Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered

Chapter 208 - Elder Xu’s Successor, Big Boss Causing Trouble

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They were all residents of the small alley in Beijing, so how could Butler Cheng not know Elder Xu, a giant of his own level?

He was surprised because he didn’t expect to see Elder Xu in Yun Cheng.

Could Yun Cheng have illustrious heroes?

Butler Cheng thought to himself.

Principal Xu nodded to Butler Cheng before taking off his coat. “I’m sorry to bother you.”

“I didn’t expect Elder Xu to come.” Butler Cheng hanged Elder Xu’s coat and answered respectfully. “I’ll go up and call Young Master.”

He went upstairs to call Cheng Juan before making tea.

Butler Cheng only realized after pouring two cups of tea that Cheng Mu had also returned while holding a pot of flowers solemnly.

Cheng Juan glanced at the flower and picked up the tea on the table casually. He didn’t drink it and just put it in his hand.

“Show me the WeChat message from her deskmate,” Cheng Juan said.

Cheng Mu clicked on the message and handed it over to him.

The message was very long and was probably forwarded by Lin Siran.

Cheng Juan looked down at it and read through it slowly. He scrolled to the end and reached out to return the phone to Cheng Mu. “It seems quite complicated.”

Cheng Mu was solemn and couldn’t help but nod secretly. Wasn’t it extremely complicated? A pot of flowers was so laborious.

But he had yet to say anything…

Cheng Juan glanced at him casually as if slightly amused. “Put this potted flower in Miss Qin’s room. You will take care of it from now on. If you have any questions, you can discuss it directly with Classmate Lin.”

Cheng Mu was speechless.

After a pause, he squinted and added, “Find a gardener and learn from him for two days.”

Cheng Mu: “?!”

He looked up and stared in disbelief at Cheng Juan. Was he really so bothered about this potted flower?

He even wanted him to learn from a gardener?

After attending the special training camp for three years, his final position turned out to be a gardener?

While Cheng Juan spoke to Cheng Mu, Principal Xu sat on the other side, drinking tea absentmindedly.

Butler Cheng looked on anxiously.

How could Young Master and Cheng Mu ignore the guest and talk about a pot of flowers?

Especially since Cheng Mu really came over with the potted flowers and asked solemnly, “Butler Cheng, do you know where I can find a good gardener?”

“Erm.” Butler Cheng took out a small book from his pocket and flipped through it. “There’s the gardener who manages our villa’s garden. He’s from Beijing, you can note down his number.”

They didn’t disturb Cheng Juan and Elder Xu and stood whispering at the door.

Butler Cheng turned back to focus on Cheng Juan after Cheng Mu noted down the gardener’s number.

He saw his Young Master put his laptop on his lap very casually as if he was dealing with some documents or chatting with someone…

In short, he had no intention of chatting with Elder Xu.

Butler Cheng said worriedly, “Young Master, aren’t you being too cold?”

While talking, he saw Cheng Juan look up suddenly. He said a few words to Principal Xu lightly, but Butler Cheng couldn’t hear it clearly.

He watched as Principal Xu suddenly put down his teacup. His expression seemed to change and he directly walked upstairs.

Cheng Juan stayed on the sofa, typing on his keyboard calmly.

Butler Cheng stared at Principal Xu’s back and asked Cheng Mu, “What is Elder Xu doing?”

“Oh,” Cheng Mu answered quickly in an especially light tone. He glanced at Butler Cheng and replied, “Nothing much, he just went to see Miss Qin.”

Butler Cheng was indeed stunned. “Why would Elder Xu look for Miss Qin?”

Could they know each other?

But with Elder Xu’s status… it was unlikely…

Butler Cheng narrowed his eyes and pondered carefully. He remembered Qian Dui had come to find Qin Ran previously.

Cheng Mu’s face was stiff. He couldn’t answer this question and quickly pretended to call the gardener, leaving Butler Cheng with an unpredictable back view.

