Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered

Chapter 215 - Group of Fugitives at the Barbecue

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The atmosphere was tense.

Nobody expected Qin Ran to say such a thing, and even the mercenaries were silent for a while. They stared at Qin Ran inconceivably.

Luo Dui and the others originally thought Qin Ran would stand up and get into the car…

Upon hearing this, the first reaction of Luo Dui and the mercenaries was that this woman was simply crazy?

“Miss Qin, don’t worry about the barbecue. These are mercenaries, they kill without blinking an eye!” Luo Dui almost lost his cool.

The men beside him faced the 30 or so mercenaries nervously. Who expected Qin Ran to say such a thing all of a sudden?

The mercenaries were all fugitives.

Furthermore, there were 30 or so of them.

If Leader Zhou and the others had been here, they were definitely capable of fighting against the 30 or so mercenaries. But now that Qin Ran was here, there were only seven of them left.

There were only seven of them, but they still had to protect Qin Ran.

There was simply no chance of victory.

At this moment, be it Luo Dui, Shi Liming, or Cheng Mu, all of them were ill at ease and revealed terrified looks at their enemies.

When the medium-sized truck first appeared, Luo Dui had already pressed the communicator in his hand to report to Cheng Shui.

After Luo Dui roared at her, Qin Ran still stood on the spot, watching the group of still mercenaries.

Was she really here on a holiday?

Several men beside Luo Dui felt for their weapons and couldn’t help but curse at her stupidness.

This wasn’t a holiday or a drill!

They really wanted to knock this woman to her senses!

“Barbecue grill?” The mercenary in front reacted and took a step back. Murmuring strangely, he stared at Qin Ran and chuckled. “I kicked it. What are you going to do?”

Because of their large numbers, the mercenaries were confident of the outcome of this match.

He folded his arms and stared provokingly at Qin Ran.

Qin Ran nodded and took a step back. “Nothing much.”

Her down jacket was so long that it was a hindrance, so she pulled the zipper down and took it off directly. Then, she turned and threw it at the car beside her.

She wore a sweater inside.

Reaching out to roll up her sleeves, her movements were calm and her eyes were slightly narrowed. She seemed a little lazy, but the bloody color in the depths of her pupils made people feel a shiver run down their backs.

There was still snow covering the ground.

“Miss Qin!” Cheng Mu had never seen Qin Ran fight in person but knew she had fought in school before.

In the fight with Xu Shen previously, Cheng Mu had helped deal with a series of things.

But these people weren’t students who had never seen the world before but fugitives who were brutal and vicious.

However, before Cheng Mu could even croak his next sentence, Qin Ran made her first move.

The mercenaries really didn’t take Qin Ran seriously. When she moved, he even chuckled. Instead of reaching for his weapon, he tried to grab her arm.

Unexpectedly, he failed to grab her arm, and a sudden burst of pain exploded in his heart!


The mercenary leader was ruthlessly pushed to a tree on the side!

Besides the group of mercenaries, even Luo Dui and the others looked on incredulously. “How is this possible?!”

However, they didn’t have time to think about the situation. After freezing for a moment, the mercenaries reacted and took out their weapons.

The head of the mercenary who had slammed against the tree clung onto it but didn’t get up. He wiped the corner of his mouth and shouted violently, “Get her!”

The remaining 20 or so mercenaries swarmed up.

Luo Dui and Cheng Mu had no time to be surprised and fell into the dogfight immediately.

They originally imagined a difficult scuffle since they were so heavily outnumbered.

Nobody expected Qin Ran’s reflexes to be so quick. Every punch hit the person’s weakness and she flew effortlessly amongst the group of mercenaries like moving clouds and flowing water.

Without much effort, the group of mercenaries was beaten to the ground.

Qin Ran stood in the middle of the crowd as mercenaries laid around her.

The audience fell into a strange silence.

Luo Dui and the others had yet to react.

“Luo- Luo Dui.” The man behind him finally took the lead in reacting. “I think I just saw Miss Qin…”

This man was a little dumbfounded.

