Imperial God Emperor

778 - Escape of the Quasi-Emperor

Chapter 778 – Escape of the Quasi-Emperor

Without noticing the shock of the two people beside him, Sheng Yan exerted his cultivation completely and undisguisedly. His entire being seemed to become a ball of green flame which could not burn any more brilliantly, displaying the full extent of his powers. He clutched the craggy licorice gourd with both of his hands and berserkly injected his yuan qi into it.

Under his inducement, blood-colored veins that resembled slightly-constricted human blood vessels appeared on the surface of the gourd, on which the original deformities were instantly repaired and a metallic luster began to shine, bursting forth with an extremely dazzling blood-colored splendor.

Blood qi surged as the splendor circulated.

As a result of Sheng Yan’s relentless inducement, the heavily-cracked gourd discharged an immense power which even contained a tinge of magical force.

This gourd was indeed a rare divine object.

Ye Qingyu was not quite shocked by this.

In fact, many people had already predicted that this would happen.

Sheng Yan continued to chant the mystical ancient battle song before raising the gourd with both hands. As if pouring all of his strength into it, he smashed it heavily toward the spot on the temple wall which the blood-colored beam pointed at.



Two blares followed in succession.

The divine temple began to vibrate.

Ye Qingyu’s sight became fixed.

Did it… really work?

Standing to one side, the Celestial Phoenix Maiden also revealed a nervous look as she held her breath.

However, the tremor soon died down, and despite its occurrence, the weakest spot on the mottled and ancient wall where the sword mark was showed no trace of crack.

Ye Qingyu frowned slightly.

This won’t do!

It didn’t get smashed open.

Even the licorice gourd, which contained the magical ability and battle power of a past Quasi-emperor, failed to break apart the crack. How exactly did this divine temple come about, and what power are its walls hiding?

Countless ideas flashed through his mind.

Sheng Yan, who had begun gasping for breath after exerting his full power, looked in disbelief. After catching the falling gourd in his hands, he roared once more and exerted yet another powerful smash at the temple wall.


Another loud blare rang out.

The divine temple shook and emitted a low and strange buzzing noise that sounded like a giant bell gently knocked on by a clapper. The movements this time were greater than those of the previous time, but the weakest spot on the wall still did not show even a hairline crack.

Failed again!

Boom boom boom!

Looking mad, Sheng Yan not only did not give up but readily burned up his foundation and opened his mouth to spew streams of blood essence onto the gourd. In doing so, he was using his origin power to inject even more power into the gourd which he smashed at the wall over and over.

As if it was a living thing, the licorice gourd absorbed his essence and blood and thereafter its blood-colored splendor became more distinct. Multiple veins broke out on it as it struck heavily on the divine temple, which shook endlessly while the chaotic mist in the surroundings began to churn like waves.

The buzzing noise became deafening.

It sounded like it was from the ancient Fiendgod Age, condemning and cursing Sheng Yan’s evil actions.

Unfortunately, his maniacal behavior had no effect still.

“Sheng Yan…” Speaking hesitantly, Ye Qingyu wanted to advise him.

Just then, the [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei’s] voice was once again heard in the divine temple.

“Little Yan… you’d better leave… this temple is where Fiendgods were imprisoned when the chaos first started… The [Great Void Gourd] has been damaged and has lost its former power, and thereby cannot smash the crack open…”

The ancient dreamlike voice contained boundless vicissitudes and seemed to reveal a desolation which had sunk in over thousands of years.

Hearing this, Sheng Yan began to look despondent.

Tears once again crawled all over his plump face.

He frenziedly charged toward the divine temple and violently struck at its walls, crying in a rueful and wailing voice, “Ancestor, don’t try to advise me… I’m not leaving, not after I’ve sacrificed so much and gone through so many difficulties to get so far… the descendants of our race have ran into mishap, leaving only me alive… Even if I were to go, I’d be alone… So I would rather… be buried here with you!”

Seeing and hearing the words of the sad and despondent man, Ye Qingyu was surprised to learn that the latter was only the remaining descendant of the Quasi-emperor, and felt an unbearable sympathy in his heart at once.

When he walked up to the wall, he clenched his fist, causing the pure and frisky bright yellow Immortal qi to condense in his hands immediately.

In the next moment.

He slammed a palm forth.

The palm force of Immortal qi unleashed tremendous power and shot like a laser arrow toward the weakest spot on the wall.


Another huge blare was heard.

This time, the blare was even more heart-palpitating than the earlier sounds, while the accompanying movements was no less than caused by the [Great Void Gourd].

Sheng Yan was shocked.

While each standing on different sides, the trio simultaneously focused their sights on the weakest spot on the wall.


Not even the faintest of marks?

This time, Ye Qingyu, too, revealed a disbelieving look.

Despair conspicuously flashed across Sheng Yan’s eyes.

Then, he looked at Ye Qingyu and said in a choked voice, “Thank you so much, Brother. You two should get going. If you stay any longer, you might lose any chance of escaping…”

Ye Qingyu did not say anything.

