Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 453: The Legend of a Hundred Consecutive Victories

Chapter 453: The Legend of a Hundred Consecutive Victories

The explosion looked like a hundred flowers blossoming and rippling through the air. The air fluctuated, causing the crowd to not be able to see the core clearly.

They looked nervously at this scene. They knew that this was the decisive move of this fight. They really wanted to know who won as soon as they could.

“Someone is coming out!”

Everyone instantly looked over. They only saw a middle-aged man holding a sword slowly float down from the sky.

It was Zhong Zishi. Everybody’s chest tightened. Could Xiao Chen have been defeated?

“Pu chi!”

After Zhong Zishi landed, he knelt down and spat out some blood. He stuck his sword into the ground and did his best to not keel over.

The crowd released their held breaths in relief and looked up again. After all the energy fluctuation faded away, they saw Xiao Chen floating in the air with an indifferent expression on his face.

Xiao Chen had a calm gaze and only had a faint sword wound on his left arm. That was the only place where some blood was oozing out. Clearly, he was only lightly injured.

“Pu chi! I admit defeat…”

Zhong Zishi, who was on the ground, spat out another mouthful of blood. He could no longer hold on and quietly left the scene.

Xiao Chen slowly landed. He ignored the chatter around him. His Spiritual Sense turned into an ancient bell and eliminated the interference of the Heavenly Tone War Drums.

He closed his eyes and rested, waiting quietly for his second challenger. The first opponent of the day had caused Xiao Chen to be at a great disadvantage.

In that decisive clash in the air earlier, the crowd did not see how dangerous the situation had been; they only saw the surging energy fluctuations.

However, if Xiao Chen had not activated the secret technique in the Blood Flame Shoes, he would not have been able to get away with just a light injury. He might have even lost his entire arm.

No, I cannot let the following matches drag out for so long. Before I gain a hundred Consecutive Victories, Gao Yangyu will definitely do something again.

Since he dared to issue the all-or-nothing system, he must have some confidence in winning.

I have to reserve enough strength to deal with the final match, and not allow myself to exhaust too much of my Essence and Vital Qi.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes and looked at his second challenger. His previously sharp eyes turned even sharper.

Xiao Chen made a decision. He planned on finishing all the following sixteen matches within fifty moves by merging his Essence and Vital Qi. It would not matter if he had to use even the Dragon Qi in his arm.

It would be fine as long as he did not expose his status as a bladesman. He had to ensure that he had sufficient Essence, Vital Qi, and spirit for the final and most difficult battle.


The Heavenly Tone War Drums resounded again, and for the first time, Xiao Chen made the first move. After his Firmament Body Tempering Art’s fourth layer reached Great Perfection, his pure physical strength had already reached 350,000 kilograms of force.

When Xiao Chen’s Essence and Vital Qi merged together, he could reach a horrifying 400,000 kilograms of force. When he punched, a strong wind howled and a tiger and a dragon roared.

Xiao Chen fought the following matches in a similar manner. Aside from revealing his status as a bladesman, he revealed most of his strength.

He managed to keep every match under fifty moves. If he managed to discover any of his opponent’s weak points, he would finish them within twenty moves.

By the time Xiao Chen’s seventeenth match of the day ended, the sky became dark. It was not because each match took very long to finish. Instead, after each match finished, he had to wait for a long time before someone made up their mind to challenge him. As the matches advanced, the wait became longer. As a result, it took at least twice as long to complete the matches.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

A surging pillar of flames flared up on top of each of the four tall towers around the wrestling ring, slightly lighting up the dark wrestling ring.

Beside the flame pillars, the drummers were beating the Heavenly Tone War Drums rhythmically. From the start to the end, the drumming never stopped.

Unexpectedly, after the 99th victory, the crowd in the spectator stands did not say anything. They became extremely silent.

There were great waves in their hearts. No one expected that the cultivator who had always been in such a sorry state that no one looked well upon him would be able to come this far and obtain 99 consecutive victories.

All Xiao Chen had to do was to win another match before he could establish a new record. Everyone tacitly stopped speaking.

They could not bear to make any sound, afraid to disturb the white robed youth, who looked to be under twenty.

Amidst the deathly silence, a nimble figure slowly floated down under the glow of the flames.

This person wore tight-fitting, black leather armor. Her milky-white skin and her devilish figure were very seductive.

However, when people looked up to see her face, they discovered that she was wearing a half-mask, that was covering the bottom half of her face.

“Shi Feng!”

The melodious voice only said these two words. However, these words caused the spectator stands to erupt out into waves of cheers.

“She is the person who matched the record of sixty consecutive victories in the previous round, Shi Feng! Why is she here?!”

“I remember that three years ago, after she won her sixtieth consecutive victory, she backed out mysteriously. Otherwise, the record for consecutive victories would have been broken by her.”

No wonder Gao Yangyu dared to issue the all-or-nothing system. Three years ago, Shi Feng could have gotten a hundred consecutive victories. Now, after three years, her strength would have definitely improved substantially.”

“Interesting. A person who has obtained sixty consecutive victories in the previous round is fighting against the current round’s record setter, Xiao Chen. This is truly a peak battle.”

Each of the faces in the somewhat dark spectator stands brimmed with excitement.

Three years ago, Shi Feng’s performance had been spectacular; it had left a deep impression on the crowd. Many people thought that she would break the record of sixty consecutive victories.

Who knew that after Shi Feng obtained her sixtieth consecutive victory, she mysteriously disappeared, until today.

