Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered

Chapter 206 - Take Leave for Qin Ran, Go to Continent M

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After the butler sent the psychologist out, he went back inside and asked Cheng Juan if he would like to head upstairs to sleep.

Cheng Juan lowered his head and massaged his temples. “No, go upstairs and bring down my computer from the study.”

Butler Cheng pursed his lips and wanted to nag him for not sleeping these few days.

But he swallowed his words after seeing Cheng Juan’s indifferent face and just brought the laptop down.

Cheng Juan turned on the computer and put on his headset. Then, he instructed the butler to make a cup of tea.

After taking a sip of tea, he set the teacup aside and then opened a link on the computer. In a few seconds, the mixed-blood face of Cheng Shui appeared on the screen.

“Boss.” Cheng Shui bowed slightly and took a step back, his tone respectful as always.

With a lowered voice, Cheng Juan simply responded indifferently. His tidy eyebrows reflected the lamp above his head and seemed to glimmer. “Have there been any changes in Continent M recently?”

“It has not been a day or two since people wanted to catch you, and… that arms dealer in the slum housings, Andrea, simply doesn’t know his place. The Mas family just robbed us two days ago…” Such things were normal for Cheng Shui. After all, in this business, he held in his palms an economic lifeline comparable to that of a small country.

It was normal to have someone eyeing him.

Even those veteran families couldn’t help but want to take their share of the loot.

But it was too hard to get a share of the loot from Cheng Juan.

“Ok.” Cheng Juan stared indifferently. When his tea was almost finished, he raised his head and slowly asked, “Is it fun?”


Cheng Shui didn’t know what he meant, so he looked up and glanced at Cheng Juan inquiringly.

Cheng Juan ignored him and lowered his head slightly. His eyes were still dark and he chuckled twice before muttering, “There are so many people, it must be fun, right?”

He couldn’t help but squint when he thought of what the psychologist just told him.

Qin Ran harbored some inexplicable sense of resistance to Beijing, as well as those from the research institute. Now that Chen Shulan had just passed, it was definitely not appropriate for her to head to the capital.

It seemed like Continent M was a little more lively.

Cheng Juan reached out and clicked on the mouse. The International Medical Organization was there, and Gu Xichi and Jiang Dongye had also just flown over in the afternoon.

He summoned Cheng Mu after thinking for a moment.

Cheng Mu came over immediately. “Master Juan?”

“Go to the school.” Cheng Juan lowered his head and cleared his throat, but his voice was still hoarse. “Take leave for her.”

It went without saying who he meant.

Cheng Mu nodded and asked, “For how long?”

“Until… the college entrance exam.” Cheng Juan narrowed his eyes and thought for a while before saying, “The exact time is uncertain.”

But for insurance purposes, it was better to wait until the college entrance examination.

He had carefully studied Qin Ran’s exam papers last time. To obtain a full score on such a difficult paper, Qin Ran simply didn’t need to stay in school.

As for physics, Cheng Juan had his own plans.

This was the first time Cheng Mu had heard of a high school student taking leave in the second half of the school year, so his expression stiffened before he nodded. “Okay.”

He turned to leave.

“Wait.” Cheng Juan raised his hand and placed the computer on the table. He remembered something and said calmly, “Bring all the copybooks from the school doctor’s office over to me.”

Oh, Master Jiang’s copybooks.

Cheng Mu once again tiredly expressed his understanding.

Butler Cheng also heard Cheng Juan’s instructions and followed Cheng Mu out, ill at ease. “Cheng Mu, is it okay for Young Master to take such a long period of leave for Miss Qin? There are still a hundred days of school left, what about the college entrance exam?”

After hearing this, Cheng Mu suddenly remembered that Butler Cheng still didn’t know how Qin Ran had scored in the top 20 in the city despite obtaining zero for her physics.

Not only that, but Butler Cheng was also kept in the dark about Master Wei, Gu Xichi, and so on.

Cheng Mu had even seen Butler Cheng noting down on a small book about how to train Miss Qin. He had even put on his glasses seriously and called people in Beijing to inquire about stuff…

Suddenly, Cheng Mu puffed his chest and gave Butler Cheng a very inscrutable look. Then, he took his car keys and walked out of the villa with his head held high.


At the same time.

Mu Ying and the others returned home.

Ning Wei was in a bad mood and Mu Nan asked her to rest first.

