donating? ]

“Ran ran.” Qin Lin’s mind was filled with black lines as he read the content of the conversation.

this time, they didn’t even talk about the reward and directly called it a donation.

However, when he saw the words ‘library’, he was filled with memories.

This was because there was a shy girl named Mary who wore glasses in the library. The first version of the story of the farm that he had played was Mary.

Moreover, the library would have a guessing game at any time. If one won the guessing game, they would get some unexpected gifts.

Therefore, even if it was a free donation without a gift, he would accept it for the sake of this. He clicked to confirm the donation.

His character’s gold coins dropped rapidly.

[ thank you so much for your contribution. I’ll let you know when the library opens. There will be a guessing game then, and the winner will get an unexpected gift! ]

After Thomas finished speaking, he fled as if he was flying.

Seeing this, Qin Lin once again looked down on Thomas.

Not long after, in the capital.

Minister Lu also saw Barus again.

However, this time, his mood was different because he already had the initiative. If the other party wanted to punish him, they had to have the ability to do so.

When Barus saw Minister Lu, the first thing he did was to say anxiously: Mr Lu, let’s continue our previous topic. We were too impulsive with the punishment of seeds. We are very sorry about this.

“Hehe!” When Minister Lu heard this, he looked at Barus with a faint smile.

He apologized and gave in as soon as he went on stage, and he was full of smiles. He was really able to adapt to circumstances.

Barus’s face was full of embarrassment, but he didn’t dare to show it.

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