Despite the danger of the situation, the person trapped in the divine temple was [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] after all. He was the hope and future of the Human Race, and even in the short term, the benefits of saving him would be that the humans can finally hold their heads high again. With a leader, they could become united once more, so much so that they would awe those overweeningly ambitious foreign races.

Furthermore, the Heaven Wasteland Domain would not have to strive so painstakingly.

The benefits of forming an affinity with a Quasi-emperor were endless. Even if the domain failed the test ultimately, who would dare to colonize it with [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] around?

Therefore, this still had to be tried.

I have to give it a shot.

Seeing the resolute expression on Ye Qingyu’s face, a strange color flashed across the Celestial Phoenix Maiden’s eye. Without speaking, she slowly walked forward.

Although there was no obvious magical ability or aura surging about her, the wisp of rainbow-colored flowing light that arose from her palm flickered an extremely dazzling radiance which revealed extremely pure world spiritual qi and divine power.

Under her incitement, the flowing light condensed into a rainbow-colored arrow that shot toward the wall.


Yet another blare.

The divine temple shook.

However, it was all in vain.

The spot struck by the light arrow remained markless.

A hint of shock flashed across the Celestial Phoenix Maiden’s eyes.

Her rainbow-colored arrow and Ye Qingyu’s bright yellow Immortal qi were not too different in power and neither could make a qualitative breakthrough. The sturdiness of the divine temple had absolutely exceeded what they believed possible.

“How about trying to burn it with fire?”

There was a sparkle in Ye Qingyu’s eyes as if he had thought of something.

The [Red Lotus Hellfire], which can burn even a fiendgod, might be useful here.

The Celestial Phoenix Maiden nodded faintly when she heard this.

[Red Lotus Hellfire] spurted from a small opening in her cherry lips.

The blood-colored fire shot like an arrow directly at the weakest spot on the wall.

After burning for several dozen breaths’ worth of time.

The Celestial Phoenix Maiden only then gradually kept her flames back.

However, the trio was left disappointed once more. There was not a mark left on the wall and not even a sign that the copper had caught fire.

How is this divine temple able to withstand the demonic flames of the fiendgods?

No wonder it has been able to trap someone like [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] for so many years.

The murderous spirit in the surroundings became more distinct than before, as if everything was being destroyed and every living creature was being strangled to death. A strange hissing noise could even be vaguely heard from the distance, sounding as frightening as the arrival of evil demons in the human world.

He could not help feeling anxious.


The trio kept on trying all sorts of methods.

Ye Qingyu successively took out the [Dragonblood halberd] and the [Blood Drinker Sword] to chop and hack, and then tried all of his other weapons.

Nothing worked.

Not half a trace was left.

Under the stimulus of his bright yellow Immortal qi, all of his weapons became shockingly powerful, yet they could barely even shake the divine temple.

Time ticked by.

The trio became extremely anxious and their expressions became grimmer as time passed.

What can be done?

The primeval force in the world had already begun to tumble maniacally like boiling water.

The range of lofty mountains was caving in, while the waterfalls and rivers were turning into nothingness.

Fierce murderous spirit raged all around and suffused toward them endlessly.

It became unclear whether they could escape in time.

The situation grew more critical.

As the only Quasi-emperor of the Human Race for several thousand years, Xiaofei had long been deeply revered by Ye Qingyu, who was afraid that if the former remained trapped in the divine temple, his lifespan would be depleted by the next, only-god-knows-when, opening of the Doors of Life, and he would thus never get out of here.

Ye Qingyu also contemplated whether to leave behind the fatty who cried about wanting to be buried together with Xiaofei.

“Have to give it a try.”

In this desperate moment, Ye Qingyu took the [Cloud Top Cauldron] out of his arms.

Without saying another word, he operated his true vitality before smashing the cauldron forcefully at the sword mark on the divine temple.


An extremely crisp sound was heard.

Shortly after, the divine temple shook wildly like never before, as apocalyptic bouts of murderous spirit spurted from the divine temple and pervaded the surroundings.

Six eye beams looked attentively in unison at the copper wall.

A fine crack appeared at the spot where the blood-colored laser beam pointed.

Something finally works!

The trio became excited and their hopes were rekindled.

All the more ecstatic, Sheng Yan fixed his feverishly-shining eyes on Ye Qingyu and shouted, “Brother, go, quick…”

He was simply so excited that his entire body was trembling.

Ye Qingyu was delighted.

He chided himself for being stupid enough not to think about using the [Cloud Top Cauldron] early on. Then, he injected the bright yellow Immortal qi in his hands directly into the cauldron and hurled the cauldron again.


Another crisp sound was heard.

The divine temple incessantly set off a buzzing noise which caused one to shudder.

Under the feverish gazes of three pairs of eyes, a hairline crack broke open at the weakest spot along the deepest sword mark on the grey copper wall.

Virtually at the same time, the Quasi-emperor blood in the gourd burst forth a splendor and seemed to come alive as it zipped like lightning into the crack.

The next flash of a moment.

A pale green splendor spurted from the crack.

“Ancestor!” Sheng Yan cried joyously as he knelt in respect.

The pale green splendor gradually transformed into an emaciated old man.

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