Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered

Chapter 207 - Second Brother, Elder Xu Is Looking for Sister Ran

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Master Wei?

At first, Qin Yu didn’t really care.

The longer she stayed in Beijing, the more she understood Master Wei’s status. Beyond his personal status, he was also linked in countless ways through his network.

Nothing could be felt even personally connecting with him.

He was seen at Chen Shulan’s funeral?

Qin Yu pursed her lips lightly and didn’t really care. She took out her red lipstick and was about to put her phone into her bag.

At this moment, Mu Ying sent another photo to her.

It was a candid photo.

The photo was probably taken at Chen Shulan’s funeral. The picture showed an old man’s side profile, with his gray hair and old style.

Qin Yu had only met Master Wei once, but she had seen him thousands of times in the magazines and on the news.

Hence, she could confirm that the person in the photo Mu Ying sent was truly Master Wei himself…

Qin Yu looked at the photo and her hands tightened involuntarily. The light in her eyes also gradually diminished.

She had come to Continent M mainly because she wanted to know more people behind Dai Ran and broaden her views.

So when she had to choose one of the two, she had abandoned Chen Shulan’s funeral without hesitation to come here with Dai Ran.

But she didn’t expect that despite her efforts to meet Master Wei in Beijing, he would actually appear at her grandma’s funeral?

Qin Yu had originally been ignited by Dai Ran’s introduction this evening but was now cooled by Mu Ying’s message. She was a person who knew exactly what she wanted and would obtain it by hook or by crook.

She never once regretted her decision. But now, she desperately wanted to know about Master Wei.

She quickly called Mu Ying.


At the same time.

In Beijing, Team OST’s headquarters.

Yang Fei wrapped a scarf around himself before hearing to the top floor with the coach.

There weren’t many people on the top floor and it was very clean.

It was obviously not the first time Yang Fei was here, but the coach behind him was really here to see the head boss for the first time. He was on pins and needles and arranged his clothes from time to time.

An astute and beautiful secretary smiled at them and opened the office door. “The President is waiting inside.”

Inside, a man stood with his back to them.

He stood straight as a ramrod in a silver-gray suit, and when he turned around, a faint smile was spread across his warm and jade-like face. He looked like a child of an ancient family coming out of a scroll, dressed in fine clothes and well-groomed, as if all the elegance of the world was gathered on him alone.

The color of heaven and man.

OST’s coach glanced at him and then looked down, not daring to exchange eye contact.

Yang Fei sat down on an empty chair casually and called rigidly, “Cousin.”

The man nodded, then reached out and politely motioned for the coach to sit.

His voice was clear, and a sense of forbidden blasphemy could be felt.

“She played already?” The man picked up a white porcelain teapot and poured three cups of tea.

Yang Fei leaned back, his beautiful face expressionless. “Yeah, you’ve seen the live broadcast too.”

The man handed over the teacups to them but didn’t drink from his own. He just looked out the window and nodded after a while. Without saying anything, he left the room.

The coach finally let out a long sigh of relief.


At First Middle School.

Class 3.9.

After class, Lin Siran sat in boredom on the bench and looked at her Weibo. In a few days, her Weibo fans had increased from more than 50,000 to 270,000, and it was still growing.

As for Qin Ran’s account, it had risen madly to 3.7 million.

Lin Siran estimated that it would rise to 4 million in a few days.

Qin Ran had attracted a big group of fans after the game in Shanghai. Many fans had come from Yang Fei to Lin Siran’s profile to urge her to make Qin Ran post on Weibo.

It wasn’t that nobody had tried to find out who qr and Lin Siran were, but these two accounts were too strange and couldn’t be revealed without finding a hacker.

Of course, the people in 3.9 held their tongues on this matter. Even when others talked about it, they simply smiled meaningfully.

Then they went on Weibo and secretly followed Qin Ran’s Weibo account.

Lin Siran glanced at the empty desk and sighed.

Then, she weakly took a piece of paper and headed to the toilet.

At the back, Qiao Sheng was lying on the table and talking to He Wen and Xu Yaoguang. When he saw Lin Siran, he waved at her.

“Young Master Xu, when will Sister Ran come back to class? The Physics teacher has been missing her for so long,” Qiao Sheng stretched his legs out in the aisle and spoke weakly.

