Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered

Chapter 212 - Continent M Is Not Easy to Provoke, Matthew Will Find You

The team rectified and set off.

Mountains and plains met in the entire Continent M and the whole place faced the sea. Because of geographical advantages, people from all walks of life were mixed here.

The procurement hall set off to their own dock.

Shi Liming drove the car since he had been with the team before and was familiar with the terrain.

At eight o’clock, the team set off on time. Shi Liming sat in the driver’s seat and explained to Qin Ran and Cheng Mu while driving behind the team.

“We’re exchanging goods with the brothers from the Middle East,” Shi Liming put his hands on the steering wheel and explained. The car had passed the most prosperous financial trading center and the plains had begun to appear. “Continent M has a limit on flights, so this task is considered completed once we go to the borders and bring the goods back. After that, we just have to distribute the market. Under normal circumstances, this kind of thing is very simple, so the procurement hall sends low strength to us.”

When Shi Liming said that the strength was low, Cheng Mu hung his head on the co-pilot seat.

Qin Ran sat at the back with her hand on the window. She stared at the exotic atmosphere outside and asked casually, “It’s unusual today?”

“Yes. Besides the business in our hands, the Mas family has wanted a piece of this meat for a long time as well. The most favorable aircraft parking ground on Continent M is also in our range, so every other caravan must pay.” Shi Liming followed the convoy onto the oil road while giving a fascinating introduction.

“In the last month, the Mas family wanted to swallow our business. Matthew is also looking for evidence of our smuggling. This shipment will probably be a little difficult. Miss Qin, why do you want to come along?” Shi Liming glanced at the rearview mirror.

Qin Ran held her chin in her hand and smiled with raised eyebrows. Her eyebrows were lazy and her smile even seemed a little sinister.

Shi Liming thought he had seen the wrong thing and widened his eyes.

But when he looked over again, Qin Ran had returned to her original appearance. She propped her chin on her hand and returned a lazy gesture to him. “I just wanted to go and play.”

For some reason, Shi Liming felt like Qin Ran’s “play” meant something different.

“That Matthew is an Interpol policeman.” Shi Liming continued to explain to the two of them. He was afraid they would get bored, so he simply glossed over the matter. “The Mas family is in Continent M’s financial center.”

After driving for four hours, it was almost impossible to see humans anymore. On both sides of the road, only small towns could be seen occasionally.

At a little over twelve, the team stopped by the road.

Leader Zhou organized meals for the team.

“Leader Zhou, we’ll just gnaw on the rations in the car.” Luo Dui was from the law enforcement hall and got off the second car to find Leader Zhou. “Why do we have to stop? Can we arrive at nine in the evening like this?”

Leader Zhou didn’t reply and just glanced behind him.

Luo Dui followed his gaze and saw Qin Ran and the others.

Shi Liming and Cheng Mu took out the thermos containers from the trunk. Inside were exquisite food that the manor servants had prepared in the morning.

It was completely different from the rations that Leader Zhou and the others had to eat.

They looked to be here on an outing instead of a task.

Luo Dui had received instructions from Leader Du before, so he didn’t say more after seeing Qin Ran. He lowered his head and whispered “Women are really troublesome” before finding rations to eat.

“Miss Qin.” Leader Zhou finished a piece of bread and came to find Qin Ran along with the leaders of the procurement hall. “Are you still used to such a long journey? We might not stop in the afternoon.”

Qin Ran wore a sweater inside a black down jacket that covered her knees and also had a hat buckled on her head. Even with all these layers, she didn’t look bloated at all. She held a thermos and drank water with her white and slender fingers.

She pulled her down jacket hat down and glanced up at Leader Zhou with her snow-white face.

“I’m fine,” she said concisely, taking a sip of water.

She didn’t seem like a talkative person, so Leader Zhou stopped asking after two questions after seeing that she was used to it and didn’t complain either.

“Leader Zhou, will Matthew find us here?” Shi Liming took a piece of pastry and sat on the ground while looking at Leader Zhou.

“I asked Leader Du last night. It’s unlikely.” Leader Zhou couldn’t help frowning at the mention of Matthew.

Cheng Mu had been in low spirits since yesterday.

This wasn’t the first time he heard the name “Matthew”. He bit his bread and then turned towards Shi Liming. “You can still negotiate with Interpol’s Matthew about your mission?”

Cheng Mu had heard of Matthew from Jiang Dongye before, so he naturally knew how powerful he was. He had even helped Gu Xichi settle many things before.

At that time, Cheng Mu had listened to the stories about Matthew as if he was a legend.

After all, Matthew, who was as famous as those arms and fire merchants in the world, had actually been far away from Cheng Mu at that time.

He didn’t expect that he might also meet Matthew here in Continent M.

