Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 467: Nine-Winged Demonic Ape

Chapter 467: Nine-Winged Demonic Ape

When the third flame ring blasted out, it threw all of the burning Spirit Beasts into a miserable state.

As the flame rings radiated from Xie Ziwen’s body, their power did not diminish. It looked like wave and wave of flame spreading out from his body, bathing him in a fiery glow.

The might of the flame rings grew stronger with each wave. By the sixth ring, all of the Spirit Beasts sustained severe injuries and were on their last breath.

Zuo Mo’s expression changed greatly as he quickly recalled the severely injured Spirit Beasts. He had raised all of these Spirit Beast from a young age, and each was worth cities.

As long as they did not die, there was a hope of saving them if he drew them back into the Spirit Blood Jade’s space.

“You think you can leave? You wanted to use a measly group of beasts to injure me?!”

Xie Ziwen responded to Zuo Mo with a cold glare. He then swung both of his flaming palms six times.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Six huge palms of flame appeared from nowhere, shattering some of Zuo Mo’s Spirit Beasts to bits and leaving them without a complete corpse.

Zuo Mo revealed a pained expression; he had not expected Xie Ziwen to act so ruthlessly. Unexpectedly, he had killed the Spirit Beasts.

With a resolute gaze, Zuo Mo’s hand moved quickly, leaving afterimages. As he formed complicated hand seals, a Spirit Blood Jade slowly released a dazzling light.

Zuo Mo emitted a horrifying aura, causing a faint pressure to bear down on the others.

“A Rank 8 Spirit Beast? Unfortunately, you no longer have the opportunity to summon it!”

Xie Ziwen’s figure flashed, leaving behind a blazing trail of fire. Everywhere he passed, the air seemed burnt.

Two of the Rank 7 Spirit Beasts launched themselves forward, trying to buy Zuo Mo time. Xie Ziwen laughed maniacally, and his figure disappeared from the air.

Xie Ziwen broke through the obstruction of the two Spirit Beasts. When he reappeared, he had already arrived before Zuo Mo.

“Nine-Winged Demonic Ape, emerge!” Zuo Mi finally completed the final hand seal; his complexion was now extremely pale.

A halo appeared in front of his chest, and a horrifying aura poured out. The roar of a beast came from within.

The sound waves were horrifying. They caught Xie Ziwen in their force and nearly blew him away. By the time he stabilized himself, the Nine-Winged Demonic Ape’s head already peeked out from the halo.

Xie Ziwen roared ferociously, “Return from where you came!”

The resplendent flame appeared on his right palm again. The flame was dazzling and hot. It looked as if he held a miniature sun.

“Bang!” Xie Ziwen smashed a palm strike on the Nine-Winged Demonic Ape’s head. The Nine-Winged Demonic Ape cried out in pain, and the attack unexpectedly pushed it back. The halo also started to close.

“Pu ci!”

Originally, Zuo Mo needed to expend a great deal of mental energy to summon a Rank 8 Spirit Beast. Now that the summoning had failed, Zuo Mo’s complexion grew so pale that he looked bloodless. He also vomited mouthfuls of blood.

Zuo Mo wobbled in the air as if he would fall at any moment.

Xie Ziwen laughed coldly, “You sought this yourself. Don’t blame me for being ruthless. Scram!”

Flames gathered in Xie Ziwen palm once more as he pressed it towards Zuo Mo mercilessly. If this attack landed, Zuo Mo would have to spend at least half a year to recover.

Zuo Mo would no longer stand a chance in the arena battles taking place in five days. His future might be ruined.

“Hu chi!”

Just at this moment, a dazzling purple saber Qi flickering with electricity sped towards the middle of the two.

The timing of this attack was quite good. It was exactly the moment Xie Ziwen sent out his palm strike. It was neither late nor earlier.

This forced Xie Ziwen to give up on his attack in order to defend against this saber Qi.


Xie Ziwen turned his body and diverted his palm strike to the dazzling saber Qi. The saber Qi instantly shattered and turned into sparks.

The saber Qi itself was not very strong. However, the state contained within it was extremely powerful. Xie Ziwen was not prepared for it, so he was forced to retreat a few meters.

Zuo Mo took advantage of this opportunity to land quickly. His comrades beside him took out Medicinal Pills and infused Essence into him to treat his injuries.

Xie Ziwen stabilized himself and swept his gaze through the place. He saw Xiao Chen below, still holding his stance. His expression turned frosty, and he landed on the ground with a ‘sou’ sound.

“How dare you, an Inferior Grade Martial King, attack me?! Are you tired of living?!”

When facing Xie Ziwen’s angry shouts, he remained calm. He said, “It is just an exchange of moves. There is no need to push things to a drastic level.”

Xiao Chen had only just met Zuo Mo recently, and their relationship had not reached a level where Xiao Chen would give him a hand. However, when he saw Xie Ziwen looking down of the people from the other four Great Nations, he felt dissatisfied in his heart.

Since Xiao Chen was capable of lending a hand, then it was fine. He would consider it as making a friend.

When Xie Ziwen heard this, he could not help but laugh, “Interesting, since when can an insignificant Inferior Grade Martial King lectured me like this?

“It seems like you have sat at the bottom of the well for too long. Didn’t your elders impart any logic to you? Today, I will teach you a lesson on behalf of your elders: to respect the seniors from the Great Jin Nation!”

[TL note: Sat at the bottom of the well: This refers to the idiom, frog in the well (Ignorant of the world.)]


