Imperial God Emperor

777 - Emergence of the Quasi-emperor

Chapter 777 – Emergence of the Quasi-emperor

“Hmm? What does that mean?”

Ye Qingyu was puzzled.

At the Taowu Mountain Range, this fatty had acted as though he had been so fearful of dying. The attraction force of the dark Door of Life had been enough to give him the shivers, so why did he still loiter around in such a dangerous place that was filled with murderous spirit now?

Was he trying to die a heroic death here?

Or could there be a peerless precious treasure within the divine temple that he was not willing to give up?

Ye Qingyu was baffled.

“He is a descendant of the [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei],” the Celestial Phoenix Maiden informed him when she turned to see what had caused Ye Qingyu to stop.

“Eh? [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei]?” Ye Qingyu was unable to wrap his head around it for a while. When it finally sank in, his jaw dropped and he yelped in surprise, “What? A descendent… of [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei]? Are you saying, this fatty is…”

He was extremely stunned.

After his initial astonishment had faded, Ye Qingyu suddenly thought of something as his gaze fell on the tattered licorice gourd that Sheng Yan was holding. He could not help recalling a few things.

According to legend, the highly talented and extremely handsome [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] had successfully entered the Door of Darkness but never found his way out. Approximately a century later, his descendants used a blood sacrifice occult technique to summon a tattered licorice gourd from the Door of Darkness.

A drop of [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei’s] blood was contained within the gourd.

Thereafter, less than one thousand years later, rumors swirled that [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei’s] descendants had lost the gourd that contained his blood. The legend of [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] stopped circulating once the gourd had been lost. Every few thousand years, the later generations of the Human Race would wail in despair.

Ye Qingyu looked contemplatively at that chubby figure who kept circling the divine temple.

The legend must not have actually been true. Maybe the licorice gourd had never been lost but had always been in the hands of his descendants. They might have circulated rumors about the gourd being lost in order to protect the gourd and prevent it from being stolen by other races.

If this fatty was truly a descendant of [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei], then it made sense that he was trying his best to enter the Door of Life and was willing to risk it all to come to this 18th district—he had to be searching for [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei].

All these years, [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei’s] descendants had never believed that their ancestor had perished and had always been trying to search for him. Hmm, could a descendant of [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] have mastered the meaning behind the emperor blood, or discovered some kind of secret?

After making his way here, could this fatty be in search of the benevolence left behind by his ancestor, Li Xiaofei?

Nevermind, he would draw his own conclusions after further investigation.

In the Void, Ye Qingyu hesitated for a moment, then headed straight for the divine temple.

The Celestial Phoenix Maiden did not hesitate at all as she followed closely behind Ye Qingyu toward the direction of the divine temple.

Soon afterward, they both landed.

Next to the divine temple.

“Fatty, are you… truly [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei’s] descendant?” This was the first time Ye Qingyu was in such close proximity to the divine temple, and he instantly sensed a chilly murderous spirit and a mysterious force which was tearing at his entire body, as though he would be annihilated by it any moment.

Ye Qingyu had regained his original looks, but the fatty clearly recognized him from his voice and aura. Surprise flashed through his eyes when he registered Ye Qingyu’s true features and aura.

However, he ignored Ye Qingyu’s question and only spared him a glance. Then, he started to walk rapidly around the divine temple, his mouth constantly moving as he hastily chanted a mysterious battle song that had a bizarre rhythm and flow.

This battle song had a simple and monotonous rhythm and was not from any modern language. It sounded odd to the ears but contained an ancient aura, as though fiendgods were singing languidly. The notes swept across the Void, barely discernible, just like they did not belong to this era.

As he sang the battle song, the tattered licorice gourd slowly started to give off an invisible but mysterious aura. There was a trace of powerful magical ability contained within this aura that managed to keep the chaotic murderous spirit that surrounded this place at bay.

“Time is running out, fatty. There will be time enough in the future, so stop wasting your time here. The universe has undergone tremendous change, the death zone has been activated, and the Door of Life is about to shut soon. Leave with us as soon as possible!” Ye Qingyu urged him as he tracked the changes in the surrounding area.

Sheng Yan continued to ignore him.

That bald fatty’s attention was solely focused on chanting that battle song. The ripples in the melody entered the licorice gourd and activated the feeble, barely discernible blood-colored mist within it.

As he circled the divine temple over and over again, the blood-colored mist continued to sweep past each zone of the divine temple. The fatty’s gaze followed the blood-colored mist and he would often search the area with his gaze, as though he was looking for something.

Ye Qingyu was about to urge him once more.

Suddenly, a powerful aura swept out of the divine temple, as though it had lived through hundreds and thousands of years of life, and an ancient voice then resounded.