Xu Yaoguang was doing some physics questions when he heard this. He paused slightly and shook his head. “I don’t know.”

Qiao Sheng didn’t expect him to know either. He propped his chin on his hand and said, “Speaking of this, I didn’t see Pan Mingyue and Wei Zihang this morning either. I wonder what they’re doing.”

Xu Yaoguang also narrowed his eyes. His grandpa had been gone this morning as well.

On the other side.

Cheng Mu parked his car and inquired about where class 3.9 was, but he couldn’t find Gao Yang in the office.

As Lin Siran came out of the toilet, he felt a sense of familiarity and remembered she was Qin Ran’s deskmate who had used fake grass as a Daylily.

“Classmate Lin…” Cheng Mu called Lin Siran.

Lin Siran was looking down on a piece of paper and slowly wiping her hands when she heard someone call her. She turned around and asked Cheng Mu, “Are you here to find Ran Ran?”

“No, I’m here to help Miss Qin take leave from your teacher.” Cheng Mu was solemn.

Lin Siran paused in surprise. “Leave? How long?”

“Probably until the college entrance examination.” Cheng Mu lowered his head.

Lin Siran was speechless.

Oh, this seemed like Sister Ran’s idea.

“Our teacher is in Class 3.6 downstairs. You can see him at the stairwell if you wait a while.” Lin Siran looked at the time and confirmed with Cheng Mu. “So Ran Ran isn’t coming back this semester?”

Cheng Mu nodded while walking down.

She followed him downstairs and pulled up her down jacket hat. “Then could you wait for me at the intersection after you meet my teacher? I have something to give Ran Ran.”

Then, she left without waiting for his reply.

Cheng Mu scratched his head in confusion, then went downstairs to wait for Gao Yang.

It really was no easy feat to ask for leave for seniors in high school.

After Cheng Mu spoke to Gao Yang, he thought that Gao Yang would inquire about it, but unexpectedly, his first reaction was a sigh of relief…?

“She can skip the classes, but she can’t relax during her leave.” With the Dean and Principal Xu indulging Qin Ran, Gao Yang didn’t need to report the leave before approving it.

He tore a note and wrote two sentences before sealing it and handing it over to Cheng Mu.

After Cheng Mu left, he picked up his phone to explain it to the Dean, who immediately reported it to Principal Xu.

Normally, the Dean wouldn’t disturb Principal Xu when ordinary students took leave, but Qin Ran was Principal Xu’s focus point.

Cheng Mu stuffed the leave strip in his pocket.

Then, he wrapped his scarf around him and stood at the intersection, waiting for Lin Siran.

Heng Chuan First Middle School wasn’t small.

It took fifteen minutes from the teaching building to the dormitory.

Cheng Mu waited for a few minutes before seeing Lin Siran trot over.

She held a black plastic bag in her hand.

Cheng Mu pulled on his scarf and examined it visually. It looked like a garbage bag…

“Help me bring these to Ran Ran.” Lin Siran stood upright and then flipped around in the trash bag. She took out two glass bottles before throwing it back inside. Then, she picked up a pot of flowers. “It’s this potted flower. Water it every day in the morning and place it where she sleeps. Also, this flower seems quite delicate…”

Lin Siran took out her phone and asked Cheng Mu to add her on WeChat. Then, she sent him a long professional message on how to grow the flowers.

Cheng Mu glanced down and was speechless.

Did this pot of flowers really need a specially-trained gardener to look after it?

But since it was for Qin Ran, he still carefully packed it into his car.

He drove out of the school.

But Principal Xu stopped him at the gates.

“I heard that Ran Ran took leave?” Principal Xu put one hand in his pocket and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose with his other, deep in thought.

Cheng Mu came down from the driver’s seat and greeted him respectfully. “It seems so.”

“Ok.” Principal Xu pondered for a while before going over and opening the co-pilot’s door. “Take me to her. I have important things to discuss with her.”

Twenty minutes later.

The car drove to the villa in the city center.

Butler Cheng opened the door and thought it would be Cheng Mu or Lu Zhaoying. Instead, he saw a solemn old face and was surprised. “Elder Xu?”

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