Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered

Chapter 202 - Who Is Chen Shulan?

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The weight of the Feng family in Yun Cheng was naturally unspeakable.

Back then, because of Qin Ran’s relationship with Feng Loulan and Qian Dui, Old Master Lin had also paid attention to Qin Ran.

As for Feng Loucheng…

The Lin family only had a little relationship with Madam Feng and Lin Jinxuan with Feng Ci. Lin Qi wanted to have a good relationship with Feng Loucheng, but Mayor Feng’s reputation was too big and he couldn’t even meet him easily.

At this time, the Lin family were all obviously stunned.

Upon closer attention to the news in this city, Feng Loucheng’s face was often seen in the major news and newspapers.

If he was talking to Lu Zhaoying and Jiang Dongye, then the others could still understand it.

After all, the bodyguard had greeted “Director Jiang”, so Lin Qi and Old Master Lin had already guessed Jiang Dongye’s identity. If it was that “Director Jiang”, then it was no surprise that he knew Feng Loucheng.

However, Feng Loucheng’s remarks were obviously directed at Qin Ran.

His attitude towards Qin Ran was obvious from his slightly lowered head and tone of voice.

Old Master Lin had felt a little sullen from the moment he arrived at the hospital. At this time, he was extremely stunned by this and just gasped without saying anything.

Qin Ran was leaning against the wall with her head lowered when she heard Feng Loucheng.

She looked up and her eyelashes trembled for a while before she shook her head and glanced in the direction of the emergency room. “I don’t know, she’s still inside.”

Feng Loucheng also followed her gaze and stared at the emergency room.

He frowned and only looked toward Lu Zhaoying to greet him at this time. “Young Master Lu.”

The few of them knew each other, but such an occasion wasn’t fit for exchanging conventional greetings, and it wasn’t appropriate to discuss anything else.

They just waited with Qin Ran.

Jiang Dongye glanced at Feng Loucheng one more time and took a step back to ask Cheng Mu in a lowered voice, “That’s… the mayor of Yun Cheng, right?”

Cheng Mu was in a bad mood now.

He looked at his phone. Ouyang Wei had sent a message, but he didn’t reply.

Hearing Jiang Dongye’s question, he nodded. “Yes, Mayor Feng and Miss Qin have known each other for a long time.”

If this matter had come before Gu Xichi and Qian Dui, Jiang Dongye would have been shocked to death, but since he had already experienced the shock before, this news only caused a ripple in his heart.

The hallway was divided into two and Qin Ran and the others leaned against the wall on the left.

Ning Qing, Lin Qi, and the others stood on the right.

Ning Wei and the others stood in the middle. The boundaries were clear and well-defined.


Mu Ying finally stopped crying.

She wasn’t normally interested in the news and the newspaper and had never dealt with people on Feng Loucheng’s level.

Thus, she naturally didn’t know Feng Loucheng.

But she heard Lin Qi greeting Feng Loucheng.

She glanced at Feng Loucheng and the others on the other side. Because of Chen Shulan’s affairs just now, she had not paid much attention to her surroundings, but now that she had calmed down, she realized that the surroundings were very different.

Not to mention the people standing with Qin Ran, and Feng Loucheng was needless to say as well, but Lu Zhaoying and Jiang Dongye looked far more imposing than ordinary people, and their every movement held a sense of nobility even without effort.

At Qin Yu’s apprenticeship banquet last time, Mu Ying had also seen many prestigious and rich second-generation people in Beijing and had even exchanged contact information with several of them.

But now… Mu Ying felt like the few people she knew were no match for the people around Qin Ran, no matter in temperament or any other aspect.

Mu Ying’s relationship with Qin Ran had been stiff since last time, so she naturally wouldn’t ask her.

She felt inexplicably afraid when she saw Qin Ran.

She glanced at Mu Nan and whispered, “Mu Nan, have you seen cousin’s friends before?”

Mu Nan’s expression was blank and he seemed rather unaffected, but the dark circles under his eyes were quite obvious.

He didn’t answer nor say anything to Mu Ying, just stared coldly at her with a blank expression.

His cold glance made Mu Ying’s body stiffen.

She didn’t have time to say anything.

The emergency room’s door opened.

A group of doctors came out quietly, and Gu Xichi was the last to come out. He reached out to pull down his blue mask and pursed his lips at Qin Ran. “Xiao Ran, your grandma asked you to go in.”

Then, he turned sideways.

Making way for Qin Ran to go in.

Qin Ran looked at the emergency room behind her, separated by a white partition and blocking everything from sight. Her hands shook and she couldn’t take a step forward.

