Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 450: New State

Chapter 450: New State

However, that was fine. It was just weakening and not completely blocking. That was sufficient for Xiao Chen’s purpose.

When Mo Yan, who was hiding behind the shields, saw the seemingly helpless Xiao Chen, he became very pleased with himself. He was about to taunt Xiao Chen when he discovered that the scene before him changed. He was in a desolate land and a deity with a supreme might towered in the sky.

What’s going on? Weren’t I at wrestling city? How did I get here? Mo Yan thought as he looked at his surroundings.

Oh no! This is an illusion. Mo Yan quickly reacted and bit the tip of his tongue. The pain caused the illusion before him to slowly vanish.

However, by the time Mo Yan regained clarity of mind, he discovered that Xiao Chen had already gotten past his shields and was only half a meter away from him.

“How did you get in?!” Mo Yan exclaimed in shock.

However, after he said that, he suddenly understood what happened.

Xiao Chen must have taken advantage of the moment he was distracted and lost control of his shields to get past them.

“Bang! Bang!”

Xiao Chen replied using his fist. He sent out a torrent of fist winds, making Mo Yan groan in extreme pain.

Serves you right. You were being so arrogant, thinking that I cannot do anything to you while you turtle up. Now, the one being hit is you.

Mo Yan did not even have the chance to dodge in this cramped space. Xiao Chen only stopped after beating him half-dead.

The crowd in the spectator stands felt that the scene was too incredulous. They could not understand how Xiao Chen made his way through those shields that did not seem to have any weak points.

However, after a while, by the time they had finally reacted, Xiao Chen had already gained his 49th consecutive victory. The crowd immediately erupted into cheers.

After defeating the three opponents Gao Yangyu had arranged to deal with him, he only had normal opponents left, and they were far from being ridiculously strong like the first three.

Xiao Chen continued to use only his Vital Qi to fight. He felt that the Firmament Body Tempering Art was approaching Great Perfection.

As long as he could win just by using Vital Qi, he would give his all not to use any of his Essence. After a few more fights, Xiao Chen’s consecutive victories count was quickly increasing.


“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

The drums resounded continuously throughout the wrestling ring, accompanied by the roars of a tiger and a dragon. Xiao Chen’s aura was flourishing. His wins still seemed quite arduous, but nonetheless, he managed to keep winning.

When Xiao Chen obtained his sixtieth consecutive win, the crowd went wild. Several cultivators who placed bets on Xiao Chen stood up excitedly.

“Sixty consecutive victories! This fellow has really managed to obtain sixty consecutive victories. At least I have earned some of my money back.”

“Who would have imagined that he would be the one to achieve the record of sixty consecutive victories.”

In the spectator stands, Yun Ping and the others all had complicated expressions on their faces. They were clenching their fists tightly and biting down on their lips.

Envy, jealousy, and embarrassment were no longer sufficient to describe their current emotions.

Xiao Chen’s Vital Qi was surging like a gushing river. His blood felt hot as it rushed through his body. When he punched, all the cells in his body exploded out with energy.

His entire body was filled with power—any part of it could be used as a sharp weapon to injure others.

While Xiao Chen was fighting, he felt that his understanding of Vital Qi had reached a new level. He felt that he was already infinitely close to Great Perfection in the Firmament Body Tempering Art.

Actually, if Gao Yangyu had not interfered by sending people who countered them, Jiang Zimo and the others would have also not had any problems in obtaining more consecutive victories.

Within the same cultivation realm, these geniuses cultivated peak Cultivation Techniques and peak Martial Techniques. Furthermore, they had great comprehension ability and talent.

Every aspect of them reached the peak. They were almost unmatched under the half-step Martial Monarch stage.

Just from the fact that Ding Fengchou and the others managed to keep winning when Yun Ping and the rest failed, it was easy to tell that they were geniuses of a completely different grade.

As long as they could deal with Gao Yangyu’s obstructions, they would have been able to keep winning. Unfortunately, they ended up losing and ending their streak of victories.

Ding Fengchou looked at Xiao Chen. The latter was covered in wounds and blood dyed his clothes. A look of dissatisfaction appeared in his eyes as he said, “This fellow looks very unremarkable. He seems neither strong nor weak. Yet when he unleashes his strength, he startles everyone.”

Each match seemed troublesome for Xiao Chen. He did not seem to shine at all. Rather, the impression he gave was that he would not be able to last the next day.

Ding Fengchou, Jiang Zimo, Pei Shaoxuan, Mu Xinya, and a few others had their consecutive victories ended by Gao Yangyu’s plot.

Only Xiao Chen managed to pull through this far. Like before, he had won every match of the day in a very miserable way. However, he still managed to obtain sixty consecutive victories.

He did not use flashy moves; neither was he overbearingly arrogant. Xiao Chen simply kept a calm and ordinary demeanor, winning all the way.

Xiao Chen’s final burst of power had been out of everybody’s expectations.

Xiao Rou laughed excitedly, “Senior Sister, Xiao Chen obtained sixty consecutive victories. Let’s see if these people still dare to continue mocking him.”

Xia Xiyan looked at Xiao Chen and sighed softly, “How unexpected. Everyone else has been defeated already. In the end, he is the one with the last laugh.”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

As Xiao Chen fought the final opponent of the day, another three acupoints opened in his left arm.

The three acupoints overflowed with Azure Dragon Qi. All the joints in Xiao Chen’s body crackled.

