Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 455: Massacre

Chapter 455: Massacre

“It’s my turn to attack.”

Xiao Chen pushed his feet off the ground and leaped into the air. He executed the Wukui Shakes the Heavens and a purple Wukui Tree appeared. It pressed down on Shi Feng, like a huge mountain.

Shi Feng’s two swords started spinning in her hands, condensing two Profound Wind Chops. She merged them together and quickly launched them.


Rumbling thunder roared and the storm formed by the sword got shattered by the divine Wukui Tree.

Xiao Chen rushed through the shockwave and brandished his saber light. He tirelessly chased after Shi Feng, who was retreating.

When the light of the petals shined on Xiao Chen, his speed increased once again. Soon, he caught up to the fleeing Shi Feng.

“Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!”

Xiao Chen’s saber kept moving and the electricity contained within it kept flickering. He suppressed Shi Feng to the point where she had to retreat continuously.

Shi Feng continued to swing around both of her swords, but she felt very depressed. Her opponent understood her killing moves very well. He knew everything about the Clear Wind Chop, the Peerless Lunar Shadow, and the Profound Wind Chop. They were not much of a threat for him. It seemed like by resuming his identity as a bladesman, he became able to completely suppress her.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Each swing of Xiao Chen’s saber was accompanied by unceasing thunder roars. The electricity in the saber was traveling up Shi Feng’s arm, numbing it.

Shi Feng’s state of wind was being suppressed by Xiao Chen, so she was not able to bring out its full power.

It’s time to end this!

Suddenly, a purple and red light gleamed on Xiao Chen’s saber—it was the state of massacre and state of thunder merging together.

The sudden appearance of the state of massacre surprised Shi Feng a little. While she was distracted, he used his saber to disarm the short sword in her left hand.

Then, Xiao Chen took another step forward and disarmed her other weapon using his saber.

He quickly moved forward as his opponent tried to retreat. Not long after, he caught up and placed his saber on Shi Feng’s neck.

“You are defeated!”

I am defeated?

When Shi Feng heard Xiao Chen calm words, she was in disbelief. However, when she looked at the saber flickering with electricity on her neck, she had no choice but to accept that fact.

“Damn it! If you had not understood my killing moves so well, I wouldn’t have lost to you!”

Shi Feng said, feeling unresigned to her loss. If she could have successfully executed her Peerless Lunar Shadow, she was seventy percent confident that she could have turned the situation around.

However, before the Peerless Lunar Shadow’s mysterious phenomenon could fully form, Xiao Chen found its weak point and scattered it.

Xiao Chen calmly said, “Your way of thinking is too naive. You can go. On the account of Qingyun Peak’s nine secret techniques, I will not cause you any harm.”

“Ka ca!”

Xiao Chen sheathed his saber and walked back to the grey-robed old man calmly. Then, he claimed the final price for winning one hundred consecutive victories—three million Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

It was now late in the night, and flames flickered in the lanterns. The vast wrestling ring was engulfed in silence.

Everyone simply looked at the white-robed youth holding a saber. The twenty thousand odd cultivators were speechless since long ago.

They originally thought that they would be very excited when Xiao Chen obtained his hundredth consecutive victory. However, the instant they saw the miracle happen, they all became very calm.

Their amazement was already over. Over the six days in the wrestling ring, this youth had brought too much astonishment to the crowd.

Now, they could only sigh in their hearts. The era belonging to the youths was truly there already.

“This youth is not even twenty yet, and he is already so strong. His state of mind truly puts me to shame,” an old Martial King said softly and sighed. His tone contained a hint of loneliness.

People who cultivated always seeked to improve themselves, aiming for the peak. When they were young, which of them had not have dreams of becoming famous and shaking the world?

The stories of famous predecessors were passed down from generation to generation. Which of them had not pictured themselves as one of them when they were young?

Why did people cultivate? Aside from improving their status, the most important thing was the fulfilment of their dreams.

However, as they aged, they had to put them down, or got bogged down by the matters of the mundane world.

Or perhaps they had allowed themselves to be disrupted from cultivation by earthly pleasures. Maybe they had been overcome by wicked thoughts and ended up on the wrong path. These actions led them to stray further and further away from the path to the peak of cultivation.

Now was the budding era of cultivation geniuses. The glorious stage that belonged to the cultivators had already been erected.

However, this was no longer their show—they were not even worthy of becoming side characters. They could only become silent observers.

When they looked at the victorious Xiao Chen, their faces remained calm, not in any way different from before. However, they sighed endlessly in their hearts.

Not to mention Xiao Chen’s strength, they were even far from being able to compare to his state of mind. In this budding era of geniuses, this person is definitely going to be one of the main characters.

“Let’s go, it’s time for us to leave. There is nothing more for us here. We have already withdrawn out bets. This victory has nothing to do with us anymore.”

Most of the crowd shook their heads. Under the cover of the boundless night, their faces were more or less filled with disappointment.

However, in an unremarkable corner of the spectator stands, Bai Lixi was grinning and laughing. The people around could not understand what had happened, they felt it was incredulous.

Bai Lixi was rather famous in the southern islands, so many people around him recognized him. They felt suspicious and asked, “Bai Lixi, what are you laughing about? What does Xiao Chen’s victory have to do with you?!”

Bai Lixi heavily slapped the armrest heavily. He glared at that person and said, “Why do you care that this old man wants to laugh?! Are you not able to accept that?!”

Crazy! That person cursed in his heart. He ignored Bai Lixi and headed out.

Bai Lixi continued watching Xiao Chen. He stood up and could not stop laughing.

If one looked carefully, one would have noticed that the huge axe that always accompanied him was nowhere to be seen.

