Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered

Chapter 214 - Hidden Sockpuppet, Irritated Big Boss

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Shi Liming looked at the enlarged details on the big screen and put his phone to his ear. “Mr. Cheng Shui, there’s no mistake. There’s a mark on it.”

On the other end of the phone, Cheng Shui glanced at Cheng Juan, who was inside the house. He pondered for a moment before walking out and lowering his voice. “Boss is now negotiating with the Mas family. Take a picture of it first.”

After exchanging a few more words, Shi Liming hung up the phone call.

“Miss Qin, don’t you think the robot looks familiar?” Cheng Mu temporarily forgot about what happened in the past two days and turned around to look at Qin Ran.

Cheng Mu hadn’t looked closely at Xiao Er from Gu Xichi’s house and didn’t know if there had been a poppy flower sign on its wrist.

Qin Ran scrolled through her phone and only looked up slightly. She raised an eyebrow and said, “No.”

Shi Liming took a photograph of the robot.

He didn’t have cash in his hands and his card didn’t have enough money. But after Shi Liming introduced himself and left behind Huo’er’s contact information, the auctioneer didn’t insist on the payment and told him that the item would be delivered within two days.

Once all the formalities had been completed, Shi Liming explained, “That’s the EA3 robot. The Yunguang Consortium controls the most complete set of intelligence systems in the world. The robot is the only core that can be accessed by the outside world. The reason why the Yunguang Consortium can stand firm in the technological world is because of the person who originally came up with this intelligence system.”

Cheng Huo had kept his eyes on this intelligence system for a long time.

Shi Liming didn’t expect to bump into this matter at this time.

“Intelligence system?” It wasn’t the first time Cheng Mu heard this term, but he kept feeling like Shi Liming’s description of it wasn’t quite similar to his impression of it.

Qin Ran stood aside and put on her hat without saying anything.

Shi Liming obviously knew the inside story. After seeing the message from Leader Zhou telling him to hurry back, they set off in advance.

“I have spent a few days in the Intelligence Bureau before and have seen some information from Mr. Cheng Huo. There seems to have been a crater in China 20 years ago…” Shi Liming lowered his voice and continued, “It seems to be a civilization ahead of our time.”

Qin Ran put her hands behind her head and listened to their conversation. She couldn’t help but turn around with narrowed eyes and say in a cold tone, “Ahead of our time? Nonsense.”

Her sneer was mixed with indifference.


When they got back, Leader Zhou and the others had already assembled.

The team was already lined up.

There were two more black cars than before, and everyone stood in two rows.

Leader Zhou carried a black box in his hand.

When they saw Qin Ran and the others, they finally stopped frowning. He directly loaded the box into Qin Ran’s car and said in a solemn voice, “Miss Qin, get in the car quickly. We’ll split into two.”

Qin Ran glanced over and knew that Leader Zhou had put their goods in her car this time.

She nodded. Instead of getting off the car immediately, she simply glanced at Shi Liming.

Shi Liming nodded in understanding.

Cheng Mu had told him before, Miss Qin could leave behind anything wherever she went, except that black backpack of hers.

“Shi Liming, we don’t have much time on our hands. You have to go first.” Leader Zhou saw Shi Liming walking back and stopped him. “Where are you going?”

“Miss Qin still has luggage. I’m helping her get it.” He was fast and was gone as soon as he finished speaking.

Leader Zhou didn’t even have time to stop him.

The scar on Huo’er’s eyebrows twitched a little in unpleasantness, but he still endured his anger and didn’t speak.

Cheng Mu glanced at Huo’er and Leader Zhou but didn’t speak. It was useless for him to try to explain how important the computer was to Qin Ran. After all, his words held little weight.

Within a few minutes, Shi Liming came out with a suitcase and a backpack.

“Leader Zhou, take Miss Qin and the others around.” Leader Zhou turned and looked at Luo Dui. “We’ll take Road 26 and attract the firepower. Miss Qin’s safety will depend on you.”

Luo Dui’s team was the main team of the law enforcement hall. Among all of them, his team had the highest force value and was most suitable to protect Qin Ran.


The group of soldiers divided into two groups.

Leader Zhou took a huge convoy along their previous route.

Qin Ran had two cars with black flags moving with her. One car held Qin Ran and the other two, while the other car held four people from Luo Dui’s team.

Qin Ran sat in the back seat.

The phone rang. It was a call from Cheng Juan. He seemed a little busy and sounded tired. “Are you setting off?”