Principal Xu’s figure disappeared at the stairs. Butler Cheng suppressed his curiosity and went to ask Cheng Juan about Qin Ran’s leave.

He took out his notebook from his pocket.

He had written down several famous college entrance examination tutors.


Upstairs in the study.

Qin Ran wore casual clothes and was leaning lazily on a chair.

The curtains were drawn and she was staring motionlessly at the snow outside. Her eyebrows drooped, clear and shallow.

Her usual sharpness was gone and only her solemness was obvious. It seemed it would explode with an opportunity.

Another chair covered with blankets was beside her.

“Have you thought about it?” Principal Xu sat in the empty chair beside her. He also stared at the white snow outside, his voice bleak.

“No,” Qin Ran said in a low voice.

“Because of Pan Mingxuan?” Principal Xu pursed his lips and lowered his eyes.

Qin Ran paused.

Principal Xu gazed into the distance.

He had gone to Ninghai Town for Pan Mingxuan originally. He was a genius who had far surpassed other people’s achievements in mathematics but wanted to be an inspector instead.

That occupation was exposed to the dangers of life and death, so Principal Xu had been distressed and wanted to persuade him personally.

Unexpectedly, he discovered that Pan Mingxuan had died that summer vacation.

He had followed Feng Loucheng around for a long time, investigating the truth of this matter, and had even made use of his network in Beijing.

Pan Mingxuan didn’t even have a funeral. He was buried in Chen Shulan’s current cemetery, beside his parents who didn’t have a monument.

Principal Xu knew at a glance that they didn’t dare to put a monument.

He only had one sister left.

Then he helped the younger sister handle the rest of the process. Pan Mingxuan had also mentioned the very powerful neighbor Sister Qin Ran to him before.

“No.” Qin Ran shook her head and stopped reminiscing. “Principal Xu, let’s talking about other things.”

She was silent for a long time.

Principal Xu glanced at her and reached out to push his glasses up his nose bridge. “You told me you didn’t want to go to Beijing at first, and you also declined my invitation, but why did you agree to Master Wei?”

He couldn’t help but turn and glance at Qin Ran, his tone bitter.

Qin Ran was speechless.

“I heard from Cheng Mu that your grandma knew Director Fang?” Principal Xu didn’t rush Qin Ran to answer and continued to ask slowly.

Qin Ran’s eyebrow twitched.

“Director Fang is in charge of Beijing’s first academy. He has third-party forces and countless talents under him. People in Beijing wouldn’t choose to go against him.” Principal Xu paused and then continued, “Coincidentally, that institute is under my family’s control.”

Principal Xu was still smiling and speaking in an amiable tone.

Qin Ran looked up and seemed to be in deep thoughts.

She wasn’t clear about the division of forces in Beijing and had never carefully investigated it before, especially those intricate forces of the old families. Unless Chang Ning transferred files to her, she wouldn’t be able to figure out many useful things even if she hacked the entire database of Beijing.

“I’ll give you an answer when I go to Beijing next year.” Qin Ran squinted and relaxed slightly but still didn’t agree immediately.

She hadn’t checked on the Xu family yet, but she knew that they were definitely not simple.

Agreeing to Principal Xu meant participating in the power struggle among the Xu family.

In the past when Principal Xu had asked Qin Ran, she had always rejected him.

Even if she said she would consider it, her eyebrows revealed her distractedness.

This was the first time Principal Xu saw Qin Ran relax. He was overjoyed to see her seriously considering this matter.

“When will you leave Yun Cheng?” He relaxed after getting the answer he wanted and also leaned calmly against the chair.

Qin Ran stared at the snow outside. “In a while.”

“Okay, then I won’t send you.” Principal Xu nodded. “I’ll wait for you to return.”


After speaking his mind, Principal Xu put his hands behind his back and walked downstairs ostentatiously.