Luo Dui was silent, and so was Shi Liming. Even Cheng Mu stood very rigidly…

At this moment, he finally understood what Cheng Juan had meant by not needing him to protect her…

The crowd was at a standstill, but Qin Ran simply turned back to the car and opened the car door. She pulled out a piece of paper and wiped her hands while walking to the head of the mercenaries.

Squatting down, she continued wiping her hands slowly before saying in a relaxed voice, “You kicked my barbecue grill.”

Five minutes later.

Luo Dui and his team witnessed an extremely strange scene.

The group of mercenaries stood at the side, but their leader sat on the ground. He was cleaning the barbecue grill with water and reigniting the fire.

He waited for the barbecue to extinguish before roasting the meat.

But all the meat had already fallen to the ground.

He looked around and couldn’t find a clean piece of meat.

“My… my lady.” The mercenary leader dragged his body over. He was fearful of disturbing Qin Ran, but still boldly and carefully asked, “The fire is raised, but the meat on the ground…”

These desperate mercenaries could resort to any tactics and could either stand tall or bow deep. As long as they kept their lives, they were willing to do anything.

Furthermore, Qin Ran was undoubtedly ruthless and terrifying.

Qin Ran leaned against the door of the car, playing a game on her phone.

Hearing this, she looked up at Cheng Mu. “Is there still meat in the box?”

“Oh.” Cheng Mu reacted and walked over. “Yes, of course. The lady cook prepared a lot.”

He walked over to the trunk stiffly and took out the suitcase from inside. Then, he brought the icebox to the mercenary leader.

The mercenary leader really said “Thank you” very sincerely.

He took the meat and roasted it on the grill.

The lady cook had also prepared a lot of spices, bottles, and pots.

But it had all been kicked over and had to be wiped clean of ashes.

The mercenary leader asked Qin Ran what she wanted to eat.

Without even looking up, Qin Ran continued pressing on her phone and said distractedly, “Something spicy.”

“Okay.” The mercenary nodded and picked up a pile of bottles and jars, looking for the chili logo.

Beside them, Luo Dui and the others were almost in a trance. They stared at the mercenaries as they roasted the meat in fear and trepidation.

They were respectful and polite.

“Just now when these mercenaries came, Miss Qin was really grilling meat…” A man whispered beside Luo Dui. “How could these people defeat her? She didn’t even give a hoot about this group of mercenaries, that’s why she was grilling meat so peacefully…”

“Luo Dui, could you tell what method Miss Qin used to fight?” someone asked carefully.

She was so fierce and cruel that they even felt pity for the group of mercenaries.

Luo Dui narrowed his eyes and finally spoke in a deep voice after a moment of silence. “She seems even more like a fugitive than those mercenaries…”

“So?” Shi Liming froze expectantly and stared at Luo Dui in shock.

Luo Dui stared intensely at Qin Ran, his eyes more respectful now. “She seems more desperate than the mercenaries. I’ve only seen this in the arena in a fight for life and death.”

The few people around him stopped talking.

The people in the different halls each had their separate duties, but they shared one thing in common. They all revered the master of the use of force.

As such, everyone looked at Qin Ran differently now.

Everyone in the manor had fought in the arena before in the ordinary field, but there weren’t many who dared to fight for life and death inside.

It was only human nature to fear death.

Luo Dui was still staring at Qin Ran when his phone rang anxiously.

He glanced at his phone. It was Leader Zhou, who had taken the other road.

“Luo Dui, what’s the situation on your side?” Leader Zhou was still in his car and sounded very anxious. “We have already passed Road 26, but we don’t see anyone from the Mas family. I’m afraid this is a trick! Don’t go forward, we’ll come and find you! We received news that a dozen mercenaries or so are waiting for you. Those people are ruthless. The goods are no longer the problem right now!”

Hearing Leader Zhou’s bated breath, Luo Dui glanced blankly at the mercenary leader grilling meat and paused before saying, “No need.”

Leader Zhou could tell something was wrong. “Why?”

Luo Dui said faintly, “We’ve already encountered the mercenaries.”

“What?!” Leader Zhou’s voice tightened on the other end of the phone. “Leave quickly! Hang in there, we’ll reach soon! Have they surrounded you? What’s the situation now?”

“Oh.” Luo Dui looked up. “They’re grilling meat.”

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