Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered

Chapter 210 - Why Would a Woman Follow!

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In fact, Cheng Mu felt like something was wrong the moment he entered the manor.

His thoughts were in a muddle.

Cheng Mu didn’t understand what Cheng Juan was saying to the group.

By the time he reacted, Cheng Juan had gotten up and left.

Cheng Shui didn’t leave and waited for Cheng Juan to disappear before turning sideways and pointing at Cheng Mu to the leaders of the halls and teams. “This is Cheng Mu.”

He glanced at Cheng Mu again, thought for a while, and said, “These are the leaders of the halls and teams. This is Leader Du of the law enforcement hall, this is Leader Zhou of the procurement hall, and this is Leader Yuan from the foreign trade hall…”

Cheng Shui briefly introduced them.

From the moment Cheng Mu came in, these people had been sizing him up.

After all, few people could stand beside Cheng Juan.

They involuntarily looked away after hearing Cheng Shui’s introduction.

They had heard of all the men under Cheng Juan. Among then, they had witnessed the terrifying powers of Cheng Shui and Cheng Huo and had also heard of Cheng Jin and Cheng Tu.

They had heard of Cheng Mu privately.

He was Cheng Jin’s younger brother and had stayed with Cheng Juan entirely based on Cheng Jin’s request. Although he had been trained before, he was not powerful enough to become a leader of the law enforcement hall.

Leader Du was no longer interested and simply nodded to Cheng Shui before excusing himself.

Leader Zhou of the procurement hall stayed and pondered for a moment while staring at Cheng Shui and Shi Liming. “Xiao Shi, do you want to come to provide support tomorrow?”

With Shi Liming’s strength, he wasn’t powerful enough to enter the law enforcement hall, but in the procurement hall, he was considered a master.

Leader Zhou regarded him highly.

Shi Liming didn’t reply and just glanced at Cheng Shui inquiringly.

Cheng Juan had just listened to their report without giving any orders.

Cheng Shui pondered for a while and then replied, “We’ll operate according to Miss Qin’s schedule. When dinner is over, you can ask if she wants to go anywhere tomorrow.”

Shi Liming nodded.

The leaders were all busy and Leader Zhou was no exception. After speaking to Shi Liming and coming to a consensus, he left directly.

After he left, Cheng Shui glanced at Cheng Mu seriously and said coldly, “Cheng Mu, since the boss brought you here, there are some rules you have to follow.”

Cheng Mu looked up at Cheng Shui, slightly dazed.

“This is Boss’s manor. You should have heard of international rumors about Boss’s identity. He’s a diamond wholesaler. Many men have laid eyes on Boss’s power, so I hope you won’t try to outdo yourself here, but I also hope you won’t make mistakes. Otherwise, even if you’re Cheng Jin’s younger brother, I’ll still remove you personally.”

Cheng Mu was the youngest among them, but because he was part of the Cheng family, nobody put much pressure on him usually.

Certain things were kept hidden from him by Cheng Juan and the others.

Cheng Shui didn’t know why Cheng Juan brought Cheng Mu along, but since he was already here, Cheng Shui had to make good use of him.

“I understand.” Cheng Mu lowered his head. Although he wasn’t very clever, he was very clear… among the other brothers, he was probably the last one.

Cheng Shui was of the same generation and was much respected, but he himself didn’t even know anything…

He deeply felt the huge disparity for the first time.

“Also, starting today, you should weigh properly what should and should not be said to Ouyang Wei.” Cheng Shui was busy and simply ordered Shi Liming to bring Cheng Mu along before leaving hurriedly.


Continent M, nine o’clock in the evening.

Qin Ran just woke up. There was no one in the room and the soft sunshine shone warmly down on her.

She lifted her quilt and got dressed.

The room was large, with a floor space of 100 square meters. There were entertainment facilities as well as the pot of flowers given by Lin Siran on the windowsill. Beside it, there were three pots of unknown flowers with snow-white petals.

Qin Ran went to the bathroom to take a shower and changed back into her black sweater.

Her mobile phone lit up brightly on the bed.

Yan Xi was madly calling her.

Qin Ran ignored it and waited for her hair to dry before picking up the phone. She opened the message and scrolled down—

Yan Xi had sent a few messages.

[Great Master, where’s the song you promised to arrange for me last time?]

[Great Master, did you forget what you promised at the coffee shop?]

[I have to go to the recording studio the day after tomorrow. Pitiful.JPG]

[Great Master?]