“We often have negotiations. You’ll know after you’ve stayed for a long time.” Leader Zhou glanced at Cheng Mu and walked away after a while.

Cheng Mu once again felt the huge disparity.

“It hasn’t been a day or two since Matthew wanted to unmask our true nature. He’s a ruthless character.” Shi Liming took a bottle of water from the trunk and took a sip.

Matthew and Gu Xichi had such a good relationship, so what about Miss Qin?

At the thought of this, Cheng Mu couldn’t help but glance at Qin Ran. She was drinking water with her head lowered and her eyebrows drooped, so her expression wasn’t obvious.

Cheng Mu wanted to ask if she knew Matthew. After all, she knew Gu Xichi so well…

But he didn’t dare to ask in front of so many people.

Not far away, Luo Dui called Shi Liming.

“Miss Qin, I’m going to find my brother. I’ll be back soon.” Shi Liming informed Qin Ran before going to Luo Dui.


“Shi Liming, what’s the matter with you?” Luo Dui glanced at Shi Liming and lowered his voice. “Didn’t you tell me that you would work hard and test for the law enforcement hall again? The examination is next month, what now…”

He glanced at Qin Ran and stopped talking.

In the car just now, the few men had chatted. Luo Dui had inquired about what Shi Liming was up to these days and couldn’t help but frown after finding out.

“I feel good now.” Shi Liming smiled. “Miss Qin actually knows a lot.”

Luo Dui gave up on trying to persuade him and simply patted him on the shoulder before leaving.

Shi Liming returned to the car again.

After a twenty-minute break, the team started again.

Qin Ran had slept for a long time yesterday, so she didn’t sleep in the car and took out her phone to check her WeChat.

Yan Xi had sent an audio message.

Qin Ran took out her headphones from her pocket and put them on to listen to the audio.

He had asked his exclusive musician team to play the prelude. It was lyrical but had a strong sense of rhythm.

Yan Xi felt goosebumps after hearing it.

The audio lasted only thirty seconds.

Qin Ran listened to it. Yan Xi sent a few messages again—

[God arranger!]

[God arranger!]

He also sent a “kneeling down” expression package.

Qin Ran was accustomed to him making a fuss. She pressed the play button to listen to it again with her eyes closed and thought about what points to refine further.


In the afternoon, Cheng Mu drove the car instead as he was afraid Shi Liming would be tired. They had left Continent M’s trading center, so Shi Liming wasn’t afraid of Cheng Mu making mistakes on this road.

8 pm.

They reached Continent M’s border.

Special guards and military police stood in a line at the border, holding weapons in their hands. A large area of cold plains was reflected under the headlights on the roadside.

Routine inspections were required for entry and exit at the border.

Continent M belonged to the financial trading center. The daily trading volume, as well as inflow and outflow of people, were extremely large. Hence, a row of cars was waiting to be checked.

The license plate numbers of Leader Zhou’s main team were all specific. A flag was inserted on the edge of the black car at the front. It was the same flag hung on Cheng Juan’s manor.

Seeing the flag, a locked door at the border opened immediately.

The policemen standing on the edge quickly opened up a passage for them.

The entire convoy drove almost without stopping.

At the border, Dai Ran and Qin Yu were under inspection.

When Qin Yu got off the car, she saw a team next to her drive straight out of the border. She glanced at the rear of the car for a long time before asking Dai Ran, “Teacher, why weren’t they checked?”

Dai Ran had only been to Continent M a few times and this was the first time encountering such a situation. He simply shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

A blond businessman who had also come down from the car to be inspected heard this and smiled. “Continent M’s forces are so complex that they don’t dare to mess with a few of them. Look at the flag on the car, the red flowers on the black background. It’s the red spider lily. At one glance, they know whose fleet it is. Other than the Interpol, nobody dares to check them unless they’re courting their own death.”

Qin Yu and Dai Ran didn’t know which force the flag was from.

At most, Dai Ran only knew the Mas family, or rather, he had seen the Mas family’s butler not far away at the banquet.

Qin Yu had gained a lot of knowledge on this trip.

Only now did she realize how big the world was, and how small her own world was. She squeezed her fists and felt determined to win the top scorer for Beijing University next year.


Leader Zhou’s team passed the border.

They drove for another hour. It was 9:30 in the evening when they arrived at the aircraft parking ground.

They parked near the hills.

After parking the car, Cheng Mu saw that Qin Ran was still sitting behind looking at her phone. Hence, he didn’t rush her and just unbuckled his seat belt to get off first.

In front, Leader Du and the others also got off. He was on the phone with someone.

In the car, Qin Ran closed her chat with Yan Xi and was about to turn off her phone when she saw a message pop out from the top—

c: [Matthew is looking for you.]

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