Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered

Chapter 216 - Crisis Lifted, Mercenary Leader Can Open a Barbecue Restaurant

Luo Dui’s gaze landed not far away.

Over there, the mercenary leader who had just been laughing arrogantly a few minutes ago was now holding the iron clip and turning the meat over carefully.

The grilled meat dripped oil and sizzled on the grill. He reached for a bottle of barbecue ingredients and sprinkled a layer of sauce on it until the full and mellow aroma permeated.

The chefs at the manor had been carefully selected by Cheng Shui after Cheng Juan told him of Qin Ran’s taste.

Cheng Shui had even specially selected the chef who made the best meat, so the aroma of the meat she marinated filled the air.

Leader Zhou didn’t reply immediately. He sat in the car rushing towards Luo Dui.

“The signal is bad. What did you just say?” Leader Zhou asked after a pause.

Grilling meat?

He felt like he had certainly heard wrongly just now. Why did the words “grilling meat” pop out of the blue?

Shouldn’t they be fighting sensationally or be in a life and death escape?

Grilling? Meat?

“Yes, grilling meat.” Luo Dui didn’t know how to explain it. “Are you still rushing here?”

“Yes.” Leader Zhou nodded. He raised his hand and glanced at his watch. “Wait another hour for us.”

They had divided into two roads and Leader Zhou had immediately stopped his car to turn around when he realized something was wrong. With the car going at full speed, they should be able to catch up in an hour.

Luo Dui nodded out of habit, but then returned to his senses. “No need… forget it, just come over.”

He hung up.

At Leader Zhou’s side, he put his phone down and glanced at the people waiting nervously for the news. “How is it? Have the mercenaries found Luo Dui and the others?”

“I think so…” The word “barbecue” rang in Leader Zhou’s ears, as well as the calm voice of Luo Dui.

“They really found them?!” Everyone in the procurement hall gasped and urged their companions to drive faster. “Are Luo Dui and Miss Qin okay? Luo Dui and the others could still run if it weren’t for Miss Qin. But with her around, everything bodes ill!”

Leader Zhou opened his mouth and felt like Luo Dui’s calm voice seemed far from what they imagined.


On the other side.

Luo Dui just hung up the phone.

The mercenary leader finished roasting the meat and placed it on the small table next to him. Two golden toasts were also on the table.

Qin Ran sat down at the small table and quietly began to eat the roasted meat.

There was still more than half of the barbecue in the icebox as the chef had prepared a lot of meat. Qin Ran didn’t say anything, so the mercenary leader continued roasting.

When he saw Qin Ran eating with her head lowered, he turned the meat on the grill and asked, “My lady…”

“Qin, my surname is Qin.” Qin Ran interrupted him carelessly without looking up.

Her eyebrows looked beautiful and harmless.

“Miss Qin.” The mercenary leader felt shivers run down his spine. “How’s the barbecue?”

“It’s okay, just add spiciness.” Qin Ran nodded and acknowledged his culinary skills.

The mercenary leader immediately sprinkled another layer of chili powder.

The dozens of mercenaries gathered together. They also wanted to barbecue with their boss if they could, but that woman was so terrifying…

Could this devil refrain from tearing them apart on account of them barbecuing meat for her?!

The meat wasn’t thin as a whole, so it took more than ten minutes to fill up one plate.

After Qin Ran finished a plate, she took a sip of water and glanced at the table before motioning for Shi Liming and Cheng Mu to come over.

The mercenary leader was still roasting as if he had fallen in love with barbecue.

The table was already filled with roast meat.

Qin Ran stood up from the stool and let them eat.

Cheng Mu nodded. Although surprised, he had encountered several moments of a breakdown in this past month and had become much more accepting of such surprises.

He sat down rather calmly at the small table and began eating. The powerful survival instinct of the mercenary leader had really inspired his barbecue talent.

The meat indeed tasted much better than normal.

Shi Liming sat down opposite Cheng Mu and held a piece of bread in his head stiffly. He glanced at Cheng Mu inconceivably. “Brother, you… you…”

How can you eat the roasted meat so calmly?

How can you be so calm?

“Eat, or it’ll turn cold,” Cheng Mu said profoundly. He tested the temperature of the barbecue plate and picked out the coolest piece of meat, indicating that Shi Liming should eat it first.

