Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 470: Great Fiend Essence Pill

Chapter 470: Great Fiend Essence Pill

The Church Master instructed me to have this person tested. If he fails, then he is trash, and we can kill him.

Acting Church Master Ding had measured Wu Yang up and thought of an idea. He said, “Wu Yang, the effects of the Minor Fiend Essence Pill that I gave you are pretty impressive, right? You have advanced to half-step Martial Monarch in half a month.”

The Fiend Essence Pill was a high ranked Medicinal Pill exclusive to the Dark Church. Its effects were excellent for cultivators with Demonic Beast Martial Spirits. It could aid them in breaking through bottlenecks in short periods.

This pill held a strong attraction to the members of the Dark Church. Under normal circumstance, aside from the nine elders, the others had to contribute massively before they could receive this as a reward.

When Wu Yang returned with a Martial Sage’s corpse, Acting Church Master Ding bestowed three Minor Fiend Essence Pills to him.

Yu Yang knew that something valuable headed his way again. He suppressed his joy and said, “Many thanks for Acting Church Master nurturing me. The effects of the Minor Fiend Essence Pills are amazing.”

Acting Church Master Ding smiled, “In that case, I will hand this matter over to you. Find an opportunity and kill this person. After you are successful, I will reward you with one Major Fiend Essence Pill!”

A Major Fiend Essence Pill!

The scar on Wu Yang’s face could not help but twitch. The Major Fiend Essence Pill was something that even the nine elders could only get once a year. They were exceedingly rare.

If Wu Yang managed to obtain another, he was seventy percent confident of becoming a Martial Monarch. “Thank you Acting Church Master for granting me this opportunity. I, Wu Yang, will never let you down!”

Watching Wu Yang leave, Acting Church Master Ding muttered, “This fellow just advanced to half-step Martial Monarch. He is very suitable to use as a test for the inheritor of the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit.”

“If he can pass the test, then there will be some value to his existence. If not, even if he dies, the Church Master will not care.”

If the departing Wu Yang knew that he was merely a pawn to test someone else, he might not be as excited as he was.


In a clean room within the Thousand Sword Pavilion’s branch, Xiao Chen currently attempted to make a breakthrough to peak Consummation of the Firmament Body Tempering Art’s fourth layer.

It had been four days since that gathering. He had not run into any trouble in the Thousand Sword Pavilion’s branch.

This allowed Xiao Chen to focus on his cultivation fully. Now, he had a new understanding of his own strength.

Under the half-step Martial Monarch realm, Xiao Chen was probably undefeatable. If a half-step Martial Monarch did not show up, it would be hard to generate a threat against him.

Xiao Chen was even confident of being a match for the geniuses of the Great Jin Nation as long as they were not half-step Martial Monarchs or above.

The fight with Xie Ziwen instilled Xiao Chen with a lot of anticipation for the peak geniuses of the Great Jin Nation. Xie Ziwen only ranked in the top twenty, and he was already so strong. Despite his internal injuries, he had withstood Wukui Moves Heaven a few times.

If Xie Ziwen were at full power, he might even to completely withstand the Wukui Moves Heaven.

When thinking carefully about Xie Ziwen’s defeat, it was mostly due to his mentality.

From the very start, Xie Ziwen underestimated Xiao Chen and only used seventy percent of his strength. After that, Xiao Chen tyrannically broke his Dance of a Thousand Flames.

If they fought again, it would not be so easy for Xiao Chen to defeat him.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Just at this moment, the remaining four acupoints on Xiao Chen’s left arm exploded open. The Dragon Qi in the twelve acupoints rapidly swam around.

The Dragon Qi merged and formed a life-like and overwhelming Azure Dragon. Finally, the Azure Dragon rested on his arm and became an Azure Dragon tattoo.

The strength of Xiao Chen’s left arm increased explosively. When he clenched his fist tightly, the blood in his veins surged.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes and smiled, “I have finally reached peak Consummation of the fourth layer. I wonder which layer Bai Lixi is on now and whether or not I have caught up with him?”

Bai Lixi was extraordinarily good at tempering the physical body. He had managed to reach the fourth layer in two months. That was two months ago.

Even if Bai Lixi had broken through to the fifth layer, Xiao Chen would not be surprised. Tempering the physical body required more talent than cultivating Essence.

Xiao Chen stood, pushed opened the door, and entered the yard. He started to practice the Dragon Claw Fist.

Xiao Chen had already finished practicing the Berserk Dragon. Since there was only one day left, he focused on stabilizing his practice of the Berserk Dragon. As for the latter three moves, he would wait until he entered the Ancient Desolate Tower to practice them.

“Fist!” Xiao Chen shouted and circulated his Vital Qi. He activated the Azure Dragon tattoo on his right arm and executed the Berserk Dragon Fist. An Azure Dragon’s head rapidly manifested on his fist.

When Xiao Chen punched, the air rippled like water and slowly separated in half.


Xiao Chen pulled his fist back, but the dragon’s head did not scatter. It appeared dignified as he took half a step forward. His left hand changed into a claw, and he swiped the air.

An Azure Dragon claw instantly appeared. With a flash, it left five marks in the air as if it had torn the air apart.


Just at this moment, as Xiao Chen prepared to scatter the technique, the dragon’s head on his right hand and the dragon claw on his left seemed to link together.

The complete image of a dragon appeared behind Xiao Chen and roared. A strong wind blew through the yard, and the grass bent over.

Without being able to control it, Xiao Chen emitted a dragon might. Instantly, it felt like dragons had descended to the land, a heavy pressure filling the surroundings.

A thought occurred to Xiao Chen. He opened both of his fists and pressed his palms together. The Azure Dragon behind him immediately became Dragon Qi and rushed into the sky. It instantly broke through many layers of clouds and poured into the realm above.

