Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 454: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Chapter 454: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Sand and stones flew around in the wrestling ring. Shi Feng’s two swords hummed non-stop as she swung them. They seemed like a colored ribbon that created ripples as it moved through the air.

I cannot carry on like this, I am not able to adapt to her rhythm at all, Xiao Chen thought to himself.

The speed at which Shi Feng swung her sword had no pattern to it. The speed of each swing was different, rather than a linear increase.

Sometimes it was fast, sometimes it was slow. Furthermore, there were feints thrown in as well. The rhythm of her sword changed unpredictability and could not be dodged through conventional methods.

Several times, Xiao Chen judged wrongly and nearly got struck by the sword light. Fortunately, he was still able to dodge and let the attack land on somewhere of no importance, leaving only some superficial wounds.

Never mind, I won’t persist on like this. At such close distance, she is completely suppressing me.

Blood Flame Shoes secret technique, activate!

With a thought, the black-winged Blood Flame Eagle pattern on the Blood Flame Shoes slowly lit up. The two black-winged Blood Flame Eagles quickly spread their wings.


Instantly, Xiao Chen’s speed reached Mach 4. He quickly moved back a thousand meters.

When Shi Feng saw Xiao Chen suddenly leaving, she was mildly startled. However, when she saw the shoes on his feet, she quickly understood what had happened. Such secret techniques could only be used once. She stopped moving her feet and the short sword in her right hand starting spinning in her palm.

“Profound Wind Chop!”

Shi Feng shouted and the spinning short short left her hand. It turned into a storm comprised of sword Qi, and surged towards Xiao Chen, who had just landed.

Xiao Chen felt astonished as he said, “One of Qingyun Peak’s nine secret techniques—Profound Wind Chop!”

Furthermore, it was not an ordinary Profound Wind Chop, but an altered one. It turned into a Profound Wind Chop that used sword Qi and it was more powerful than the original.

Shi Feng passed the short sword from her left hand to her right. She did not stop her movements and followed the sword Qi storm, flashing over quickly.

“Hu! Hu!”

A cool breeze blew for no reason. Shi Feng, who was holding her short sword disappeared, as though she merged into the cool breeze.

Xiao Chen’s expression changed, he was extremely familiar with this move. Clear Wind Chop at Consummation!

Who exactly is this Shi Feng? Why does she know the secret techniques of Qingyun Peak?

What was a secret technique? It was a strong Martial Technique that would only be passed down to select people. Most people, even core disciples, could not be able to learn the Qingyun Peak’s secret techniques.

Within the moment Xiao Chen was distracted, the Profound Wind Chop had already approached him, not giving him any more time to think.

Xiao Chen criss-crossed his arms and a tiger and a dragon enveloped him. He stood firmly on the ground, like a mountain deeply rooted into the earth, as he gathered his aura.

This was Xiao Chen’s strongest defensive and counterattack Martial Technique—Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon!


The Profound Wind Chop, which gave off a strong wind, crashed into Xiao Hen, giving off an earth-shattering sound. A horrifying shockwave spread out in a circles.

After the shockwave passed, aside from the area below Xiao Chen’s feet, a 33 centimeter layer had been shaved off the ground surrounding him. It looked as though a huge wave had washed it away.

The white robes Xiao Chen wore had been ripped by the sword Qi. His skin was covered in wounds; however, they were neither too deep nor fatal.

Xiao Chen stared at an empty area towards the right. He said in a deep voice, “I have waited very long for you! Dragon Hisses Tiger Roars!”

Xiao Chen punched. An ear-splitting dragon roar and a resounding tiger roar reverberated through the wrestling ring.

The huge amount of energy stored up in the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was currently unleashed. It seemed to have increased by a hundredfold and was pouring like a torrent.


When Shi Feng, who was hidden in the cool breeze, realized that Xiao Chen had seen through her current position, she felt astonished. However, she did not hesitate to face him head-on.

A berserk energy exploded out from the sword’s blade and the fist. The two clashed but their might was even. No one got pushed back.

Shi Feng waved her left hand gently and the other short sword, which was flying beside her, spinned and instantly turned into another Profound Wind Chop.

“Damn it!”

Xiao Chen cursed in his heart. This was the crucial moment of their clash. Unexpectedly, Shi Feng could still afford to be distracted and execute another Profound Wind Chop.

Left without a choice, Xiao Chen could only break off from the clash and quickly retreat back. Even so, he did not make it in time.

Although this Profound Wind Chop was not as strong as the previous one, it had the advantage of having formed quickly and attacking suddenly. It smashed violently into the retreating Xiao Chen.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Even though Xiao Chen’s physical body was very strong, he was knocked flying. He spat out a mouthful of blood in the air, and his complexion turned pale.

He swayed around like a kite with a broken string.

Shi Feng stretched out her hand and summoned back the short sword. She muttered, “What strong physical body and surging Vital Qi. However, your close combat techniques are inferior. If that’s all you are capable off, then you can die already!”

In the end, Xiao Chen was still weak in close combat techniques. A bitter smile appeared on his face as he floated in the air.

However, it was not a big matter. He had managed to lay the foundation for a strong physical body in the past few days through the high-intensity matches.

In the future, all Xiao Chen had to do was to obtain a high-ranked close combat Martial Technique and his close combat prowess would improve by leaps and bounds.

Xiao Chen wiped the blood off his lips. Then, he waved his hand. The Lunar Shadow Saber in his Universe Ring appeared in his right hand.

A hint of a smile appeared in Xiao Chen’s eyes as he muttered, “In the end, I can only rely on this saber in my hand. It is time to end this match.”

“Hu Chi!”

