Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered

Chapter 209 - Who Are You?!

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Besides Cheng Shui, the people in Continent M rarely saw Cheng Juan.

But they knew a lot about him and would definitely fight to promote themselves in front of him.

Leader Du was no exception.

But after listening to Cheng Shui, it seemed he was following a lady instead of the big boss?

Leader Du had no particular liking towards delicate girls.

Especially since… that lady seemed to be here to play.

It wasn’t an easy feat being the leader of the group, and the deputy leaders of the law enforcement hall were all waiting for a day to run up against him.

It was precisely because of his own efforts that he managed to climb up step and step and was also fancied by Cheng Shui.

Cheng Shui narrowed his eyes and glanced at him. “You don’t want to go?”

“It’s not that I don’t want to go…” Leader Du bowed his head and explained.

“Okay.” Cheng Shui looked at the time on his phone. Cheng Juan and the others were about to reach, so he shook his head and said, “If you don’t want to go, return to the team.”

Since this person wouldn’t sincerely follow Miss Qin, Cheng Shui wasn’t reassured either.

Leader Du returned directly to the team.

He turned sideways and looked around again at his group of subordinates. “Anyone wants to volunteer?”

Although the group of men had been extremely initiative at first, after hearing Cheng Shui’s explanation, they all bowed their heads and fell into deep thought. Nobody in the law enforcement hall looked up at Cheng Shui.

After a long while, a weak hand slowly rose in the middle of the group. “Mr. Cheng, can I?”

Cheng Shui glanced over. It was a thin man from the procurement hall with black hair and eyes. He was definitely not as powerful as the men from the law enforcement hall, but his eyes flashed with quick-wittedness.

Actually, Cheng Shui had only been interested in men from the law enforcement hall. After all, Continent M was far from China and might be attacked by terrorists. He planned to find a man familiar with the terrain and who was extremely capable of fighting.

But now, everyone in the law enforcement hall had their heads down, hoping that Cheng Shui wouldn’t notice them.

There was no time left and Cheng Shui didn’t want to ponder further. “Come with me first.”

The skinny man immediately came forward and followed Cheng Shui.

Leader Du and the others immediately sighed in relief.

“What’s your name?” Cheng Shui ordered a man to drive a limousine over before asking.

His men were divided into halls of law enforcement, procurement, information, and foreign trade. Cheng Huo was in charge of the information hall. Out of the halls, the enforcement hall was basically top priority.

Their strongest forces were gathered in the law enforcement hall. No matter which hall went out, men from the law enforcement hall would be transferred over.

The skinny man scratched his head and answered, “My name is Shi Liming. Mr. Cheng, you can simply call me Xiao Shi. I originally wanted to enter the law enforcement hall, but my strength was inadequate even though I passed the assessment. The hall didn’t accept me, so I transferred to the procurement hall.”

“Oh.” Cheng Shui nodded and glanced over at him. “Just follow Miss Qin and play with her. Report to me directly if there’s anything.”

Cheng Shui saw that he was witty and just laid down simple orders.

Miss Qin would have Cheng Mu with her as well, and even though Shi Liming wasn’t strong, he was clever. The opposite was true for Cheng Mu, however… In fact, this arrangement was less than ideal, but it would have to do for now.

Cheng Shui wondered if he should find a female follower?


At the airport.

Qin Ran’s plane landed.

Continent M was much colder than Yun Cheng in December.

Cheng Shui ordered a man to bring a long down jacket. He was a trainer and didn’t feel cold, so he was thinly-dressed in a shirt with a thin suit over it. His mixed-blood face looked sharp and angular, and his blue eyes glowed slightly.

Not long after, Cheng Juan and the other three got off the one-way elevator.

Cheng Shui stood upright and called “Boss” before passing the down jacket over.

Cheng Mu and Cheng Juan naturally didn’t need the down jacket. Cheng Shui had brought it for Miss Qin.

Cheng Juan, dressed in a long black coat, nodded to him. He handed the down jacket to Qin Ran.

Qin Ran was wearing a black mask and her hat was also pulled up, covering her face and revealing only her eyebrows. Her head was lowered as she walked slowly, following them to the parking lot.

“This is Xiao Shi.” After greeting them, Cheng Shui glanced at Cheng Juan and introduced Shi Liming. “He’s a Chinese and grew up in Continent M. He’s very familiar with the surrounding terrain and knows where the fun stuff and delicious food are. I’ve arranged for him to follow Miss Qin.”

