Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered

Chapter 217 - A Chef

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Hearing this, Qin Ran put down her phone and looked up at the mercenary leader.

She looked very normal. Leader Zhou felt like there was no gaze more normal than that.

She was so casual.

But the mercenary leader jumped back like a frightened rabbit.

Luo Dui and the others were speechless.

It was really inappropriate to use the word “rabbit” to describe an iron-blooded mercenary, but… they really couldn’t find a more suitable adjective.

“Yeah.” Qin Ran nodded lightly. “The meat was grilled well.”

“As long as you like it.” The mercenary leader took a step back.

Qin Ran had spoken to him in the same tone before beating them up.

She glanced at the barbecue grill. Everything had been packed up tidily, so she snapped her fingers and said, “OK, go.”

As soon as she said this, all the mercenaries who had been struggling to get up climbed on all fours and slipped into their truck before driving away.

Their movements were like a tornado.

In less than two minutes, only Leader Zhou, Luo Dui, and the rest were left.

It was like the autumn wind sweeping fallen leaves.

Qin Ran opened the back door and got into the car. Cheng Mu and Shi Liming were packing up the suitcase that the others had thought was a vacation suitcase.

“Yes, it’s exactly as you saw.” Luo Dui turned and glanced at Leader Zhou, who had yet to react. “It wasn’t me or Cheng Mu, it was Miss Qin.”

In the past, Luo Dui only called “Miss Qin” out of formality.

But now, the words “Miss Qin” harbored an inner sense of fear.

To be able to defeat the mercenary group all by herself… Luo Dui felt like even Cheng Shui might not be so capable.

“Oh, so it turned out to be a real barbecue.” Leader Zhou looked down at the roasted meat in his hand.

The mercenary leader had even roasted the meat.

In another situation, this could probably be sent to the auction house?

Luo Dui genuinely understood Leader Zhou’s feelings at this moment. He patted him on the shoulder. “Leader Zhou, eat it, it’s the last piece. That mercenary leader’s skill is really not bad.”

Leader Zhou didn’t know what to do except stuff the piece of meat into his mouth.

The group of men beside him was also empty of mind and in a daze. They felt like after getting down the car and smelling the barbecue, things had developed in a direction they simply hadn’t imagined.

Cheng Mu and the others didn’t seem to be here on a mission. Instead, it looked more like an outing.


In the car, Qin Ran took off her down jacket. The goods sat safely beside her.

She took out her phone.

After putting on her headphones, the phone rang.

It was Cheng Juan.

His voice was very calm. “Did you pick a fight?”

“No.” Qin Ran sat upright. She raised an eyebrow and subconsciously retorted. “I didn’t pick the fight.”

Cheng Juan put down the documents in his hand and walked to the window. “Are you sure?”

He already felt like something was wrong after the alarm was lifted by Cheng Shui.

“They started it first and kicked over my roasted meat.” Qin Ran glanced outside. The car had already driven away.

She sounded very reasonable.

Cheng Mu and Shi Liming were speechless.

That’s right, the mercenaries had indeed made the first move…

Cheng Juan asked Qin Ran a few more questions, and after making sure that the mercenaries didn’t use a knife, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He hung up and someone knocked on the door.

It was Cheng Shui.

“About Miss Qin…” Cheng Shui had come to report her safety to Cheng Juan after receiving the news from Leader Zhou and Luo Dui.

Cheng Juan waved his hand and signaled for him to stop.

“Where are the stuff?” He glanced at Cheng Shui.

Cheng Shui didn’t speak and just handed a document to him. “This is the list I got from Rui Jin. It’s quick to get money in that arena, and there are many people involved. Although there are few advanced life or death rings, there are still a few matches a day. The dead people’s names have already been crossed out, but the name list is all in the database. I dug for a long time before finding the database.”

There was a fighting ring on the border of Continent M. It wasn’t managed by any party and several people fought in the life or death ring, desperate to turn their lives around and become rich.

Although the internal arena of Continent M was controlled by others, it was actually not much better than the borders. Life and death were based on signed agreements and nobody could govern it.