The manager of the Thousand Sword Pavilion’s branch, who was in a pavilion, suddenly opened his eyes. When he saw the rising Dragon Qi, a strange look flashed in his eyes.

When Xiao Chen saw the Dragon Qi disappearing into the sky, doubt flashed in his eyes.

Xiao Chen had never heard that the Dragon Claw Fist could summon a complete dragon image. This must be related to his Azure Dragon Martial Spirit.

The two Azure Dragon tattoos on his arms started to move slowly. Before the Dragon Might faded, he practiced another round of the Dragon Claw Fist.

However, the situation of the head and claw connecting and forming a complete dragon did not happen again.

Doubtful, Xiao Chen pondered the occurrence. The Ancient Holy Beast, the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit, had too many secrets. He had a feeling that if he could use this move as he pleased, its might would be no weaker than the Wukui Moves Heaven. It could become another trump card for Xiao Chen.

Time passed slowly. Xiao Chen tirelessly practiced the Dragon Claw Fist. Fist winds flashed, picking up the fallen leaves in the yard.

“Hu! Hu!”

A flood dragon made of fallen leaves appeared in the yard. It danced with Xiao Chen, moving as he pleased.

When the fallen leaves flood dragon waved its claws, it did not look very impressive as it was only a rough silhouette and produced a vague image. However, it emitted a certain aura that carried a faint pressure as it spread throughout the yard.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

Xiao Chen heard footsteps. With a thought, he stopped practicing his Martial Technique, and the flying flood dragon scattered.

The flood dragon turned back into fallen leaves and drifted across the yard, dancing in the cool breeze.

“Ha ha! Senior Sister, I told you already; Xiao Chen is definitely practicing here!”

Xiao Rou’s melodious voice rang out from outside the courtyard. Xia Xiyan and Xiao Rou slowly walked in.

While the fallen leaves floated down, Xia Xiyan sensed a strong wind current slowly dissipating from the air. She looked at Xiao Chen and could not help but feel that this person was unfathomable.

Xiao Chen casually waved his hand, and a strong wind blew. This made the fallen leaves at the two’s feet blow to a side, parting down the middle.

“You are here.” Xiao Chen withdrew his hand and smiled gently at the two.

Xia Xiyan measured Xiao Chen with her eyes, and she smiled helplessly, “It has only been a few days, and your strength has increased significantly. You seem completely different now compared to who you were half a month ago.”

Xiao Chen nodded and did not deny it. He said seriously, “It is still not enough. There were great changes in these times. The era of geniuses is just budding. The path of cultivators is now even harder to walk than before. I can only progress and not remain stagnant. Otherwise, others will surpass me.”

Xiao Rou pouted and said, “You are really boring. You are so serious when you speak, just like a block of wood.”

[TL note: Calling someone a block of wood means they are slow-witted.]

Xiao Chen shook his head and smiled. He preferred quiet and did not enjoy excitement. This would probably never change. He looked at Xia Xiyan and said, “Are you looking for me for something?”

Xia Xiyan replied, “The two of us came looking for you because we wanted to explore Desolate City. My Martial Uncle also suddenly mentioned that he wanted to meet you, but I don’t think it would be a major matter.”

Xiao Chen’s expression was one of surprise. The Martial Uncle Xia Xiyan had mentioned was Luo Chen. He had met Luo Chen once before.

Luo Chen was the manager of this branch. He was responsible for all of the matters concerning the Thousand Sword Pavilion here and was a Martial Monarch.

Xiao Chen had not asked exactly how strong he was. He only knew that he was strong enough to kill the present him easily.

Xiao Chen nodded, “Wait for me a while, then. I am quite curious about the Desolate City as well. It would be beneficial to take a look.”

Now that the Firmament Body Tempering Art had reached peak Consummation, Xiao Chen could relax. Using the last day to look around Desolate City was not a bad idea.

“Go and return quickly. Don’t keep us waiting too long. Otherwise, we won’t take you with us.” Xiao Rou smiled as she threatened him playfully.

Xiao Chen smiled gently and headed for the main pavilion, which belonged to the manager. When he arrived, he explained what he wanted to the guards, and they brought him directly to the top floor.

The pavilion was a hundred meters tall and had a total of fifteen floors. When they reached the top floor, they could view the scenery around them. When Xia Xiyan’s Martial Uncle saw Xiao Chen, he quickly stood to welcome him.

“Come, sit. I have made some Rank 4 Spirit Tea. Give it a taste!” Xia Xiyan’s Martial Uncle’s smile was warmhearted.

The tea leaves of Spirit Tea were made by fermenting several different types of tea leaves together. They were only available in Desolate City.

Spirit Teas above Rank 3 were worth cities and were sold in limited quantity; they were very hard to buy. By offering the Rank 4 Spirit Tea to Xiao Chen, the other party had shown great sincerity.

Xiao Chen sat down and brought the teacup to his mouth. When he saw that steam still drifted from the liquid, he blew on the tea gently. He said, “Senior, you are too courteous. Why are you looking for this junior?”

Luo Chen smiled faintly and said, “Young Friend is really straightforward. Then, I shall not beat about the bush either. May I ask if this Little Friend’s Martial Spirit is the Ancient Holy Beast—the Azure Dragon?”

When Xiao Chen heard this, he was slightly stunned. He set the teacup back on the table. He looked at Luo Chen and said, “Senior, why do you ask this?!”

Luo Chen smiled, “Little Friend, you don’t have to be nervous. I do not have any malicious intentions. It’s just that I saw an azure-colored Dragon Qi rushing into the sky and felt curious.”

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