I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 934

934 Linlin company is too despicable! Li Kai is going to teach a textbook!_1

At this moment, Barus was truly embarrassed. After all, anyone who thought that their items were good and wanted to threaten the other party, only to suddenly find out that the other party’s items were even better than theirs and that they needed the other party’s items, would be so embarrassed that they would want to find a hole to hide in.

Minister Lu looked at Barus for a while and said, ” Mr. Barus, we didn’t really care about the seed punishment, and you don’t need to apologize. So, I think we should end this discussion.

Mr. Lu, there’s one more thing I want to talk to you about, ” Barus said hurriedly. you see, Linlin’s laboratory has a seed production technology. You know, food has always been a big international problem. So, can you build a bridge with Linlin’s laboratory? our seed company would like to talk to them about the licensing of the agent.

When Minister Lu heard this, he looked at Barus with a playful look.

This capitalist’s skin was indeed thicker than he had imagined.

But thinking about it carefully, if it were them, they would also have to be thick-skinned and negotiate in this situation. They could only say that Linlin laboratory was too awesome.

The only difference between them and these capitalists was that they would not impose sanctions on the other party for no reason, then turn around and beg the other party, making things so awkward.

“Minister Lu, please help me with this,” Barus said again.

Minister Lu could only shake his head helplessly and said, ” Mr. Barus, I’m afraid we can’t help you with this. Take a look at the news first.

As he spoke, Minister Lu ordered someone to play a piece of news on the screen in the conference room.

The news was a new announcement from the official account of Linlin Manor:

Yingluo thanks everyone for paying attention to our Linlin laboratory. The seed incident has been causing an uproar on the internet recently. Now, our laboratory has reached an licensing cooperation agreement with a domestic seed company. I believe that new seeds will be sold on the market soon!

in addition, our Linlin laboratory also makes an announcement. Just like Linlin food company’s Linlin leisure tea and the purification grass, we will not consider licensing the new production of seeds to any foreign seed companies for the time being.

When Barus saw the video, his face turned pale. The video said that he would not consider it for the time being, which meant that he would not give the authorization to the agent.

This was another sanction.

That company actually tried to sanction them again.

Again and again, what did the other party take their country for? However, they were the only ones who punished others.

The key point was that Linlin company’s sanctions had made their domestic companies unable to find any substitute products, which made them very helpless.

” mr. barus, i’m really sorry. you know that our country respects the opinions of companies and will not force companies to do things they are not willing to do. ” so, I’m really sorry, ” Minister Lu said with a smile. I still have some things to deal with here, so I won’t waste Mr. Barus ‘time.

after saying that, minister lu left without saying a word to barus. when he was outside, he was full of smiles.

The other party’s expression really made him feel good.

Compared to Minister Lu’s good mood, Barus’s heart had fallen to the bottom. He did not expect that the other party would not even want to talk about it in detail.

He had originally thought that things could be discussed, even if the other party had some conditions for exchange.

Barus left helplessly. Just as he returned to his car, he received a call. When he saw the number, his face turned ugly.

It was a call from Meng San DU’s boss, who was one of the directors of Luo Heng Financial Group.

He could only answer the call, and an angry voice came from the other side, ” “Barus, what’s wrong with you, you bastard? This is the result of your negotiation? They’ll directly punish us when we reach a negotiation? You’re finished, we won’t let you go.”

Barus felt wronged.

The sanctions really had nothing to do with his negotiations. He hadn’t even started negotiating with the other party and the news of the sanctions had already come out.

Just as Barus was about to explain, he heard the other party hang up the phone, causing him to fall back into his chair.

Ming City Airport.

Xie Yuan was already waiting to board the plane with the contract. After signing the investment, equity distribution, and authorization contract with Linlin laboratory, he rushed back to the company.

although the first batch of seeds that linlin’s laboratory would give them were only radishes, beans, and coriander, if they wanted to deal with the related matters well, even if they cultivated these three seeds first, they could still grab the market first.

The foreign seed company occupied a huge market.

“Director Xie, look at the announcement from Linlin villa.” The assistant next to him handed the phone to Xie Yuan. On it was a trending video. It was the video of Linlin villa’s sanctions against Western countries.

When Xie Yuan saw the video, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

He had learned from Linlin’s laboratory that the seeds would not be authorized to be sold to foreign companies.

On the other hand, the seed companies that they were cooperating with not only had to seize the domestic market of the foreign seed companies, but they also had to break into the other party’s market and seize the other party’s foreign market.

This was the task given to them by Linlin’s laboratory.

Moreover, this mission made his blood boil for some reason.

Perhaps the domestic seeds had been suppressed for too long, and these seed companies had not had a good breath for too long.

now, the punishment announcement from the linlin laboratory would be their best help.

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