These arenas were managed by the Mas family. Cheng Shui had negotiated with the Mas family in order to obtain access to their underground database.

Lowering his head and looking at the stack of information in Cheng Shui’s hands, Cheng Juan’s eyebrows drooped and he didn’t reach out for it immediately.

Cheng Shui thought his reaction was a little off.

He looked up and called apprehensively. “Boss?”

Cheng Juan looked up and reached for the documents. “Give it to me.”

Instead of reading through the documents, he simply turned and placed it on the table behind him.

“Cheng Huo will be back tomorrow.” Cheng Shui thought of Cheng Huo. “I’ve already asked him to investigate the attack on the aircraft parking ground last night.”

Leader Zhou had contacted Cheng Shui when the parking ground’s network had been attacked.

But it had been solved without any reason. Leader Zhou and the others were thick as bricks and simple-minded, but Cheng Shui thought that things weren’t so simple and handed the matter directly to Cheng Huo.

“A hacking attack?” Cheng Juan narrowed his eyes and finally said in amusement, “It’s alright, let Cheng Huo investigate.”

Although Cheng Huo was a member of the Hacker Alliance, his hacking skills weren’t as good as the president’s. Cheng Juan already estimated that Qin Ran’s skills were comparable to the president’s.


The next day at nine o’clock in the morning.

Leader Zhou and the others finally drove slowly into the manor.

Leader Du and the others waited in the second row of the manor’s old castle hall.

“Mr. Cheng, are Leader Zhou and the others really okay?” Leader Du sat with his legs opened wide and asked in a deep voice. “I heard that the mercenary group had thirty people.”

In order to protect Qin Ran, they had separated into groups of seven.

Leader Du was extremely worried about the safety of Luo Dui and the others. In order to protect Qin Ran, he had assigned his elites to Leader Zhou.

Especially Luo Dui.

But no matter how elite, they would still face impossible odds unless they were on the same level as their boss.

Leader Du now regretted letting Luo Dui follow them.

He was still talking when someone came in and shouted, “They’re back!”

Both Cheng Shui and Leader Du stood up immediately and went out.

A few cars entered from outside. There were two more cars than before as Huo’er had added more men.

The first ones to get off were Leader Zhou and Luo Dui.

Seeing that they had no visible signs of injury on their bodies and looked normal besides their strange expressions, Leader Du was instantly relieved.

“It’s good that you’re okay. Boss said it doesn’t matter where the goods are as long as you guys come back safely.” Leader Du patted Leader Zhou on the shoulder.

“The goods are important,” said Leader Yuan from the foreign trade hall with a dark expression. This was their performance for the next month. He lowered his voice and said, “I already said not to bring that woman along.”

If Luo Dui hadn’t separated from Leader Zhou and the others, there would have been twenty of them and they would have been enough to fight the mercenaries.

Although these people remained silent, they still felt uncomfortable inside.

If Qin Ran had stayed obediently in the manor and did whatever she was supposed to do, nobody would say anything.

But she just had to be unreasonable and follow the others out to play and cause trouble. How could Leader Zhou and the others not feel angry?

Hearing this, Luo Dui stared blankly at him. “Leader Yuan, Miss Qin only went to play.”

Leader Yuan frowned. “I know, but she shouldn’t play like this. There are other places in Continent M.”

Cheng Shui ignored them and looked up at the black car in the middle. “Is Miss Qin alright?”

These people all thought that Luo Dui and the others had handed the goods to the mercenaries and then retreated.

Otherwise, with thirty against seven, especially since Cheng Mu and Qin Ran’s fighting power were basically negligible, there was simply no possibility of victory.

Cheng Shui was still talking when Qin Ran and Cheng Mu got out of the car.

As always, Qin Ran put on her down jacket hat the moment she got out of the car. Shi Liming went directly to the trunk and took out her suitcase.

Cheng Mu held onto the pot of flowers silently.

The potted flowers didn’t seem so wilted today, so he texted the old gardener and Lin Siran about it.