After Xie Ziwen spoke, he sent out a palm strike. A huge palm of flame pressed down towards Xiao Chen as it burned at a high temperature.

“Hu chi!”

Xiao Chen leaped up, and his saber flickered with purple electricity. He swung his saber upwards and instantly hacked the huge flame palm in half.

The flame palm scattered into the surroundings, turning into sparks and vanishing.

Xie Ziwen’s expression changed. He looked at the flickering light on the saber, and his pupils constricted.

This fellow’s cultivation is low, but his state of thunder is extraordinarily strong. It is about the equivalent of my Great Perfection state of fire. It looks like I have to use seventy percent of my strength to defeat him.

“Dance of a Thousand Flames!” Xie Ziwen shouted, and resplendent wisps of flames appeared above his fingertips. He quickly soared into the air.

After a moment, Xie Ziwen rose more than fifty meters. The ten finger-sized wisps of flame instantly grew six or seven hundred meters like a long strip of ribbon.

Xie Ziwen wiggled his ten fingers, and the flames danced like ribbons in the air. They looked extremely beautiful under the sunlight.

Xie Ziwen controlled the flame ribbons to quickly envelope Xiao Chen.

Flames should not look that captivating. When Xiao Chen felt their horrifying temperatures, he gave up on the notion of testing his physical body against them.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

Xiao Chen used his saber containing the state of thunder to hack at the flame ribbons. Unexpectedly, when his saber struck the flame ribbons, it was like striking an actual weapon. There were clanging sounds and countless sparks.

Xie Ziwen laughed maniacally, and he increased the speed of his fingers. He also moved quickly towards Xiao Chen, changing his position in the air continuously.

This cut off Xiao Chen’s escape despite his attempt. Each time, the flame ribbons flew over again and blocked his way.


Xiao Chen took a deep breath. His right hand, which held the saber, brushed against a flame ribbon and was immediately scorched. It was extremely painful, and he nearly dropped his saber.

“Hu chi!”

Xie Ziwen took advantage of this opportunity to spin his index finger for a round. The flame ribbon knotted itself and punched towards Xiao Chen’s face.

Not only did Xie Ziwen want to defeat Xiao Chen, but he also wanted to teach him an unforgettable lesson. He wanted Xiao Chen to know that he was not qualified to do certain things due to his status.


Xiao Chen’s heart turned cold. This fellow was savage. He grasped his Lunar Shadow Saber and knocked away the flame ribbon flying at him.

Xiao Chen glanced at the burn on the back of his arm and fell deep into thought. It looks like this is not a helpless situation. I should keep observing.

Countless flame ribbons fluttered through the air. Xiao Chen danced with these ribbons, dodging them by twisting, somersaulting, or tilting his body.

月影刀时不时的挥舞,摊开一些,实在避不开的火焰带。Occasionally, Xiao Chen would brandish the Lunar Shadow Saber to push away the unavoidable ribbons.

Everyone in the crowd below had stood without realizing it. They were stunned when they saw the long flame ribbons gliding through the air.

“What Martial Technique is this? Why is it so strange? It had managed to completely envelop a person and contain them.”

“Given that Xie Ziwen can control his flames in such an exquisite manner, his state of fire has truly reached an incredulous level.”

“I wonder how Xiao Chen will deal with this? This move seems unfathomable. Unless one scatters this technique before its execution, I think a defeat is a guarantee after the ribbons envelope an opponent.”

“Perhaps this is an Ancient Era Martial Technique. Within all of the Tianwu Continent, only that place has complete inheritances from the Ancient Eras. Otherwise, it would not be so strange.”

Everyone discussed this odd technique; it had astonished them all.

Many of them there tried to imagine what they would do if they were Xiao Chen and whether they could do better than him.

However, their conclusion was a disappointment. Unless they broke the technique at the start or their Essence could overwhelm the other party and break the flame ribbons, defeat was just a matter of time.

“Let’s see how long you can last!”

Seeing that he had been unable to hurt Xiao Chen truly for a long time, Xie Ziwen started to grow frustrated. After all, in his opinion, his opponent barely qualified as a reason for him to make a move.

If Xie Ziwen could not settle this quickly, it would be embarrassing even if he won in the end.

Xie Ziwen started rhythmically moving his index finger. The outermost five flame ribbons suddenly formed a pillar which locked on Xiao Chen.

The inner five flame ribbons tangled together and flew at their target. Their speed was at least double of what it was previously. There was almost no time to dodge.

Xiao Chen remained calm. Instead, he rejoiced in his heart. The opportunity he had waited for had finally arrived. He used his right hand to return the Lunar Shadow Saber to its sheath quickly.

An azure energy rapidly poured into his palm. When the tangled flame ribbons drew near, Xiao Chen tilted his body and grabbed them with his right hand. Suddenly, an Azure Dragon claw appeared and grasped that pillar of flame ribbons.

“Pu chi! Pu chi!”

The dragon claw grasped the incredibly hot pillar, continuously giving off sizzling sounds. Sparks flew into the surroundings.

Xiao Chen had tested the temperature of the flames earlier. He knew that they were not as frightening as he had imagined. With the strength of his physical body and the full usage of his Vital Qi, he could capture the flame ribbon without injury if he could endure the heat.

Xiao Chen had waited for his opponent to compress his flames together for a long time.

“Blood Flame Shoes’ secret technique, activate! Xiao Chen shouted, and the patterns on his shoes instantly lit up. Xiao Chen’s speed reached Mach 4 in an instant.

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed towards the back. He held onto the five flame ribbons as he leaped out of the encirclement, immediately feeling relief.

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