His calmness renewed Shi Liming’s opinion of him.

He could entertain him and eat meat so calmly under such a circumstance. Miss Qin was undoubtedly not an ordinary person, but the people around her weren’t either!

Shi Liming felt deep veneration for Cheng Mu.

The mercenary leader was still roasting the meat from the icebox. Cheng Mu glanced at Luo Dui and the others standing at the side like wooden piles. He thought for a while before bringing four plates of barbecue to them.

After a second thought, he returned to the trunk, took out a few pieces of bread, and squatted in front of the mercenary.

He told him to toast a few more pieces of bread.

Neither Shi Liming nor Luo Dui thought of such an operation!

The meat in his hand was still hanging in his mouth. He wanted to ask Cheng Mu how he had managed to adjust to the situation. How dare he let the mercenary leader toast bread for him?

Did he know that three of him couldn’t even defeat one of them?!

Ten minutes later.

Cheng Mu distributed a few pieces of bread to Shi Liming and Luo Dui.

Cheng Mu saw that they barely touched the barbecued meat and said lightly, “Eat. Otherwise, it’ll get cold and won’t taste good.”

Luo Dui was speechless.

What the f*ck. Was this a matter of taste now?

He glanced at Cheng Mu’s back. He used to think Cheng Mu was a negligible weakling, but now, he suddenly felt like Cheng Mu seemed much more impressive.

As for Qin Ran, who was leaning on the door of the car and playing with her phone… nobody except Cheng Mu dared to look in her direction.


When Leader Zhou and the others arrived, they thought they would see a cruel and bloody scene.

However, they smelled the burnt barbecue scent before getting off their cars.

Parking their car on the roadside, they spotted a modified medium-sized truck.

The team members felt like something was wrong, so they quickly got down and walked into the woods. There was a flicker of fire from inside the woods.

“Luo…” Leader Zhou was at the forefront. He was like a cat on a hot tin roof and was about to rush in when he saw Luo Dui staring at him, holding a piece of roasted meat in one hand and a loaf of toasted bread in the other. “Dui…”

His voice faded into a whisper.

Behind him, his men also hurried over with their weapons. “Leader Zhou, where are the mercenaries?!”

Luo Dui swallowed the meat in his mouth and then pointed to the mercenary leader, who was packing up the last pieces of meat. “There.”

Not far behind him, the other mercenaries struggled on while at death’s door. Either their arms or legs were wounded in action and neither of them had any self-management ability.

It seemed like only the mercenary leader was injured on his ribs, which didn’t affect the movement of his hands and feet.

Cheng Mu was now the one with the most normal reaction. He glanced at Leader Zhou and asked, “There’s one last piece of barbecue, do you want it?”

Leader Zhou didn’t respond.

He had already felt like something was wrong while talking to Luo Dui just now. He thought he had hallucinated and heard the word “barbecue”.

He still felt like he was looking at an illusion.

“Eat it.” Luo Dui handed the plate in his hand to Leader Zhou. His expression and tone were just as stiff as Cheng Mu. “These mercenaries actually grill the meat very well. Cheng Mu is right. If he can’t earn his keeping, he can just open a barbecue restaurant.”

Leader Zhou still had yet to react.

The pager in his pocket rang with Cheng Shui’s voice.

“We’ve located your location, and the rescue team just set off. Safety is the priority. Just give the mercenaries the goods. The most important thing is Miss Qin’s safety…”

Leader Zhou didn’t know what to say, so he simply handed the pager to Luo Dui.

Luo Dui finished eating a piece of meat and took it. “Mr. Cheng, the crisis is lifted. We can arrive at nine tomorrow morning.”

Luo Dui hung up after reporting their safety.

Now that the storm had passed, Leader Zhou kept his pager and asked Luo Dui what happened. “Why are they barbecuing? Who hurt them? You? Cheng Mu?”

Luo Dui had yet to answer.

On the other side, the mercenary leader finished the last piece of meat and put it on the plate.

Then, he put out the fire with water.

He touched his ribs and staggered to Qin Ran.

Only now did Leader Zhou discover Qin Ran. Stunned, he was about to speak when he heard the mercenary leader say in a particularly respectful and polite tone, “My… Miss Qin, I’ve grilled all the meat for you. Could you… could you let my brothers and I leave now?”

Leader Zhou was speechless. What the f*ck??

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