He went to the kitchen and prepared rice and stewed soup.

Ning Wei’s legs had yet to recover and she had even tired herself out these two days. Although Mu Nan didn’t utter a single word about it, he still held it in mind.

After estimating the time, he turned and was about to head back to his room to continue writing his translation when he saw Mu Ying standing at the door.

His eyes had always been cold, but it had grown a few degrees colder these days and no hint of a gentle smile could be seen.

Mu Ying was afraid of this side of him, but she still stood in the kitchen and stopped Mu Nan.

“Grandma has already passed, so you don’t have to be so sad…” Mu Ying looked into Mu Nan’s dark eyes and couldn’t go on. “Did you already know cousin’s friends?”

She didn’t dare to say more and just asked straight to the point.

A black Mercedes had driven them back, and a bodyguard in a black suit had even been their driver.

He seemed familiar with Mu Nan and had spoken to him.

Besides this, Mu Ying also discovered that Old Master Lin had personally sent them off today.

This was out of the question in the past.

Mu Ying was no fool and naturally knew how the Lin family had thought of their family before.

She knew that the Lin family was trying to tip the scale and sweeten the pot today. Old Master Lin had purely meant to send Mu Nan off. After all… Mayor Feng and Principal Xu had both spoken to Mu Nan.

Uncle Jiang as well…

Master Wei and Principal Xu…

Mu Ying never knew Qin Ran had so many big figures behind her back despite knowing her for so many years.

If only she had known earlier. Mu Ying trembled like a leaf upon discovering that her cousin seemed a far cry from what she had in mind.

Her heart sank at the thought of the previous incident with the ticket.

Mu Nan didn’t answer her question and just squinted. His eyes were full of ice-cold glacial and his voice was equally cold. “Move aside.”

Mu Ying shivered at his cold tone and took a step back involuntarily.

Mu Nan returned to his room.

Standing rooted to the spot, Mu Ying pursed her lips tightly. Her expression turned dark and she returned to her own room.

She didn’t read her assignments nor sleep. Staring at her phone for a long while, she pressed on Qin Yu’s WeChat before sending her a message.


Continent M.

Qin Yu followed behind Dai Ran wearing a dress and holding a wine glass. Tonight, she had met several big names in the violin world.

Not far away, a group of people surrounded a middle-aged man with a beard and blonde hair.

The man’s silhouette was distinct and he exuded an aura that was unique to the other violinists at the exchange meeting. A sense of bloody oppression exuded from him.

“Teacher, who is that?” Qin Yu saw the master from the International Violin Association with the man and was dumbstruck.

She couldn’t help but feel very curious about the blond middle-aged man.

“That’s the Mas family’s butler,” Dai Ran lowered his voice and replied. The longing in his eyes couldn’t be hidden. “They’re a royal family from Continent M and would invite a court performer at the International Academy every year. It’s considered a symbol of strength and reputation to be recognized by the butler.”

Master Wei had been invited long ago, but he had rejected it.

“Continent M’s performance hall is on the street beside. It’s the oldest performance hall handed down by the Mas family.” He pointed in the opposite direction and continued, “If you can hold a personal concert here in your lifetime, you’re considered successful.”

Even Dai Ran himself had never performed there before.

“In the assessment next summer, if you succeed and become the first student of the Beijing Association…” Speaking of this, Dai Ran shook his head and stopped. He glanced at Qin Yu and encouraged her to give the best shot.

Qin Yu couldn’t help but lower her head and take a sip of wine, suppressing her tumultuous mood.

Without getting out of the narrow world of Yun Cheng, how could she have known how big the world was?

The Shen family was a shrimp in the sea of big fishes in Beijing.

And in Continent M… the people here were on a level she couldn’t even touch.

Her trip to Continent M this time turned her rapt in wonder, and she didn’t even remember the news of her grandma’s passing.

She couldn’t help but think of Master Wei. At this time, Qin Yu felt even deeper that Dai Ran simply couldn’t make up for his gap between him and Master Wei.

She stared at the middle-aged foreign man surrounded by people and took a deep breath before heading to the bathroom.

Putting her handbag aside, she splashed a handful of cold water on her face.

She was done washing her face when her phone rang.

She opened her handbag and took out her mobile phone. It was a WeChat message from Mu Ying, and there was only one sentence—

[Second Cousin, I saw Master Wei at grandma’s funeral today.]

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