Shi Liming listened on apprehensively and puffed up his chest.

Cheng Juan put his hands in his pocket and narrowed his eyes at Shi Liming for a long while. He raised his delicate eyebrows and said forcibly, “Okay.”

Shi Liming was indeed clever. Seeing that Cheng Juan had agreed, he immediately followed Qin Ran.

“Are we heading to the manor directly?” Cheng Shui put his phone in his pocket and asked.

Cheng Juan nodded. “There’s no need to look elsewhere.”

Cheng Shui had already sent his men to pick up their luggage. Cheng Mu followed behind them while holding a pot of flowers. He had thought Cheng Juan had brought them here for a vacation.

Hence, he didn’t expect to see Cheng Shui at the airport.

He was stunned for a moment.

“Aren’t you training outside?” He glanced at Cheng Shui and asked. His expressionless face stiffened a little, but his tone was still puzzled.

Cheng Shui saw that Cheng Juan was walking in front and whispering to Qin Ran, so he didn’t bother them.

After hearing Cheng Mu, Cheng Juan glanced at Cheng Shui and found it hard to explain in a few words.

This silly Cheng Mu still believed they had been training outside?

“What’s this?” Cheng Shui coughed and changed the subject. He pointed to the pot of flowers in his hand.

Cheng Mu glanced down at it and replied, “It’s Miss Qin’s favorite flower. Master Juan told me to take care of it.”

He didn’t dare to reveal that he had become a gardener now.

The car slowly drove into a noble manor.

The manor was decorated exquisitely and white carved pillars towered majestically. Upon entering the gate, a spectacular fountain stood, and past it was a row of three castles and several towers.

They stared at the glorious style through the car window.

Cheng Mu had been sleepy because of the time difference, but at this time, he turned somber and even yelped a little. Then, he immediately stiffened his face and turned towards Cheng Shui. “Cheng Shui, you… how did you rent such a luxurious place?”

Cheng Juan was indeed rich, but wouldn’t such a large manor be too spacious for a few people to live in?

This place could probably accommodate a thousand people?

Cheng Shui glanced at him and stayed quiet. In the end, he simply patted Cheng Mu on the shoulder silently.

“Boss, where are we going first? They’re all waiting for you in the hall.” Cheng Shui was talking about the leaders of each hall, as well as the main core figures of several teams.

Cheng Juan didn’t reply.

He just glanced at Qin Ran and raised an eyebrow. “Sleep first?”

Qin Ran hadn’t slept for a few days and had been in a bad mood for the past two days. Her eyebrows drooped and she nodded at Cheng Juan.

Cheng Shui naturally heard this and ordered Shi Liming to park the car at the second old castle.


“The first room from the left on the second floor.” Cheng Shui led them into the house. On the way, they bumped into several servants in white clothes, who stopped working and bowed their heads, afraid to look directly at them.

The room wasn’t a heavy European style, but a simple modern style with warm colors.

There were windows on both sides and they could directly see the large snowy scene of the farm.

Qin Ran pulled off her hat and glanced around.

Cheng Shui and Shi Liming didn’t enter her room and simply stood outside.

However, they could see Cheng Mu holding the flowers carefully and putting the pot down on the window sill. He adjusted the temperature of the room with the air conditioner and finally brought out a series of gardening tools from his backpack.

Cheng Shui was speechless. He felt like something was strange.

After Cheng Mu completed his work, he followed Cheng Juan out.

“Cheng Mu, that pot of flowers…” Cheng Shui walked out of the gate towards a tower. He finally couldn’t help but ask Cheng Mu, why did he treat it like an ancestor?

Cheng Mu looked unwilling to answer.

Cheng Juan stood in front and seemed familiar with the place as if he had been here countless times.

Cheng Mu followed behind them curiously.

The first floor of the tower was very empty. It only had two rows of sandalwood chairs and a chair in the middle.

The imposing bloodbath grandeur made them all tense.

More than a dozen people were standing in the middle. Cheng Mu wasn’t sure who they were, but everyone looked fierce. One of them seemed to be a boss from the underground, who had a scar on his nose, looking imposing and terrifying.

At one glance, he looked like someone wanted by the Interpol.

A group of people saw Cheng Juan and the others and immediately gave way.

Cheng Juan walked to the foremost chair and sat casually on the blanket covering it.

Once the group of people saw him sit, they stood in a very orderly manner and greeted. “Boss!”

Their voices were full and thunderous.

Cheng Mu was at a loss for words. Master Juan, who are you?!

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