Imperial God Emperor

774 - He Had Become an Egg Too

Chapter 774 – He Had Become an Egg Too

In the distance.

“What was that? Did he commit suicide? Is he dead or not… This…” Yang Wanqu muttered in shock.

The Four Stars holy girl and the Third Prince of the Mizar Race were both surprised, but now, their faces were grim.

Both of them were part of the ancient sects from the Fiendgod Age, and between them, they had the historical knowledge that spanned millions of years. Furthermore, they had lived long lives, so naturally, they had knowledge of all kinds of strange occurrences.

The transparent body in front of them was already looking like a pool of blood, but there were still signs of life. This was obviously not an indication of death.

There was definitely something fishy about this.

Although they were unsure of what had transpired either, this change was enough for them to be on their guard.

While the trio in the Void was still in shock, the parasol tree in the distance started to display a strange phenomenon.

“Swoosh! Swoosh!”

Just as if a gentle breeze had swept past the Void, the parasol tree behind the glowing transparent phantom started to rustle loudly.

The old, wizened tree rustled in the wind. Its branches that were close to withering also swayed gently, giving off a metallic luster.

The buds near the Phoenix nest at the top of its huge umbrella-shaped canopy suddenly started to dance alongside the swaying branches, as if green elves were hiding within the branches.

The next moment.

A bunch of green buds on the branches suddenly fell to the ground.

The leaves swayed gently like a boat making its way across a river, floated past layers of branches, and slowly landed where Ye Qingyu’s body was.

The moment these leaves touched the phantom, who sat cross-legged under the tree, it was just as though countless strands of power burst forth from these leaves and surged into the phantom figure, spreading across his entire body. Then, as though this magical power had given the rainbow power a new lease on life, the rainbow power suddenly increased in intensity.

The three powers that had been wrestling within him were swiftly enveloped by the warmth of the rainbow power.

Then, Ye Qingyu’s phantom figure transformed into a rubbery state that gave off rainbow-colored flowing light.

Young leaves still continued to float to the ground just as though a gentle breeze had swept past.

The moment these young leaves landed in the pool of blood, they seemed to awaken that pool of blood, which came back to life and started to gather upward. It gained in momentum and swarmed toward that mysterious phantom figure, sealing itself within.

The endless blood and flesh finally formed a flesh eggshell and completely enveloped the figure that shone with rainbow flowing light.

It became a gigantic blood-colored egg.

Ye Qingyu had also transformed into a gigantic blood-colored, oval-shaped egg.

In the Void.

“How… did that happen?”

The Four Stars holy girl was completely dumbstruck.

The Celestial Phoenix Maiden could enter a state of nirvana because she was part of the ancient Phoenix Race.

However, how could this kid… how could he also enter a state of nirvana?

Was he related in some way to the Phoenix Race?

The Third Prince of the Mizar Race also stared at this giant egg made out of flesh and blood in astonishment.

The Phoenix could enter nirvana, this was the natural law of the Great Dao.

All the major sects across the myriad domains were aware of that.

As for how a kid with an unknown origin, whose power was not even at the Immortal Step realm, could also enter nirvana, this was a matter worth contemplating.

Behind them, Yang Wanqu was even more dumbfounded.

The [Red Lotus Hellfire] had been burning for close to thirty minutes but was still unable to break past that yellow mist. Were they just going to stand by and watch as the Celestial Phoenix Maiden and this kid achieved nirvana successfully?

“Master, even that kid is now in a state of nirvana. We can’t just sit by and watch as they successfully break free from their shells and enter the divine road!” Yang Wanqu said spitefully.

Only after the Celestial Phoenix Maiden’s power surged when she awakened from nirvana would she become a troublesome character. If the kid within this blood egg’s power were also to increase tremendously, that could complicate matters.

“Let’s wait and see,” the Four Stars holy girl said with a shake of her head.

After another thirty minutes.

Yang Wanqu could not help saying, “Master, it is about time. We can’t just continue wasting time here…”

The Four Stars holy girl suddenly turned to look at Yang Wanqu, her eyes cold and hard with killing intent, “Are you telling me what to do?”

Yang Wanqu’s heart dropped as he suddenly realized what he had done. He quickly lowered his head and knelt in the Void, begging, “No, no… Master, please spare me. I will not do that again.”

At the same time.

In the heavens.

A golden flowing light streaked across the skies and landed on the Four Stars holy girl’s shoulder. It then transformed into a realistic paper crane flecked with gold, giving off a faint golden halo.

This paper crane moved in a life-like manner toward her ear and let out a bugle call as it whispered in her ear.

Soon after, understanding dawned on the Four Stars holy girl’s face. She frowned slightly and after a moment’s hesitation, she said coldly, “Let’s go. Something has happened on the other side.”

The Third Prince of the Mizar Race nodded in acknowledgment.

“Master, what… should we do about this?” Yang Wanqu could not help asking, flustered.

He was terrified because he knew that if they did not get rid of Ye Qingyu and the Celestial Phoenix Maiden today, they would be letting the tiger back into the mountain. This kid and this bitch would definitely seek revenge in the future.

Yang Wanqu could not let that happen.

Furthermore, this was their weakest moment. A gentle pinch would be enough to ensure that this beastly couple vanished from the surface of this universe.

The Four Stars holy girls contemplated for a moment, then handed over the snow-white vase to Yang Wanqu and instructed him, “You stay back to keep an eye on the situation here. In six hours, you are to recall the [Red Lotus Hellfire] regardless of the situation in the manner that I have instructed you. Then, return immediately.”