Gu Xichi tucked his mask into his pocket and whispered, “Go in, it might be too late.”

Qin Ran closed her eyes and stood upright before going in.

Ning Qing’s expression also changed at Gu Xichi’s words, and they were about to go in when Cheng Mu blocked them.

In the emergency room, Chen Shulan forcefully regained her spirit. The ECG next to her was almost a straight line, yet she still somehow managed to stay conscious.

Qin Ran stood two meters away from the bed, unable to lift her feet.

Cheng Juan stood by the side and turned around. He walked over silently, reached out to take her wrist, and then led her to Chen Shulan. “Look, she’s here.”

“Ran Ran, grandma is very… very happy. I can finally see your grandpa now.” Chen Shulan’s voice was weak and wispy and she barely managed to look up at Cheng Juan. Finally, her eyes turned soft and generous and she looked at Qin Ran. “You must be obedient and listen to Mr. Cheng.”

This was the last breath she held onto. She was most afraid for Qin Ran and couldn’t bear to let her go. She was also afraid that Qin Ran would eventually be alone forever.

She watched as Qin Ran nodded, her eyes red.

Chen Shulan’s hand slowly loosened around Qin Ran’s hand, and she closed her eyes calmly. Her mouth seemed to be smiling as she eventually dropped her hand to the side of the bed and stopped moving.

Qin Ran knelt beside the bed, staring at Chen Shulan’s hand. She continued holding onto her hand and didn’t even dare to blink.

She was frozen in place and even forgot to cry.

Outside, the silence in the emergency room was a little strange, and from the reaction of the dean and the others, Ning Qing and Ning Wei panicked.

Lu Zhaoying and Lin Qi also guessed the situation.

Even Jiang Dongye, who rarely stayed silent, didn’t ask Gu Xichi anything.

Cheng Juan came out and glanced at Ning Qing and the others before finally saying, “Whoever wants to go in to see her for the last time, go in.”

A few suppressed cries finally overflowed.

Ning Wei’s movement wasn’t convenient, but she limped and tried to run in. Ning Qing followed behind her, and even Mu Ying also temporarily forgot about other things.

Soon, the emergency room was full of movement, and bursts of crying came like a pot of boiling water.

Gu Xichi glanced at Cheng Juan and asked, “Xiao Ran… how is she?”

Cheng Juan glanced at him and said nothing.

After a moment, he looked at the dean and said softly, “Apply for a death certificate.”

The dean nodded. It wasn’t convenient for him to speak during such an occasion, so he greeted Cheng Juan and left directly.

Not far away, Feng Loucheng was also stunned for a long time before he went to make a call in a daze.

“Master Juan, about today’s delayed flight…” Lu Zhaoying looked at Cheng Juan.

Cheng Juan turned and stared at the emergency room with his dark eyes. “Yes, I have noted it down.”

After a long while, he gave some instructions to Cheng Mu.

“Master Wei should still be in Yun Cheng?” Cheng Juan glanced at Cheng Mu.

Cheng Mu held his phone with a solemn expression and nodded silently.

“Ok.” Cheng Juan nodded and lowered his voice, sounding husky. “Call Master Wei and Principal Xu.”

Master Wei knew Chen Shulan and was also Qin Ran’s teacher, so he must appear on such an occasion.

As for Elder Xu… Cheng Juan wasn’t too certain.


At night, neither Ning Qing nor Ning Wei left.

Lin Qi and Old Master Lin originally thought they would have to tire over settling the matter.

However, they didn’t even see Chen Shulan’s body. Cheng Juan had already organized everything in an orderly manner.

The two of them came in the Lin family’s car and went back in it too. Cheng Mu only told them the time and address for the funeral.

On the way back, Old Master Lin had yet to react.

He glanced at Lin Qi in the back seat and finally burst out, “Today, Mayor Feng, that Young Master Jiang, and Dr. Gu…”

Old Master Lin was in a daze and couldn’t think straight. He had received too much information in the hospital and had even received news of Chen Shulan’s death, so he really couldn’t think too much.

It was only now that he slowly reacted. His head felt dizzy and it seemed like something had exploded inside.

They were unable to guess Jiang Dongye, Lu Zhaoying, and Cheng Juan’s identities, but they knew Feng Loucheng—he was the mayor…

The Lin family also found it difficult to climb further up.

For some reason, Old Master Lin felt painful heartache.

Feng Loucheng had called… he had called Qin Ran as Miss Qin, and Chen Shulan as Aunt Chen?

“Say, Yu’er’s grandma and Ran Ran, they… who are they?” Old Master Lin glanced at Lin Qi.

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