“Xiao Yan, please leave. I have already imparted my legacy to you, please leave as soon as possible…”

This voice was ancient, feeble, and mysterious, but it contained an authority that caused one’s mind to waver as though it was from an Immortal deity. The voice contained an authority that could not be emulated by a Saint.

The bronze wall behind the divine temple.

Ye Qingyu was completely dumbstruck.

Lightning flashed across his mind.

This was…

Could it be…

He did not dare to imagine.

Beside him, astonishment filled the Celestial Phoenix Maiden’s eyes, in sharp contrast to her usual cold and expressionless self.

Nearby, Sheng Yan’s face was filled with shock, then despair, “No, ancestor. I will not leave, I won’t… I will rescue you…”

Sheng Yan’s face was streaked with tears.

He walked even faster and chanted even louder, as though he was burning the foundation of his life. He continued to scan the outer walls of the divine temple, and the blood-colored splendor from the gourd became more and more obvious.

Ye Qingyu and the Celestial Phoenix Maiden were both still in an extreme state of shock.

They instantly deduced the true identity of this voice.

The legendary [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] had not perished in the 18th district.

He was still alive.

He was trapped within the divine temple!

Sheng Yan’s expressions and words were proof enough.

This piece of information was just too astonishing.

The Quasi-emperor Li Xiaofei of the Human Race, the Heaven’s prideling of four thousand years ago, was still alive!

Ye Qingyu was delighted.

This was a Quasi-emperor of the Human Race, the Heaven’s prideling who had been almost invincible in the past. If he was still alive, it would be great news to the Human Race, who were on the verge of extinction.

His gaze fell upon the divine temple.

He wondered what kind of place this divine temple was—to have the power to trap a Quasi-emperor expert.

Ye Qingyu gave this divine temple a second assessing glance.

Other than the powerful murderous spirit that enveloped this ancient and worn divine temple, there was no trace of a formation. As for this murderous spirit, with the exception of the area surrounding the bronze walls where it was coming from a sculpture carved in the likeness of a monster, most of it seemed to be coming from within the divine temple.

Ye Qingyu sensed that this divine temple was like a container that was about to explode, and within it was the purest form of apocalyptic murderous spirit that originated from the Fiendgod Age.

Since this divine temple had the power to entrap the [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei], then why was this fatty constantly circling this place?

Ye Qingyu looked at Sheng Yan in confusion.

“He is using a secret technique and has activated the gourd to search for the weakness in this divine temple,” the Celestial Phoenix Maiden said.

He was using the blood of the Quasi-emperor to lead the way.

The blood of those almighty experts of the Magical Great Dao contained some kind of spiritual energy. Within a certain area, their blood would automatically find their way back to their master’s body.

Once that drop of blood contained within the gourd was extremely close to [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei], it would be able to penetrate through the tiniest crack to find its way back into his body.

If there was a crack, it meant that there was a weakness.

The Celestial Phoenix Maiden had noticed that Sheng Yan was using a mysterious battle song to activate his blood. He was using his blood to support that drop of Quasi-emperor blood in order to search for a weakness in the divine temple and rescue [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei].


“I’ve found it!”

Sheng Yan, who was standing on the left side of the divine temple, suddenly exclaimed in delight.

Ye Qingyu and the Celestial Phoenix Maiden looked at each other in shock, then hurried over.

Sheng Yan’s tattered licorice gourd suddenly increased in blood-colored splendor. Within this splendor was a red laser beam, which was formed by mist. It shot out swiftly and headed straight for a certain spot in the divine temple.

“That is…”

Ye Qingyu followed the trajectory of this laser beam.

There was a sword mark left on the bronze wall with a scary aura that wound upward, almost to the top of this bronze wall. Ye Qingyu had noticed this sword mark as well as the gigantic palm print less than one hundred meters away the last time he was here.

The blood-colored splendor headed straight for the middle part of the sword mark, the point where the deepest indentation on the wall was.

This was the weakness that Sheng Yan had been searching for, the weakest point of the bronze wall that surrounded the divine temple.

Ye Qingyu looked at the sword mark that wound upward, and a look of disappointment flashed through his eyes. If they wanted to send that drop of blood through, the only way was through the corresponding point of the red laser beam. However, with his current vision, he could not see a crack at all in this indentation.

Sheng Yan suddenly roared and unleashed a powerful and ancient force. Light blue mist surged forth from his body and a powerful aura spread across the surroundings.

This fatty… was so powerful?

He had only been pretending to be weak earlier.

Ye Qingyu was slightly surprised.

Ye Qingyu had suspected that this bald and chubby man had been hiding his true strength when they had crossed paths at the Taowu Mountain Range. If this man had the power to enter the Door of Darkness, he was probably a pinnacle Immortal Step realm expert.

However, the power that he had unleashed… He could tell from the barely detectable energy waves that this fatty gave off the aura of a Saint.

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