[Great Master?]

A complete piece of music required not just a frame of the main melody, but also an arrangement that added flesh to it.

A composer did not necessarily arrange music, but a person who could arrange music would certainly compose as well.

Qin Ran rarely composed for Yan Xi. She mainly arranged every song for him.

Her God-level arranger nickname was not given just based on her music quality, but also her quantity.

Last time in Shanghai, Qin Ran had told Yan Xi about the arrangement, but after returning to Yun Cheng, so many things happened that caused her to forget about it.

Thinking of this, Qin Ran couldn’t help but reach up and massage her temple.

She clicked on the picture Yan Xi had sent. It was a melody written by him. Tying up her hair, she turned around in the room and tried to find a pen and paper.

The temperature in the room was 22 degrees. Qin Ran didn’t take her coat and opened her door directly.

Waiting by the door was a middle-aged woman. She looked kind and spoke in Chinese, “Young Master Cheng is in the study on the third floor. I’ll bring you there.”

Qin Ran had wanted to find a pen and paper by herself.

But after hearing that Cheng Juan was in the study, she silently followed after the middle-aged woman. Wasn’t there always pens and paper in a study?


In the study.

Cheng Juan sat on the chair, leaning lazily against it and flipping through some documents casually.

There weren’t many people in the room, only Cheng Shui, Cheng Mu, Shi Liming, and Leader Du.

When Qin Ran came in, Cheng Mu took the initiative to bring her meal over from the kitchen.

Cheng Shui had brought the desk in the room along with a stack of copybooks.

Leader Du froze for a moment and paused mid-sentence when he saw her. Cheng Juan’s head was lowered reading the documents and his expression wasn’t clear.

Leader Du glanced at Cheng Shui inquiringly. Should they avoid speaking in front of Qin Ran?

Cheng Shui’s expression remained unchanged and he said calmly, “Go on.”

Leader Du was stunned and doubtful, but he nodded. “The Mas family wants our goods. Mr. Cheng Huo has no information in the data intelligence. Furthermore, the Mas family has already contacted Matthew from the Interpol. Matthew is a ruthless character and several people have fallen prey to him…” Leader Du frowned.

Next door, Qin Ran directly pulled out a piece of paper and began working on the melody that Yan Xi had given her.

It wasn’t difficult to re-arrange music. This album mainly followed ethnic and lyrical styles, and Qin Ran was also full of inspiration recently.

“Miss Qin, why don’t you eat first?” Cheng Mu set down her meal.

Qin Ran held a pen and crossed out a line of notes before redrawing it.

With her head lowered and her pair of beautiful eyes narrowed slightly in concentration, she said a little impatiently, “Don’t rush me.”

Before Leader Du had reported fully on Matthew, Cheng Juan pulled his chair and stood up. He raised his hand and put down the document.

Then, he walked over to Qin Ran, pulled out the pen and paper from Qin Ran’s hand, and knocked on the table.

Motioning for her to eat first.

If it had been anyone else, Qin Ran would definitely fight him.

Seeing that Qin Ran was eating obediently, Cheng Juan turned around. Instead of sitting back on his chair, he leaned against it and said lazily, “Go on.”

Leader Du bowed his head, not daring to look in Qin Ran’s direction.

“Matthew has a lot of information about people. Many people guessed that he has a powerful hacker as his ally…”


Taking advantage of Qin Ran’s mealtime, Shi Liming asked her about tomorrow.

“Are you going to take delivery tomorrow?” Qin Ran took a sip of tea. She was very elegant while eating, but she was fast and her tone was a little casual.

Shi Liming nodded respectfully.

Nodding, Qin Ran finished her meal and put down her tableware. She picked up her paper and pen and said vaguely, “Then you don’t have to take leave. I’ll go with you tomorrow.”

Cheng Shui had told Shi Liming that there was no place in this manor that Miss Qin couldn’t go, and nothing she couldn’t do.

Shi Liming was clever and naturally knew Qin Ran’s position here.

He simply nodded when he heard this.

Then he went downstairs to inform Leader Zhou about this.

Leader Zhou was discussing with several leaders about the goods tomorrow.

Hearing the news from Shi Liming, he narrowed his eyes, displeased, and stood up directly. “We’re picking up the goods, what’s she following us for? Continent M has not been peaceful recently, and Matthew’s movements are big. If something goes wrong, who will take care of her?”

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