Yang Wanqu was elated by her words. He immediately lowered his eyes deferentially and accepted the vase. “Master, don’t worry. Please leave this with me.”

The Four Stars holy girl did not respond. She turned to look at the Third Prince, Yin Kaishan, and said tenderly, “Let’s go.”

Then, they both disappeared into the Void with a flash.

The next moment.

Yang Wanqu held the vase in his hand, looking pleased with himself as he stared hard in the direction of the parasol tree. A malicious and savage gleam flashed through his eyes.

Before entering the Door of Life, that kid had just been a nobody with average cultivation. He did not know what stroke of luck had befallen this kid, but in just two short days, this kid was now more powerful than him. This kid had not only humiliated him in front of the Four Stars holy girl, but had also insulted him with his words. Yang Wanqu wanted to hack him into a thousand pieces.

“Hmph, you little bastard. You can go to hell to enter nirvana together with that bitch. Hahaha…” Yang Wanqu followed the technique and activated the jade vase. This caused the [Red Lotus Hellfire] to increase in intensity and it started to spread toward the mountain top.

His face twisted savagely, then he threw his head back to laugh maniacally as he basked in this feeling of revenge.

Time ticked by.

One hour passed in the blink of an eye.

During this time, Yang Wanqu’s figure had been enveloped in a Black Demon qi cloud. His eyes were bloodshot and he was brimming with murderous spirit as he frantically activated the vase to fan the [Red Lotus Hellfire].

Just like a blood-colored hurricane, the [Red Lotus Hellfire] continued to spread across the land, burning everything in its path, including the rocks and earth deep within the ground. The ground had become molten magma.

All across the land, only the parasol tree remained unharmed under the protection of the yellow mist released by the [Cloud Top Cauldron].

The light curtain swayed gently, just like a layer of thin mesh. Despite its gentle swaying, it managed to keep the raging hellfire at bay.

It had now been four hours since the Celestial Phoenix Maiden had transformed into a rainbow-colored giant egg.

In theory, she should have already attained nirvana and broken free of her shell, completing the rebirthing process.

However, the rainbow-colored giant egg nestled in the Phoenix nest up above the parasol tree seemed to have entered into a state of mysterious silence. There was no sign of the shell cracking.

Time flew by.

Another five hours passed.

Yang Wanqu had been continuously drawing on his yuan qi to activate the vase, and at this point in time, he was starting to feel the strain of it. A look of fatigue could be seen on his savage face.

Up in the Void in the distance, the bronze cauldron continued to relentlessly absorb primeval energy with mysterious herculean strength. Yellow mist continued to flow out of it and it continued to keep the raging hellfire at bay.

Yang Wanqu looked at the bronze cauldron hatefully, not even bothering to mask his jealousy.

“Divine cauldron, if you’re looking for someone to blame, you can only blame that kid. He has brought about your downfall!”

It was almost time for the Door of Life to shut.

There had been no change to the giant blood egg on the ground and the rainbow-colored egg up above the tree.

Two ripples suddenly appeared in the Void.

The Four Stars holy girl and the Third Prince of the Mizar Race emerged from the ripples.

“What’s happening…” Surprise flashed across the Four Stars holy girl’s eyes.

Both Yin Kaishan and the Four Stars holy girl stared at the parasol tree, which was engulfed in flames, as well as the two giant eggs, which had shown no signs of cracking.

According to their knowledge of ancient texts, it should not take more than six hours for a Phoenix to attain nirvana. Why was there still no change after such a long time?

Yang Wanqu’s heart dropped and he quickly reported in detail what had transpired over the past six hours.

“Little Yu, in my opinion, these two are probably lacking in power, which explains the delay in the time to reach nirvana. Their attempt at attaining nirvana will likely fail,” said the Third Prince, Yin Kaishan, contemplatively.

“You’re probably right, Brother Yin. This ancient parasol tree is no longer as lush as it used to be and is starting to wither. Furthermore, there are limitations to this primeval world and it would not be able to contain an entire divine parasol tree. Therefore, the remaining nirvana divine power it contains would only be able to allow one person to attain nirvana. This young man might have eaten into the Phoenix’s luck and power, resulting in a failed attempt for them both,” the Four Stars holy girl muttered to herself, as though she had finally made sense of it all. As someone who was both incredibly smart and well-read, her hypothesis was very close to the truth.

“Master, based on the current situation, they might have already perished within those eggs. Even if they finally manage to attain nirvana, they would probably not make it out before the Door of Life closes. Then, they would be trapped to death here in the 18th district,” Yang Wanqu said sycophantically.

He was reminding the Four Stars holy girl that they did not have much time left and the journey back would be long, so they needed to get going or they would be trapped here in this terrifying 18th district.

The Four Stars holy girl’s gaze was calm and cold as she deliberated over this issue.

Then, she pointed at the Void.

Several silver formations that were almost transparent floated into the hellfire. The jade vase operated and recalled most of the [Red Lotus Hellfire] back into it, leaving only ten percent of the flames to encircle the mountain.

“We can’t leave things to luck. We should at least leave this [Red Lotus Hellfire] behind. Even if we can’t burn them to death, they will not be able to break past this [Red Lotus Hellfire] after they have awakened from nirvana,” the Four Stars holy girl said coldly, as though she was a hell maiden presiding over matters of life and death.

“Let’s go.”

The silver ripple undulated gently as the trio disappeared into the Void.

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