Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 459: Holy Fire Burning the Heavens

Chapter 459: Holy Fire Burning the Heavens

Xiao Chen flicked his finger and sent out an extremely dense Purple Thunder True Fire. He ignored Yun Ping and quickly chased after the black-clothed person.

The purple flames pierced through the back of Yun Ping’s head. His eyes lost their light, and he fell heavily to the ground.

The clumps of red light came out of the two corpses and chased after Xiao Chen, entering his sea of consciousness.

The pool of blood in the scarlet throne increased in size slightly, and the sensation of falling into depravity appeared again.

Xiao Chen’s gaze became resolute. He did not hesitate to cut off the pleasurable feeling of sinking into depravity and continued chasing after the person in front of him.

Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense detected that the black-clothed person moved forward at Mach 3.

Given Xiao Chen’s speed of Mach 3.5, he would not have required much time to catch up. However, the area in front was a bustling city.

Within Desolate City, there were many strong experts. Xiao Chen was afraid of attracting unnecessary trouble, so he intended to block his opponent forcefully.

Lightning Evasion! Lightning Evasion! Lightning Evasion!

Xiao Chen did not care about the exhaustion of Essence and Mental Energy. Thunder roared around them and bolts of lightning flashed.

Xiao Chen looked like he was teleporting as he continued to advance forward. Soon, he drew close to the black-clothed person.

Hearing thunder roar continuously, the black-clothed person could not help but look back to take a look.

However, it was better for him to not see what was happening. His expression turned extremely horrified. Everytime a bolt of lightning landed, Xiao Chen would appear right behind him.

The distance between him and Xiao Chen shortened rapidly. The black-clothed person thought in astonishment, What Movement Technique is this, why does it look like he is teleporting?


A bolt of lightning landed in front of him and Xiao Chen’s figure suddenly appeared.

The black-clothed person quickly turned around and moved back a few steps. He tightly grasped his sword with his right hand.

Xiao Chen pointed his saber at his opponent and shouted coldly, “Hiding your head but showing your tails. Who exactly are you?!”

[TL note: Hiding your head but showing your tails: This means revealing half-truths.]

“You don’t have to care about who I am. You only need to know that I will be claiming that peak high-ranked Demon Core on you sooner or later.”

The black-clothed person calmed down and sighed to himself. It looks like I will have to use my trump card today.

“Holy Fire Burning the Heavens!” the black-clothed person shouted as he formed hand seals with his hands. The area around his dantian suddenly turned transparent.

A pale white flame appeared above the black-clothed person’s dantian as he formed the hand seals. It quickly flared up.


When the black-clothed person finished forming the hand seals, the pale white flames immediately surged out of his body, forming a white flaming tornado. It flew towards Xiao Chen.

The flames were incomparably cold and the surrounding temperature plummeted. This caused one to feel a bone-chilling sensation, like even blood would freeze.

What a strong Yin flame, Xiao Chen thought to himself. It looks like I will have to use the Purple Thunder True Fire to block.

It was likely that even before an ordinary Saber Technique could get close, it would be frozen into ice by this Extreme Yin flame.

With just a thought, a fierce purple started to burn in Xiao Chen’s right eye. Soon, it formed into a purple tornado and spewed out.


A purple and a white tornado quickly clashed in the dark night.

The two tornadoes did not give way to each other. As they were mutually restraining flames, they moment they came into contact with each other, they tried to swallow each other up.

However, the two tornadoes were equally strong. Neither could overpower the other. They could only continuously hold each other back until they eventually exploded.

The shockwave spread out in a ring into the surroundings. Deep spiraling pits appeared in the ground and cold winds blew.

When the two got struck by the shockwave, they became somewhat pale. However, given Xiao Chen’s strong body, the amount of damage that he could endure was greater than what the other party could.

When suffering the same attack, Xiao Chen would definitely suffer from less severe injuries than his opponent.


When the tornadoes shattered, a strand of purple flames flew towards Xiao Chen. That was the Origin Flame of the Purple Thunder True Fire.

On the other side, the Origin Flame of the Extreme Yin flame also flew towards the black-clothed person.

Glittering Wukui!

Qi Breaks Wukui!

Wukui Transforms to Qi!

Xiao Chen thought, I see an opportunity!

Xiao Chen did not wait for the Purple Thunder True Fire’s Origin Flame to re-enter his eye. He immediately sent out several attacks at the black-clothed person.

He instantly executed the three foundational moves of the Wukui Saber Technique.

A continuous chain of purple saber Qi flickered with a crackling electric light. Each wave was larger than the one before, moving towards the black-clothed person and attacking him endlessly.

The black-clothed person was currently focused on controlling his Origin Flame, guiding it back into his body. After all, that was the Origin Flame that he had spent at least ten years to successfully condense.

If any cultivator lost ten years of effort, they would all feel despair.

The black-clothed person thought that Xiao Chen would do the same as him, and focus on retrieving his own Origin Flame. Who knew, that this fellow would not move as expected.

Xiao Chen even gave up on retrieving his Origin Flame and took the initiative to attack. This made the black-clothed person feel like spewing blood.

The black-clothed person was caught off guard, and the surging purple saber Qi left several bloody wounds on his body.

The purple electricity instantly poured into his body and crackled, making his wounds feel incredibly painful and slowing him down.

While you are affected, I will kill you!

Xiao Chen took the initiative to attack and did not have any intention to spare this person. His aura soared, and his Qi and blood surged without end.

Xiao Chen executed the extremely tyrannical Wukui Shakes the Heavens once again. The divine Wukui Tree appeared, carrying a strong electrical force as it headed for the black-clothed person. It pressed onto him like a heavy cauldron.


