Imperial God Emperor

766 - Lightning Domain

Chapter 766 – Lightning Domain

Given Ye Qingyu’s present yuan qi cultivation, his consciousness power was very robust even though he had yet to attain the pinnacle of the Immortal stage. He could already vaguely understand a little of the meaning of the universal laws, and being here in a primeval world, he naturally could comprehend things with twice the usual effectiveness.

Time flew by.

About an hour later.

Sitting quietly, Ye Qingyu abruptly opened his eyes.

The radiance in his eyes flashed across like stars.

As if his eye beams were torches, he vigilantly observed his surroundings.

It could not be quieter all around him, for there was not a sound of the wind blowing or the grass rustling.

A doubtful look appeared on his face as he muttered to himself, “Could I have sensed wrongly?”

Just a moment ago, he felt something not right about the surroundings, as if there was something nearby.

He slowly stood up and looked in the distance, still feeling unconvinced.

A hundred kilometers away.

The flora that swayed in the wind instantly became motionless.

Then the wind subsided.

It was terribly quiet all around.

Ye qingyu felt that something was amiss precisely because it was too quiet.

As if an invisible danger was approaching.

All of a sudden.

A barely perceptible ripple brushed like a wind past the Void.

In a twinkling.

A flood of murderous spirit.

An invisible energy which contained vast and horrifying power sundered the Void barriers. Then, surging with great vigor, it ripped the air into two like a hot knife through butter and arrived murderously.

The Void near the hill on which the parasol tree stood resembled a giant block of butter which had been cut apart by a sharp knife in an instant.

“This is bad!”

Ye Qingyu jolted violently.

A murderous spirit had finally come.

A piercingly cold qi burst out from all over his body.

In the meantime.

Directed by his divine consciousness, all of the defensive formations he had set up were activated.


Several hundred purple beams of the power of thunder and lightning shot out from the surroundings and instantly spread all over the hill, then burst out bolts of purple lightning which were difficult to look straight at.

These bolts of lightning converged.

Becoming the very picture of a golden snake dancing wildly.

In no time, a giant dome-shaped protective shield which flickered beams of purple lightning and ancient golden formations safeguarded the parasol tree and Ye Qingyu within.

At the same time.

Throughout a circumference of several hundred kilometers.

All yuan qi in the area rose up and formed a mist which brought to mind a giant and violent wave before converging toward the purple lightning shield.


A matchlessly powerful sword qi bombarded the lightning shield.

A powerful light burst out.

The area within a hundred kilometers trembled endlessly.


The loud noise rang out once again

The protective shield which contained the chaotic power of thunder and lightning and primeval world yuan qi was instantly ruptured.

Like a piece of glass which was as fragile as thin ice meeting the assault of a sharp sword, it instantly shattered into countless invisible fragments.

Fortunately, the incoming power wore off thereafter.

Ye Qingyu’s countenance changed dramatically.

I never thought the formation from the ;[Fiendgod Titled Chart], coupled with the consolidation provided by world yuan qi, would be instantly breached by that bout of sword qi!

The strength of the surprise attacker is evidently beyond the Immortal Step realm.

Could there be a Saint-level expert in this plane?

At this moment, a ripple appeared in the Void once more.

A smog-like black mist shrouded the hill in a twinkling.

Right after that, a black ape-like figure which was unusually large at several hundred meters tall emerged.

As fierce as a ghost, it was completely pitch black even on its face, and its five features had a savage cruelty about them with a gaze that was sinister and venomous.

It was… Lu Li!

Ye Qingyu was shocked once more.

He could recognize Lu Li’s face with one look.

However, the latter’s condition was very weird.

In the Void.

On Lu Li’s incomparably large figure that resembled a giant apocalyptic ape, his broken arms had regrown and his entire body was wreathed in black flames as though he had grown a layer of black hair all over. His movements were abnormally ghost-like as he cut through the protective power along the way and swooped toward the parasol tree.

Stranger still was the extremely terrifying ball of black flames which wreathed his body and seemed to have come straight out of Hell.

The strange power and aura which erupted from his body was incomparably overbearing and heart-palpitating.

What’s this about?!

The figure, aura, and cultivation were completely different from those of the Lu Li seen earlier.

Has he metamorphosized?

Ye Qingyu’s hair stood on end.

During this same instant, Lu Li had already charged onto the hill.

He stared fixedly at the giant rainbow egg on the parasol tree with sinister eye beams that carried a hint of revenge.

He did not even take a glimpse at Ye Qingyu under the parasol tree, treating the latter as though completely non-existent.

“Zezezezeze… Bitch, you’re destined to fall into my hands no matter what. I may not get to enjoy your physical body, but after eating your nirvana body, haha, I can in one day eliminate the unwanted force in my body and won’t have to cultivate painstakingly any longer. I can even be reborn in a new mold and gain the primeval nirvana golden body of the Phoenix Race, while after the nine nirvanic transformations, I’ll even acquire immortality. Hahaha, it must be Heaven that’s helping me.”

