Imperial God Emperor

768 - This woman's a lunatic

Chapter 768 – This Woman’s a Lunatic

The first time he heard this name was in the 16th district, where he heard people discussing how this woman had slaughtered a gang in the area. On the road that would follow, even on the Fierce Beast Peak, the feeling which the name gave him was not too good.

“Why did she want to kill them? And why did you want to kill Tian Huayu?” Ye Qingyu asked.

“I… killed Tian Huayu because I… knew… he has the key to find the secrets of the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect… and so I snatched… The Four Stars holy girl killed those people… I… I don’t know why… I…”

A face of imploration and flattery, Lu Li dared not be antagonistic anymore.

“I already said, let me off, I…” Like a dog whose backbone was broken, he did not show even a hint of his previous arrogance and malice.

However, while his words were still lingering…


Murderous spirit emerged explosively.

A beam of silver sword light appeared from a kilometer away. Splitting the Void apart, it arrived as fast as flowing light.

Ye Qingyu’s countenance changed abruptly.

As soon as he felt the terrifying power of the sword light, he pinched out several dozen runic handprints in succession and activated the surrounding Fiendgod formations to send forth lightning. Seizing the electric radiance with both of his hands, he instantly created a lightning shield in front of himself.


The sword light sundered the shield.

All that Ye Qingyu felt was the onrush of a huge force which sent him flying at once. His body flipped several rounds in the Void and flew back several dozen meters before landing on the ground. Coughing, it took him more than ten steps before he was able to steady his balance.

Facing him.

Three figures gradually appeared in the Void and took a mere instant to arrive right in front of the lightning pillar which confined Lu Li.

The leader was a woman with a slender figure and bright, smooth skin, wearing a snow-white and completely stainless palace dress like that of the moon goddess. A silver veil covered her face, albeit her peerless beauty could be seen indistinctly. Her figure was exquisite and graceful, featuring a raised chest, long legs, and a slender waist on which was tied the sheath of a jade soft sword, and emanating an otherworldly and wavering aura from all over.

This was none other than the Four Stars holy girl.

To her right was a burly, handsome man in golden armor. On his face, which seemed to be made of ancient bronze, were long sword-like brows that slanted into the temples, while behind his back were two majestic-looking coiled-dragon golden spears. Though he looked like a revived ancient war god, he was actually the Third Prince of the Mizar Race.

Following closely behind this duo was Yang Wanqu of the Black Moon Divine Palace. His face was shrouded by a cloud of Black Demon qi and thus appeared dyed with ink, albeit wisps of blackish green mist could still be seen gushing from his mouth and nose. His aura had certainly changed a lot from the previous days.

“Fairy, save me, quick.” Lu Li seemed as though he had seen his saviors when he saw the trio, and thus shrieked maniacally in his great delight.

The Four Stars holy girl did not speak.

She paid no attention to Lu Li.

Though the veiled face was indistinct, Ye Qingyu could clearly sense that this woman had her eyes on him, and that an invisible pressure was surging from her.

“What a powerful aura,” Ye Qingyu was inwardly alarmed.

He felt the vigor of a Saint on her body and thought this odd. Even Lu Li’s earlier body when the Black Demon qi had yet to dissipate was not nearly as vigorous as the veiled gaze of the holy girl.

“What an immense power of thunder and lightning. I never thought a young hero would once again appear in the Vast Thousand Domains, and advance the magical ability of thunder and lightning to such a level and stage,” the Third Prince of the Mizar Race commented.

Wearing an impressive golden chainmail, he spoke in a tone that sounded like an ancient bronze bell. He carried a killing aura and a maxed-out virility, such that every word he uttered seemed to turn into flames in the Void.

Beneath the chainmail, his eyes stared fixedly at Ye Qingyu and burned with a scorching battle intent.

Ye Qingyu did not say anything in response.

“Fairy, save me…” Lu Li bellowed.

Just then, the holy girl finally turned her head and glanced briefly at Lu Li. Although her expression was unclear, one could vaguely feel that she was a little irritated and disdainful. Raising her hand, she slowly pressed her fair and tender fingers, which looked like freshly-peeled shallots, on the lightning pillar.


A sound like that of a bubble bursting was heard.

The instant when those fingers made contact, the pillar splintered gently and turned into fragments of lightning which dissipated in the air.

“Thank you so much for my saving my life, thank you fairy.” Overjoyed, Lu Li jumped out and repeatedly bowed in gratitude.

The Four Stars holy girl remained silent.

With a sinister and vicious glow in his eyes, Lu Li turned to look at Ye Qingyu, then pointed a hand at him and cursed, “Little bastard, I’ll remember today’s deed and will certainly give you days to cry about in the future. To let you understand what regret means, I’ll personally kill everyone who’s close to you. Heh heh, you’d better pray that I don’t find out the identity of your relatives and friends. I’ll send every woman you know to the most degrading brothels…”

There was a flash in Ye Qingyu’s eyes.

“The grass above the grave of the last person to threaten me like this is already more than ten feet high…” he plainly said as he looked at Lu Li without losing his temper.