The black-clothed person received this attack head-on and was knocked back. He vomited large mouthfuls of blood, and his clothes immediately ripped to shreds.

“Xiao Chen, consider this my loss this time. However, as long as you remain in the Ancient Desolate Land, I will make you pay back what you owe me tenfold, or even a hundredfold!”

The black-clothed person glanced at the floating white Origin Flame feeling unresigned. He simply left behind his final words and quickly left the place.

“Ka ca!”

Xiao Chen sheathed his saber and stopped chasing after him. He had already figured out the other party’s identity. He was the Holy Fire Manor’s Leng Yun!

From the moment the peak high-ranked Demon Core was mentioned, Xiao Chen had already started to feel suspicious. When he saw the pale white Extreme Yin flame being used, he became sure of it.

Xiao Chen was confident that he could have caught Leng Yun and dealt with him if he chased. However, when he saw the floating white Origin Flame at the side, he abandoned all thoughts of continuing.

The earlier fight was too intense. It had already attracted the attention of some people. If Xiao Chen continued to chase after Leng Yun, he would end up losing both the Origin Flames, and suffering a great loss.

Xiao Chen withdrew his own Origin Flame back into his right eye. Then, he used his Spirit Sense to envelop Leng Yun’s Origin Flame and drew it into his sea of consciousness.

After Xiao Chen completed all this, he quickly left the place and returned to his courtyard.

Ten minutes later, Xiao Chen arrived back at his courtyard. The moment he stepped in, his expression suddenly turned strange.

In his sea of consciousness, the four clumps of Lunar True Flame started to fight with each other for an unknown reason.

The four strands of even more pale white Lunar True Flame all headed for that strand of extreme Yin Origin Flame. They all fought with each other as they all rushed to that Origin Flame, intending to swallow it up.

This situation looked like four somewhat weak middle-aged man surrounding a strong youth.

The youth was very strong but the middle-aged men outnumbered him. They gained the advantage by ganging up on him.

The fluctuations in Xiao Chen’s sea of consciousness were caused by the intense resistance of the Origin Flame. Although it lacked intelligence, it instinctively did not want to be swallowed by the Lunar True Flame.

When Xiao Chen saw this scene, he fell deep in thought. The Yin flames had different ranks too.

There were the Extreme Yin Flames, Peak Yin Flames, and the Lunar True Flames. Of which, the Lunar True Flame was of the highest rank.

The Lunar True Flame was as famous as the Solar True Flames. As for the legendary Heavenly Flame, rumor said that if the Lunar True Flame and Solar Flame Flame perfectly merged with each other, they would be on the same level.

However, when the the extremely opposing energies of Yin and Yang touched each other, regardless of the grade, they would generate an intense explosion.

It would be even hard to merge the highest rank flames of Solar True Flames and Lunar True Flames. In the past, the Tianwu Emperor relied on his talent and the Heavenly Flames to conquer the continent, becoming unrivalled.

From the looks of things today, energies of the same attribute can merge or swallow each other up and enhance themselves.

Xiao Chen decided to give the Lunar True Flames a hand. After all, the Lunar True Flames were ranked higher.

Furthermore, they were the flames that Xiao Chen needed for refining Secret Treasures. Not protecting them would result in losses for Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense turned into a small exquisite arrow. Then, he shot it at the Origin Flame in his sea of consciousness, separating it apart.

The Origin Flame’s advantage was that it was very dense. Hence, the Lunar True Flames could not swallow it up.

Now that Xiao Chen had separated it and made it less dense, the four clumps of Lunar True Flames immediately found an opportunity to quickly swallow it up.

As time went by, the Origin Flame became weaker. On the other hand, the Lunar True Flames became stronger. Soon, it was able to completely swallow the Origin Flame.


The space within the sea of consciousness trembled. When the Lunar True Flames completely swallowed the Origin Flame, the five flames merged and formed a clump of Lunar True Flame.

With a thought, Xiao Chen summoned out the new Lunar True Flame into his palm and carefully observed it.

The pale white flame floated gently above Xiao Chen’s palm. It did not look any different from before. However, there was a bright spot the size of a grain of rice in the center of the flame.

In the past, the Lunar True Flame was merely four clumps of flames and did not have an Origin Flame. Now, it had finally obtained an Origin Flame of its own—it finally became the true Lunar True Flame.

Although the Origin Flame was pitifully small, so small that it could be easily missed, it made Xiao Chen very satisfied. He had not expected to gain such a benefit this night.

The first step was the hardest to take. With the Origin Flame as a root, the flame would be able to grow stronger. Finally, some headway was made in the matter of refining Secret Treasures.

Xiao Chen placed the Lunar True Flame back into the sea of consciousness. Then, he muttered to himself, “Holy Fire Manor…the holy fire that they have might be a seed of Extreme Yin Flame. If I have the opportunity, I should go and take a look.”

After Xiao Chen dealt with the two corpses in his yard, he entered his bedroom and lit up the lamps. As the flames swayed in the lamp, he continued reading Bai Lixi’s cultivation notes.


It was now late in the night, Xiao Chen’s eyes were starting to get tired. He had not slept in the past few days. Thus, he could no longer hold on and fell asleep at the table.

“Zhi! Zhi!”

Soon, the melodious cries of birds resounded outside the room. When Xiao Chen woke from from his deep sleep, the piercing sunlight shined through the crack in the window and into his eyes, making him squint.

He breathed out a long strand of turbid Qi and stretched his body. He instantly felt refreshed and alert.

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