“Yes.” Qin Ran rested her hand on the windowsill. She took off her down jacket and set it aside, then tapped her slender fingers on the window absentmindedly. “Xiao Shi said we would arrive tomorrow morning.”

They could reach in 12 hours without taking the lane.

If they took the lane, they would reach in the early morning.

Cheng Juan walked outside, looked down at his coat buttons, and raised an eyebrow. “Have fun, but don’t do anything.”

She was impartial when she fought.

Cheng Juan still remembered the time when she injured her left hand.

Qin Ran was silent for a moment and didn’t reply immediately.

Cheng Juan just waited patiently for her reply.

After a long while, Qin Ran responded. She seemed rather annoyed, but she still nodded and agreed. “I know.”

Her voice sounded weak.

They exchanged a few more words before Cheng Shui called Cheng Juan over and he hung up.

Qin Ran looked down at her phone.

In the co-pilot seat, Cheng Mu also received a call from Cheng Juan.

At five o’clock.

They crossed the border and entered Continent M.

Luo Dui and his team heaved a sigh of relief at the safe journey.

The sun was beginning to set, so Shi Liming pulled the car over to rest.

There was no huge convoy this time, and Cheng Mu had already received instructions from Cheng Juan, so he wasn’t in a hurry. He built a fire and took out a grill from the trunk.

Behind, Luo Dui and the others took out bread and bottles of water. They saw Cheng Mu and Shi Liming taking out the meat prepared by the manor’s chef for them to roast…

Qin Ran touched her pocket but couldn’t find sweets or a cigarette.

After a while, she propped her legs up and nibbled on a strand of grass sloppily while sitting on a small bench.

“Luo Dui.” The person behind Luo Dui finally couldn’t hold back and complained in a low voice. “Are they really here on an outing? They even have our goods in their car…”

Luo Dui’s expression was glum and he said simply, “That’s enough.”

But from then on, those men didn’t hold as much respect in their hearts for Qin Ran anymore.

There was still unmelted snow around.

It was very quiet and only the sizzling sound of the meat roasting could be heard.

It was so quiet that even Cheng Mu felt like something was wrong.

He looked up sharply and then walked in the direction of Luo Dui. “Is this an ambush?”

Luo Dui also threw his bread aside and his face sank. “Get in the car first! They didn’t go to Road 26! We’ve been lied to!”

But it was too late. The dazzling headlights flashed and the sound of brakes screeching sharply on the ground sounded as a medium-sized truck stopped.

A group of vicious mercenaries jumped off the car.

They held various weapons in their hands.

“Miss Qin!” Luo Dui couldn’t help but raise his voice when he saw Qin Ran still sitting on the bench by the barbecue.

Beside him, a young man also cursed in a low voice. “Is she courting her own death?”

Why was she still looking at her barbecue at this time?

The mercenaries were getting closer and closer. There were about thirty people, heavily outnumbering them. The results of this match had already been determined without even a fight.

The mercenary in front wasn’t in a hurry. He approached slowly as if everything was in the bag.

When he saw Qin Ran looking down seriously at her barbecue, he couldn’t help but chuckle in amusement.

He lifted his foot and kicked the barbecue aside.

Qin Ran’s hands paused and she stared at the ashes left from the barbecue. Her eyes narrowed. She had painstakingly roasted the meat until now, but it was gone.

Cheng Juan had told her not to fight for no reason.

But now, she had no meat to eat.

She lowered her eyes and evil, cold light brewed deep in the bottom of her eyes. Her eyes were vicious as she looked down at the meat for a long time.

With one poke, the demon hidden deep in her body seemed to explode with a “bang”.

“Miss Qin.” Luo Dui had already leaned over. “Don’t sit by the barbecue, get in the car first!”

The law enforcement hall had four people. It was no problem for each of them to fight against three or four people, and they could hold out for at least a few minutes.

Luo Dui and the others now knew for sure that they had fallen into the enemy’s trap. They had simply used Road 26 as a pretense.

The most important thing now was no longer the goods, but Qin Ran’s safety.

But at this time, Qin Ran seemed in complete discord. He really wanted to curse her!

Under everyone’s scrutiny, Qin Ran finally stood up. She first reached out and flicked the soot on the barbecue.

Then, she looked up at the group of mercenaries, and the grass in her mouth shook slightly. She reached out and took the grass off, then tilted her head and chuckled lightly. “Just now, who kicked my barbecue?”

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