While fleering, Lu Li’s voice was a little unclear and sounded like the friction of two pieces of rusted iron.

After metamorphosizing, his face became as terrifying as an enraged ape, with a black liquid flowing from it. Distorted and hideous like no other, it contained an unspeakable disgustingness and seemed exactly like that of a devil from Hell.

Ye Qingyu could clearly sense that Lu Li’s aura was much stronger than during the surprise attack on the Celestial Phoenix Maiden earlier.

If Ye Qingyu did not guess wrong, the latter must have been secretly following them all this time.

When the Celestial Phoenix Maiden decided to attain nirvana, Lu Li finally found an opportunity to lay down his fears and declare his vengeful intentions. Moreover, from his words, it seemed that the golden egg which the Celestial Phoenix Maiden had turned into was called the nirvana body and was one of the most valuable treasures in the universe, possessing highly-coveted functions.

While weighing the situation inwardly, Ye Qingyu’s expression did not show any change.

He was coming up with a response strategy.

Just then, lowering his head, Lu Li looked down and stared at Ye Qingyu as if staring at a bug. He suddenly grinned and said, “Little scoundrel, you ruined my plan and allowed that bitch to chop off my arms a while ago. Now, I’ll take your life.”

He took a step forth.

His enormous body caused the world to quake.

Laughing, Ye Qingyu took out the two small broken arms from his storage space and threw them on the ground several hundred meters away, “Feeling sorry about your broken arms? Haha, take them then. Who would’ve thought a promising talent of the magnificent Divine Sky Sect would make himself look this repugnant? Haha, I’m really dying of laughter.”

“You’re… courting death.”

Fresh hatred piled onto the old as Lu Li looked at the pair of broken arms and felt taunted once more. Flying into a rage, his figure zipped with an astonishing agility that did not quite match his colossal size and instantly arrived ten meters away from Ye Qingyu, from where he raised a leg and trampled toward the latter.

As if containing the fury of a demon king, the black and burning leg whipped up a tempest around it and compressed the nearby air until it exploded.

This massive and terrifying power was clearly beyond the pinnacle of the Immortal Step realm.

It was comparable to that of the Saint realm.

Lu Li was certainly that it was not an attack which Ye Qingyu could withstand.

Ye Qingyu’s expression remained calm as he inhaled a long, long breath.

Standing on the spot without moving an inch, he appeared to have given up on resisting.

However, just as the giant leg was a meter away from trampling on his body, two beams of purple lightning streaked out from his sides and turned into a giant purple dragon formation shield which protected him safely within.


The land trembled.

Above the shield, a dense cluster of complicated formations flickered crazily.

Though the shield was thinner than the width of two fingers, it easily withstood the apocalyptic burning black leg.


A bewildered look appeared on that incomparably hideous black face of Lu Li’s.

He had expected to trample on Ye Qingyu like squashing a smelly bug, but never imagined that a change like this would happen. Caught off guard, his massive body was pushed back three or four steps by the feedback force before he could steady himself, by which time he already left seven or eight giant footprints on the ground.

“How is this possible?”

He knew that even an Immortal Step realm pinnacle expert would have been pulverized by that leg of his, and thus did not expect someone who was a smelly bug in his eyes to so easily withstand it and nearly cause him to be sent flying.

Facing him.


There was an undisguised contempt and mischief on Ye Qingyu’s face.

Streaks of purple lightning wreathed around him.

Endless streams of electric beams frenziedly circulated and shot out from not just around his body but also the places where he had laid down formations within a circumference of several tens of kilometers. Surging into the Void, they instantly turned the area within a hundred kilometers into a field of thunder and lightning formations.

These purple streaks of lightning unbridledly strangled toward Lu Li.


Lu Li let out a scream.

Black mist vented from all over his body and his figure shrank rapidly.

“How can there be… this kind of power… it’s not yours… Ah… how can you… nooo…” He growled insanely as he struggled. The power of thunder and lightning in the vicinity was dauntingly oppressive while the roars of purple divine dragons could be heard. A supreme virility continually acted against his figure, causing the enormous body to shrink from a height of more than one hundred meters to twenty meters in the same manner as a balloon leaking air.

“Hoho, I’d indeed not be your match if we’re anywhere else but here…” Ye Qingyu guffawed. “I long knew that you’d be following, for how can a vindictive scumbag like you possibly give up? And so I set up a trap and waited, more afraid that you wouldn’t come. But since you’re here, I shall now bury you. Killing you doesn’t count as a sin.”

As soon as he spoke.

Using his hands, he continually created a series of technical handprints.

These were a few formation manipulation techniques which he had seen in the library books of the Formation Emperor Luoso’s palace. Employing them in this primeval world turned out to be an unprecedentedly smooth experience.

At this moment, Ye Qingyu felt like an all-domineering deity who controlled everything.

Using the power inherited from Luoso, every universal condition turned in his favor, such that even a Saint who fell into this field of thunder and lightning could only wallow in hatred, let alone someone like Lu Li who had not truly managed to fuse his powers together.

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