“Haha, so funny. Little bastard, you really don’t know…” Guffawing, Lu Li did not take Ye Qingyu’s words seriously.

Ye Qingyu laughed along.

He pinched out a formation handprint with his dangling left hand before making a snapping sound.

A ball of purple flames suddenly spurted from Lu Li’s mouth.

He continued to curse and threaten while being unaware of himself.

He only took notice after the ball of purple flames suffused and caused a purple radiance to swell in front of his eyes. While raising his hand to feel his face, he looked down and saw that the purple flames had become like maggots on his tarsals and were also burning on his palms…”

“I… You…” He only now realized that something was amiss. As his vision began to blur and became enveloped by a patch of purple lightning, he vaguely saw that, beside him, Yang Wanqu was looking at him with a strange and astounded expression.

He felt an unprecedented terror.

“I…” He spurted a mouthful of flames as soon as he opened his mouth.

The Four Stars holy girl also received a shock. She raised a hand to slap Lu Li’s forehead, hoping to dispel this stream of the power of thunder and lightning, but before her palm landed, Lu Li’s bones and muscles were incinerated. Shortly after, he collapsed like a sandcastle soaked in water, turning into a pile of muck.

Facing them.

Ye Qingyu said with a calm face, “As they say, one has to see the grim reality before one would give up. This scumbag has died well.”

A fierce aura instantly burst out and pervaded from the holy girl’s body.

The silver veil gently undulated.

She finally spoke up in a fuzzy and changeful voice that sounded like the ringing of a fairy bell and contained a tone of Great Dao, “I don’t care who you are or which sect or school you’re from. I’ll give you two choices now. Submit to me and get out of the way, or… die.”

Hearing these kind of words, Yang Wanqu’s body shuddered.

He recalled some very frightening memories while looking from behind at the Four Stars holy girl as if she was a scary devil.

Instead, the Mizar Race’s Third Prince gazed at the holy girl with deep respect and admiration. It was hard to imagine that this fiendgod-like man would be seen revealing this kind of expression.

Facing them.

Ye Qingyu laughed and plainly said, “Get out of the way? Why would you say that? This world is big enough for you and me to walk our own ways. Why the need to make way?”

“You’ve only met the Celestial Phoenix Maiden this once. Why sacrifice your life for a woman? Seeing as your formation talents are excellent, I’m willing to accept you as a slave. This is a huge opportunity and destiny for you that others won’t even dare dream about. Young man, don’t be foolish,” the Four Stars holy girl’s voice sounded like the preaching of a fairy queen, containing infinite temptation and acting directly upon one’s soul.

She spoke in a matter-of-fact way.

Lightning radiance coiled around Ye Qingyu’s body as a force of a Great Dao pervaded. Uninfluenced by her words, he laughed and said, “Woman, don’t think too highly of yourself. There may be other people who are willing to serve you as a slave, but that’s their problem. There has never been a lack of soft-backbone dogs in this world, but I’m not one of them.”

“Are you really not going to make way?” The Four Stars holy girl’s voice became ice-cold, “My patience has its limits, and if it wasn’t because your formation techniques are rather interesting, I would’ve killed you a long time ago. Young man, don’t you use that pitiful self-esteem of yours to challenge my depleting patience.”

Ye Qingyu laughed mildly.

Perhaps he would have been enraged by her words and tone at the start, but by this time, he had already calmed down completely.

This was because he had already discerned that she was an utterly narcissistic and conceited person. When she said that others considered becoming her slave to be an incomparably glorious matter, it was not to talk herself up but because she truly believed it to go without saying.

How much self-confidence does one need to have to gain such a mentality?

To avoid getting entangled in this matter, he switched the topic, saying, “Are you trying to take advantage of the Celestial Phoenix Maiden’s perilous state to surprise attack her? As a fellow contemporary female Heaven’s pridelingf, you should have a Great Dao-seeking heart, so why not wait for a face-to-face battle? Taking advantage of the opponent’s nirvana training to surprise attack them isn’t appropriate behavior for a Dao-pursuer. Even if you succeed, your Dao heart will be scarred and thus you’ll lose more than you gain.”

“You don’t know,m” the Four Stars holy girl retorted plainly. “The Great Dao dwells in one out of ten million, and thus the chance of finding it is extremely remote. Since I have a Dao-pursuing heart, I must abandon all else. Right and wrong, good and evil, and honor and dishonor are meaningless to me. All I have to do is follow my heart and use any means to prevail among the myriad beings. In my pursuit of Dao, I just have to kill anyone who obstructs my path in any way possible.”

She spoke these words assertively and loftily, keeping back nothing.

Ye Qingyu could feel how frightening this woman was after he finished listening.

It was not because of how powerful she was but because her Dao heart made no distinction between right and wrong nor good and evil, as if she had fallen into the path of the evil demon. This was what was most frightening. This type of person would do things without any inhibition and completely at will, and facing an enemy like this would absolutely be a nightmare.

This woman was a lunatic.

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