Unexpectedly, Shi Feng now appeared as a challenger, trying to obstruct Xiao Chen from gaining one hundred consecutive victories. The final battle was now filled with suspense—it was unclear who would win.

Xiao Chen looked at the girl before him. Then, he shifted his gaze to the two criss-crossed short swords on her back. From the look of the scabbard, the short swords were about 1.33 meters long and two fingers wide.

This was the first time Xiao Chen saw a cultivator using two short swords. Furthermore, the other party’s aura felt extremely weird.

Xiao Chen was not able to make out Shi Feng’s cultivation with one glance.

If felt like Shi Feng was surrounded by a fog that the Spiritual Sense could not penetrate.

This was the first time Xiao Chen encountered such a situation when dealing with someone of the same generation. Normally, such a situation would happen only with a Martial Monarch and above.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

The heavy drums resounded again. However, the Heavenly Tone War Drums that could make the fighting spirit surge were useless before the two of them.

There were no fluctuations on Xiao Chen’s face. His gaze was as calm as still water.

Under the mask, no one knew what Shi Feng’s expression was. However, her eyes were incredibly calm as well.

Up on the four tall towers, the pillars of blazing flames swayed gently along with the cool breeze. The light shining on the two’s faces flickered.


In that instant, the surrounding wind stopped blowing. The flickering flame also stopped moving.

It was like the two had decided upon this starting signal beforehand. Their figures flashed simultaneously. They started fighting with each other.

“Ka ca!”

Shi Feng drew the two short swords on her back. They flickered with a sharp and bone-chilling, cold light.

Once she took the two short swords out, she started spinning. She moved around Xiao Chen, like a leaf fluttering in the wind.

As Shi Feng moved, hundreds of afterimages followed her. The sword lights of the afterimages seemed very real, making them hard to differentiate from the real one.

Xiao Chen’s expression changed slightly. He quickly swept his gaze over the countless figures, trying to find the real Shi Feng.

However, when Xiao Chen scanned the afterimages with his Spiritual Sense, all of them seemed to have that black fog covering them, and he was not able to figure out which were fake.

Since I can’t find you, then I will destroy all of them!

Xiao Chen shouted and the realistic, mysterious phenomenon of a tiger and a dragon moving around him appeared.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Xiao Chen’s arms danced in the air, moving at his peak speed. The air filled with countless fist images.

As each fist wind appeared, the tiger and the dragon roared. Xiao Chen’s momentum to be rose. Soon, the afterimages got shattered by Xiao Chen one by one.

“Hu chi!”

The shattered afterimages turned into a strong gust of wind, blowing wildly in the wrestling ring. Then, they turned into a terrifying storm, howling non-stop.

When Xiao Chen looked at the final afterimage, his lips curled up into a faint smile. He merged his Vital Qi and Essence together and punched.

However, the situation did not pan out as Xiao Chen had expected. The final afterimage shattered and turned into strands of strong wind as well.

Oh no!

Xiao Chen’s expression suddenly changed. His instincts made him punch towards his right.


As the fist wind exploded and Shi Feng appeared in front of him out of thin air. Her sword light successively brightened and dimmed as it hacked violently at Xiao Chen’s fist wind.

An astonished expression flashed in her eyes. She felt it was strange. Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen managed to guess the direction which she would appear from. Even so, her hands did not stop moving.

The short sword in Shi Feng’s hand twirled around, and she grasped it firmly. Then, it shined with a sharp cold light, and she swung it at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen’s right fist clashed with the sword light, and he got knocked back. Seeing the other short sword swing at him, he quickly tilted his body.

“Hu chi!”

When Shi Feng’s attack with her left hand did not do anything, she quickly swung her right hand at Xiao Chen’s face. The sword was again enveloped in the same cold light.

Shi Feng’s movements were like moving clouds and flowing water; they seemed to be one with nature. There was no pause in her movement at all.

Shi Feng’s attacking speed was no slower than Xiao Chen’s. Furthermore, the angles of her attacks were even more tricky to deal with.

Before Xiao Chen could catch his breath, he had to twist his upper body backward to avoid the short sword that quickly flashed past his face, narrowly missing him and cutting a few strands of his hair.

“Chi! Chi!”

Shi Feng followed closely. Each of her attacks was aimed at Xiao Chen’s vital points. Her two swords danced around hastily, suppressing Xiao Chen to the point where he did not even have time to breathe.

As the crowd in the spectator stands watched the two fight in close-quarter combat, their hearts became anxious as well. The fight was at a point where, if Xiao Chen made even the tiniest mistake, it would be fatal.

“She is indeed Shi Feng. Within the same cultivation realm, her twin sword techniques cannot be broken. Compared to three years ago, she is now much stronger.”

“Indeed, the situation was the same three years ago. Any cultivators who ended up in close-quarter combat with her would only be able to exchange fifty moves with her at best before falling.”

“Each of her attacks is a killing move; every strike is filled with danger. If one cannot avoid it, they will immediately lose. This is very stressful for the person fighting her. Just think about the danger Xiao Chen is in!”

“In the end, it looks like the legend of a hundred consecutive victories is something that cannot be achieved. Fortunately, I have withdrawn by bets. Otherwise, I would have ended up with nothing.”

When the crowd in the spectator stands saw Xiao Chen, dodging with every step of the way, they could not help but shake their heads and sigh. It was too hard to achieve a hundred consecutive victories.

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