Butler Cheng also finished talking to Cheng Juan and saw that Elder Xu seemed to be in a good mood after coming down. “Elder Xu, why don’t you stay for dinner?”

As a servant, Butler Cheng didn’t inquire further. Although he was really curious about Qin Ran, he only dared to ponder in his heart and didn’t dare to ask.

“No.” Principal Xu took his coat from the shelf and put it on. “I still have matters to attend to.”

Cheng Mu also hung up his call with the gardener. When he saw that Principal Xu was leaving, he put his phone away and took his car key to send Principal Xu off.


Now that everyone had left, Cheng Juan squinted slightly and yawned sleepily.

He was about to turn off the computer when he saw an avatar jumping in the lower right corner.

He casually clicked on it.

It was a message from the old man—

[Xiao Chi has arrived at the medical organization. Erm… beloved disciple, I heard from Xiao Chi that you… you also want to come over??]

At the other end, the old man in a white coat glanced carefully at the dialog box almost holding his breath.

Cheng Juan tilted his head and squinted.

He didn’t intend to return originally.

But for some reason, he chuckled softly and reached out to type calmly—



As if struck by thunder, the old man bolted up from his chair.

“Doctor, are you okay?” This year’s new student looked at him worriedly.

The old man froze for two seconds before shaking his head slowly.

The new student wanted to ask further.

But the old man looked at him expressionlessly and said, “Don’t ask me anything, I’m afraid you’ll cry.”


After a few days.

Yun Cheng Airport at three o’clock in the afternoon.

Not many people knew that Qin Ran was leaving.

Only Wei Zihang and Pan Mingyue came over.

“Sister Ran.” Pan Mingyue wore her glasses and hid her eyes behind the lenses. “I’ll see you next year.”

Qin Ran pulled off her sweater hat and reached out to hug Pan Mingyue. “Take good care of yourself.”

Then, she let go and patted her on the shoulder before looking at Lu Zhaoying. “Help me look out for her in school.”

Lu Zhaoying insisted on staying in the school doctor’s office after Cheng Juan left.

He waved his hand weakly. “I’ll treat her as my biological sister, okay?”

Lu Zhaoying glanced at Pan Mingyue. As the saying goes, love the house and its crow. It wasn’t easy for Qin Ran to have a good friend, so of course he had to maintain a good relationship between the two.

Cheng Juan held a scarf in his hand and stood not far behind Qin Ran. His good-looking eyes were squinted slightly.

When he saw Qin Ran pulling on Pan Mingyue, he cleared his throat and said, “It’s time to go.”

Twelve hours later.

Continent M.

Cheng Shui summoned a group of men and narrowed his eyes. “Boss is arriving an hour later. I’ll choose one person to follow him.”

Continent M’s men had all been built by Cheng Shui.

Cheng Juan was lazier and rarely went out unless he had a big activity.

He listened to Cheng Shui.

The eyes of nearly twenty people lit up and they all took a step forward, obviously trying to make themselves known. They were all responsible for the diamond business in various churches and had seen several unspeakable businesses. Hence, they always wandered about in front of Interpol’s Matthew.

They would benefit greatly from following the big boss and receiving a few pointers from him, so they naturally fought for the position.

Cheng Shui nodded in satisfaction. He reached out and selected the first person on the left. “Leader Du, it’s you.”

This was a valuable man of the military force whom he had personally cultivated. He was the best candidate to bring to Cheng Juan.

Leader Du was overjoyed and came forward. “Mr. Cheng, what do I need to do with the big boss?”

“No.” Cheng Shui took out his phone to look at the time. “Follow Miss Qin and play with her.”

Du Tangzhu froze. “Miss Qin?”

“Yes, the boss brought her to play.” Cheng Shui nodded and motioned for him to keep up.

Leader Du froze and clenched his fists. “Mr. Cheng, I just thought of a challenge I have at the law enforcement hall next month. I have to practice well and have no time to play with Miss Qin.”

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