Bai Lixi was empty handed—he did not even have a spatial ring on him. Even more exaggerated was that he was not even wearing shoes.

After a while, Bai Lixi stopped laughing. He rubbed his somewhat sore butt and said, “My butt had not been kicked by you in vain. It was worth it!”

Back then, after Bai Lixi got kicked out, he rested for one night. Then, he made a crazy decision.

Not only did he pawn off his Medial Grade Secret Treasure Axe, he also pawned off the Secret Treasure and Heaven Ranked Body Tempering Cultivation Technique manual he had obtained from Xiao Chen.

Bai Lixi also pawned all the treasures he obtained in the past few decades. Including what he had on himself, he raised a total of 600,000 Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

However, that was still insufficient for Bai Lixi. He went to look for a few of his good friends and borrowed from many of them. In total, he managed to raise one million Medial Grade Spirit Stones and bet them all on Xiao Chen.

When the all-or-nothing system was activated, most people withdrew their bets. However, Bai Lixi did not hesitate to continue his gamble.

Based on his instincts, he thought that Xiao Chen was a person with great fortunes on his side.

Xiao Chen would not lose. Indeed, Bai Lixi’s instinct was right.

Now, when Xiao Chen had won a hundred consecutive victories, who was the biggest winner? It was none other that Bai Lixi.

A payout of 32 times…one million turned into 32,000,000.

After fighting so hard, all the rewards Xiao Chen had gained added up to no more than four million Medial Grade Spirit Stones—only a small portion of what Bai Lixi got.

“I should remain low key first. I cannot let anyone know that I have won these 32,000,000 Medial Grade Spirit Stones.”

Bai Lixi nodded and mumbled to himself. Then, he headed out together with the other people.

As Bai Lixi was trying hard to resist the urge to laugh, his expression was extremely strange. His originally somewhat coarse and unsightly face turned even more twisted and conflicted. It was contorted to the point that no one wanted to look at him.

The wrestling ring was filled with both laughter and tears. Up in the tall tower, Gao Yangyu looked at Shi Feng, who was leaving the place. He became completely disheartened. His face seemed to have aged by a decade in an instant.

Gao Yangyu knew that he was now left with nothing. He had lost his power and status. However, the most important thing was that, he had completely lost all hope of advancing to Martial Monarch.

All the Wrestling Cities in the various groups of islands of the Ancient Desolate Lands were governed by the Wrestling City of Desolate City.

Now that they had incurred such great loses, Gao Yangyu would not be able to hold on to his position as City Lord anymore. He was very clear on who were the masters of Desolate City’s wrestling rings. Even if he wanted to flee, there would be nowhere he could hide.

Gao Yangyu kept shifting his gaze between Xiao Chen and Shi Feng. Eventually, he fixed his gaze on Xiao Chen.

Gao Yangyu could not afford to offend Shi Feng’s adoptive father. However, Xiao Chen was different. He had no sects backing him or protecting him. Killing him would not matter.

“You have made me lose all I had. I will not let you live a good life. The people who go against me, Gao Yangyu, will not meet a good end,” he viciously mumbled to himself as his gaze turned sinister.

He hated that he could not immediately rush down and kill him personally.

However, now that Xiao Chen had cleared the first round of selections for the Ancient Desolate Tower, if Gao Yangyu killed him, it would be an act of disrespect against the Heavenly Extermination Union.

Furthermore, Gao Yangyu would be at the top of the suspect list if Xiao Chen died. If he was careless and left any evidence behind, the Heavenly Extermination Union would definitely kill the chicken to warn the monkey.

[TL note: Kill the chicken to warn the monkey: This means to punish an individual as an example to others.]

“Here is…your three million Medial Grade Spirit Stones. Do count them!” the grey-robed old man said in a quivering voice upon seeing Xiao Chen return victorious.

Xiao Chen scanned the boxes with his Spiritual Sense, verified that there were no problems, and placed all the boxes into his Universe Ring.

Up in the spectator stands, all the outstanding talents revealed envious looks.

Three million Medial Grade Spirit Stones was a large fortune. Even most Martial Monarchs did not possess that much wealth.

These outstanding talents—even though they had the support of great sects and did not lack Medical Pills, secret manuals, and Cultivation Techniques—would not be able to obtain that many Spirit Stones.

Jiang Zimo walked over and cupped his hands respectfully to Xiao Chen. He said, “Congratulations Brother Xiao on your one hundred consecutive victories and winning three million Medial Grade Spirit Stones. Your name will probably spread throughout the entire southern islands within half a week.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, “That is just empty fame. This is just the beginning. If I cannot obtain one of the twenty spots for the Ancient Desolate Tower, then all these would have been in vain.”

Indeed, the importance of the Ancient Desolate Tower was not something that could be compared to Spirit Stones.

This was only the first round of selections. No matter how dazzling one’s results were here, it was pointless if one could not obtain a spot for the Ancient Desolate Tower.

Mu Xinya said gently, “It’s good that you understand that. After all, fighting in the wrestling ring is merely exchanging moves with regular cultivators.

“The arena battles would have people with talents, resources, Cultivation Techniques, Martial Techniques, Secret Treasures, and combat experience that are no weaker than yours. The quality of your opponents will be completely different. Furthermore, some of these people might have forsaken gaining consecutive victories just to hide their trump cards. These people cannot be underestimated.”

Xiao Chen looked at Mu Xinya and said, “You mean like you?”

Mu Xinya smiled embarrassedly. She neither admitted nor refuted it. She said, “Work hard. I look forward to entering the Ancient Desolate Tower with you. I shall take my leave first!”

After the two left, Xia Xiyan and Xiao Rou walked over as well.

Xiao Rou had only obtained fifty victories. She had been eliminated in the first round of selections.

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