When the men from the procurement hall and Luo Dui’s team saw the suitcase, their lips couldn’t help but twitch.

Especially Luo Dui and the others, when they thought of how Cheng Mu and the rest had eaten barbecue yesterday…

Miss Qin, it’s good that you’re fine.” Cheng Shui finally relaxed and glanced at Qin Ran. “Boss is still in his study.”

Qin Ran nodded and walked over.

Luo Dui suddenly remembered something. “Miss Qin, what about our goods?”

He looked at Qin Ran and spoke very respectfully.

He felt reverence from deep inside.

Cheng Shui and Leader Du were both surprised at his respectful tone. Although the entire manor called her Miss Qin, it was out of formality, and not many people were genuinely respectful.

But the two of them didn’t have time to ponder about that.

Because they had heard the word “goods”.

“You didn’t hand the goods over to the mercenaries?” Leader Du asked Luo Dui in a loud voice.

Leader Yuan thought that they had handed the goods over, hence his ill speech. At this, he glanced at Luo Dui and the rest in surprise.

Luo Dui nodded.

Qin Ran also reacted and went back to the car. She took out a box from the back seat and threw it to Luo Dui.

This box of goods only passed through the hands of Leader Zhou and Qin Ran.

Other people didn’t know its weight. They all thought it was light after seeing how Qin Ran threw it so effortlessly.

Luo Dui also thought so subconsciously, but as soon as the box landed in his hands, he really thought he was carrying a box of stones!

He had just witnessed Qin Ran throwing the box like it was full of feathers, but who knew that it was a box of stones?!

After mistaking it for a box of feathers, he didn’t control his strength well and staggered backward, almost falling into a mud pile.

Luo Dui was speechless.

Leader Zhou, who knew the weight of the box, was also speechless.

All the onlookers were speechless.

Qin Ran turned to walk back after throwing the box to Luo Dui.

The men who had followed behind Leader Du and Cheng Shui didn’t know what to think of her and spontaneously cleared a path for her.

Shi Liming dragged her suitcase behind her.

Cheng Mu held her flower pot blankly.

Cheng Shui and the others came out to pick up Leader Zhou and Luo Dui.

The goods they thought had disappeared, had reappeared, and now, Qin Ran had even thrown the goods so effortlessly to Luo Dui. They were extremely alarmed.

Only when Qin Ran’s figure disappeared from sight did Cheng Shui, Leader Du, and the other men react.

Leader Yuan turned to the box in Luo Dui’s hand. “Didn’t you give the goods to the mercenaries?”

“Yeah, they didn’t take it,” Luo Dui said concisely.

“Then how did you escape unharmed from them?” Everyone in Continent M knew how ruthless the mercenaries were.

After spending so much effort, how could they possibly let Luo Dui and the others go so easily without even taking the goods?

Leader Zhou didn’t say anything and just glanced at Luo Dui.

Luo Dui had grown a lot after last night. Instead of explaining it, he took out his phone, found his social network page, clicked on Shi Liming’s avatar, and opened his page.

The first message was a report from last night.

Cheng Mu seemed to have reposted it, so Luo Dui directly clicked on Cheng Mu’s homepage.

It went like this—

Cheng Mu: [I hope they will open a barbecue restaurant in the future (Video)]

The messages were public.

A man named Lu Zhaoying asked him who he was talking about.

Cheng Mu replied: [A chef.]

Luo Dui enlarged the video for Leader Du and Cheng Shui to watch.

Cheng Mu’s video quality was average, but it still showed the barbecue scene well due to the filters. However, the cook didn’t seem like a barbecue worker at all.

He had a burly figure and a fleshy face. At one glance, he didn’t look easy to provoke.

Leader Du also saw Cheng Mu’s reply. “What’s with this cook? Is he Huo’er’s man?”

Luo Dui suddenly understood Cheng Mu’s feelings. “No. Didn’t you ask how we escaped? This barbecue chef is the mercenary leader. He didn’t take the goods last night because he grilled meat for Miss Qin.”

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