With a somersault, Xiao Chen firmly landed on the ground. In the dark night, a white figure holding the Lunar Shadow Saber slowly headed for Shi Feng.

“He really is a bladesman! It looks like the rumors are not wrong!”

“How unexpected! For the past few days, he has only been fighting to cultivate his physical body and close combat techniques. That being the case, is him using the saber where his true strength lies?”

When the crowd in the spectator stands saw the white-robed youth stand up once again, holding the Lunar Shadow Saber, they all gasped in astonishment.

It was hard to imagine that in this Rank A wrestling ring, Xiao Chen had relied on one of his weaker aspects to gain 99 consecutive victories.

Even if Xiao Chen lost this match, in the future, the name ‘White Robed Bladesman’ would spread far and wide in the southern group of islands.

A bladesman who only used close-combat techniques had obtained 99 consecutive victories. A feat that no one else managed to achieve before. From a certain point of view, this was already a miracle.

Shi Feng frowned slightly. Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen’s physical body was so strong, that he was able to endure her Profound Wind Chop and still have such strong aura.

Furthermore, Shi Feng had not expected Xiao Chen to actually be a bladesman. It was astonishing that his close combat techniques and physical body were merely a supplement to his true strength.

Xiao Chen stopped and looked at the mysterious girl wearing a mask. He said, “The nine secret techniques of Qingyun Peak have never been passed down to outsiders. Who exactly are you?”

Shi Feng said indifferently, “I do not know what you are saying. All you need to know is that I will defeat you.”

The moment Shi Feng spoke, her figure flashed. A cool breeze blew and her killing Qi vanished. Her figure also slowly disappeared into the cool breeze.

“Clear Wind Chop…I know that as well!”

“Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations!” Xiao Chen’s figure trembled and immediately split into nine. Then, nine cool wisps of wind appeared in the wrestling ring, and Xiao Chen’s killing Qi also vanished.

At that moment, Shi Feng, who was hidden in the cool breeze, finally understood why Xiao Chen could find her.

It turned out that this Clear Wind Chop could even be merged with a Cloning Technique. Xiao Chen’s attainments in the Clear Wind Chop was no lower than hers.

The nine figures headed towards a certain point in the sky at the same time.


Suddenly, thunder rumbled nine times in the sky. It was the nine Xiao Chens executing Drawing the Saber simultaneously.

Shi Feng revealed herself. Her expression was hidden by the mask, so she seemed unperturbed by what was happening. She swung both her swords at the same time and two crescent scarlet moons came out.

“Bang! Bang!”

A few clones were instantly struck by the scarlet moon and shattered, disappearing completely.

Peerless Lunar Shadow…unexpectedly, it was another on Qingyun Peak’s secret techniques. Xiao Chen smiled faintly, he was even more familiar with the Peerless Lunar Shadow than the Clear Wind Chop.

Xiao Chen merged the remaining clones together and struck out twice. The saber light contained the state of thunder, it was very resplendent in the dark sky.


Just as the two scarlet crescent moons were about to merge, they suddenly burst apart, unable to form a complete full moon.

When Shi Feng saw the two crescent moons scatter apart, her expression under the mask became one of astonishment. To think that this Xiao Chen is so familiar with the Peerless Lunar Shadow as well.

Could it be that Xiao Chen knows all my killing moves?

Never mind; as long as I can get near, I can rely on my Twin Sword Flow obtain victory.

The look in Shi Feng’s eyes became filled with determination. Her figure flashed, and she dashed towards Xiao Chen once again.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

Now that Xiao Chen had his saber in his hand, how could be commit the same mistake he did earlier and give her an opportunity to get near?

Xiao Chen created a screen of saber lights flickering with electricity. He relied on an attacking speed that was no lower than that of Shi Feng’s and his exquisite Saber Techniques to keep his opponent at least two meters apart.

The Xiao Chen who used his fist and the Xiao Chen who used a saber were on two completely different levels. The more Shi Feng fought, the more horrified she felt.

Xiao Chen’s close combat techniques might have been strong in her opinion but they were at best second rate. In terms of close combat, he did not pose any threat to her.

However, when Xiao Chen changed to a saber, it seemed like he was a completely different person. He had all sorts of exquisite Saber Techniques and complementary movements that worked very well with them. He was so skilled, that she could not see any openings.

No matter how Shi Feng attacked, she was not able to break the screen of saber light and was held back at the two meters distance.

Xiao Chen made full use of his extended range, not allowing her to utilize the advantages of her short swords.

“Xiu! Xiu!”

Even after exchanging more than a hundred moves, Shi Feng was still unable to get close to Xiao Chen. Her figure flickered and she tried to use the same method to get close to Xiao Chen that she had used the first time.

Herfigure moved up and down once more, creating countless identical figures. However, her true body disappeared and became hidden.

Xiao Chen smiled gently, “Do you think that the same move will work on me twice?”

A purple light flickered under Xiao Chen’s feet, and a purple flower bud appeared and enveloped him within.The sword lights that filled the air landed on the flowerbud.

The more sword lights landed, the deeper the flowerbud’s color became, and the stronger its petals. Within the flowerbud, Xiao Chen was quickly casting hand seals with his left hand.

“Wukui Blossoms!”

Xiao Chen shouted and the flowerbud immediately blossomed. A surging lightning-attributed energy poured out. All the surrounding figures of Shi Feng immediately shattered.

Countless purple petals drifted into the night sky of the wrestling ring; it looked extremely beautiful.


Xiao Chen turned around and knocked back the Shi Feng which was trying to sneak attack him from behind.

Xiao Chen could quickly and clearly sense the location of the true Shi Feng. Hiding within the cool breeze, in the petal-filled sky was as good as not hiding at all.

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