His muscles twitched and his blood surged. A primordial Vital Qi seeped into his skeleton and nourished his entire body.

Xiao Chen’s face lit up with joy. He smiled to himself and said, “Unexpectedly, I broke through in the middle of battle. The Firmament Body Tempering Art’s fourth layer has reached Great Perfection.”

Xiao Chen clenched both his fists and felt all the energy of his body gathering together.

Not only did Xiao Chen open three acupoints, even without merging in his Essence, his pure physical strength had been raised to 300,000 kilograms of force from the original 250,000.

When Xiao Chen’s opponent saw that he was distracted, he rejoiced. He used a strong saber light and hacked down on Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and said, “Break for me!”

Then, he clenched his right hand and punched upwards. Two cracking sounds rang out, and the dense saber light shattered under Xiao Chen’s fist wind.

Xiao Chen unleashed the 300,000 kilograms of force of his Vital Qi and formed a tornado in the air, causing his opponent to spin rapidly in the air.


Then, Xiao Chen pushed off the ground and punched with both his fists. A tiger and a dragon rushed out and roared.

The bladesman, who had been tossed into the air, got struck by the energies of the tiger and dragon and shot up a thousand meters in the sky.

With this, Xiao Chen finally won his final match of the day, bringing the tally up to 64 consecutive victories. He was now the only contestant with an uninterrupted chain of victories.

However, even after hearing the cheers of the entire place and seeing the shock on the spectators’ faces, he still maintained a calm state of mind. There were no fluctuations in his heart and he behaved just like before.

When the grey-robed old man saw Xiao Chen return victorious, he felt pained. He grumbled as he took out box after box of Spirit Stones.

Xiao Chen had obtained 64 consecutive victories. That meant that he could obtain close to 200,000 Medial Grade Spirit Stones. The attraction of gaining consecutive victories was now revealed in its full splendor.

Even a regular half-step Martial Monarch would not have such a large amount of Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

This time, when the grey-robed old man watched Xiao Chen pack the Medial Grade Spirit Stones into his Universe Ring, he did not congratulate him like before.

Instead, there was a sour feeling in his heart. He did not expect this young man to be able to go so far.

These close to 200,000 thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones were actually just a small amount. The grey-robed old man clearly knew that with Xiao Chen’s sixtieth consecutive victory, the banker of the bets, Gao Yangyu, had lost at least two million Medial Grade Spirit Stones. At this moment, Gao Yangyu probably wanted to chop Xiao Chen into eight pieces.

“Congratulations!” Jiang Zimo and the others said as they walked over to Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen smiled gently and politely cupped his hands in gratitude to everyone. As for those who were staring at him in jealousy, he ignored them.

If Xiao Chen had not injured Yun Ping further, resulting in him being crippled for the duration of the selection, he might have even heard some unpleasant words.

Unfortunately, these people already knew that under Xiao Chen’s calm exterior was a sharp brilliance.

It was not that Xiao Chen had no temper or strength. It was that he could not be bothered, normally.

Given Yun Ping’s downfall, no one dared to seek such trouble for themselves. All they did was to sneak in some jealous gazes before quickly looking away.

Up in the tall tower, Gao Yangyu did not go berserk as expected. Instead, his complexion turned extremely and scarily calm.

The atmosphere in the room was very subdued. Gao Yangyu’s subordinates watched his expressionless face, not daring to say anything.

Everyone here knew that, with how this match ended, Gao Yangyu had lost four million Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

Originally, there were only one million Medial Grade Spirit Stones being bet on Xiao Chen. However, who knew that someone placed another bet of one million on him, making Gao Yangyu’s loss more than double.

If Xiao Chen continued winning tomorrow and gained seventy consecutive victories, the payout would double again. This meant that the losses would be increased to eight million Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

Gao Yangyu had only managed to earn twenty million Medial Grade Spirit Stones. After deducting some base costs and the amount used to establish some relationships, he had actually only earned several hundred thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones. If Xiao Chen continued to win, he would end up losing his fortune and falling into disrepute.

After a long time, Gao Yangyu knocked on the table gently. He smiled sinisterly, “Why are you all not speaking? Sitting here and waiting for death?”

The group of old man all looked at each other. After hearing this, they felt even more afraid of speaking.

Gao Yangyu snorted coldly and turned to an old man on his left, “Are you sure that Shi Feng will return tomorrow?”

The old man felt cold sweat pour down his forehead, and he said while trembling, “It is hard to say. Shi Feng said that she would return tomorrow, but even if she does not come, we can’t do anything about it.”

When Gao Yangyu heard this, his face sank slightly. A strange light flickered in his eyes as if he had made some sort of strange decision.

If Shi Feng could rush over in time for tomorrow’s match and end Xiao Chen at his seventieth consecutive victory, although Gao Yangyu would suffer some damage, he would still manage to earn some hundred thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

However, if Shi Feng came late and let Xiao Chen obtain eighty consecutive victories, then he would make massive losses—his earnings of the past few years would be as good as gone.

This was the first time that Gao Yangyu encountered such a situation since he had taken control of Wrestling City.

The Rank A wrestling ring was organized only once every three years. There had never been so many geniuses appearing at the same time before.—at most, there would be just two or three contenders.

Even so, almost everything had still remained under Gao Yangyu’s control this time. As for the other hot favorites, they had been all defeated as a result of his meddling.

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