Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered

Chapter 218 - The Hacker Behind Matthew

After a night, Luo Dui became a lot calmer when talking about this.

Those who weren’t there at that time couldn’t experience it for themselves.

But even if they didn’t experience it firsthand, just watching the mercenary leader walk obediently with a knife and barbecuing meat was terrifying enough.

At Luo Dui’s side, the other men were horrified when they saw the enlarged video. They knew he was the mercenary leader and suddenly fell into a strange silence.

Even the always calm Cheng Shui couldn’t help but feel shocked. “Why did he go and barbecue?”

Luo Dui recalled the horrific scene of the big devil’s movements and a layer of goosebumps popped up on his arms again.

Cheng Juan had let Qin Ran “play” with them. Before this incident, Luo Dui and the others had been very dissatisfied. They only knew last night what “play” really meant.

Qin Ran had really regarded this mission as an outing.

And Cheng Juan didn’t add more men to their travel team probably because he knew of her strength?

“We’ll talk about it later,” Luo Dui said slowly before getting up to find stools.


Qin Ran and the others reached the old castle in the middle.

Cheng Mu first brought the pot of flowers to the room.

Shi Liming returned Qin Ran’s luggage.

Qin Ran went to the study directly. Cheng Juan was hard at work when she entered. There was another person who looked like a butler standing in front of his desk, reporting on the situation to him.

“Go out first,” Cheng Juan said to the middle-aged man standing at his desk. Then, he opened a drawer and put the file in his hand inside.

The middle-aged man dangled his head and left directly, not daring to look her straight in the eye.

Once the middle-aged man had left, Qin Ran pulled out a chair opposite him and sat down.

Cheng Juan didn’t speak to her immediately. He just stared at her as she moved, his dark and tranquil eyes like the calm before a storm.

“Was it fun?” After a long while, Cheng Juan looked away and smiled while holding a pen.

He seemed normal.

Qin Ran put her hands on the table and raised an eyebrow. Then, she replied very calmly, “It was okay. The chef handled the meat very well.”

Shi Liming and Cheng Mu, who were about to come in, were speechless.

Cheng Juan nodded. Cheng Shui was very thoughtful about his work.

“Boss.” Shi Liming came in with Cheng Mu and began to give his report. “I bought the robot at the auction house for Mr. Cheng Huo, the one he mentioned before.”

Qin Ran was casually looking at the books on both sides of the study. When she heard this, she was suddenly alert.

“The EA generation?” Cheng Juan put his pen down slowly.

Cheng Mu couldn’t figure out what Cheng Juan and the others were talking about these days. He didn’t know exactly what Cheng Juan did, and didn’t have any connections himself either, so he just listened expressionlessly.

“EA3.” Shi Liming glanced at his watch. “It should be here today…”

When they started talking about EA3 again, Qin Ran suddenly stood up. “I’ll go back to bed first.”

Their car had driven through the night and everyone hadn’t slept well on the road. Qin Ran had been playing games all the way and hadn’t slept much.

Cheng Juan glanced at her silently.

After a long while, he smiled. “Go and rest first. Wherever you want to go tomorrow, find Xiao Shi directly.”

Qin Ran waved her hand and walked out of the study room.

After she left, Cheng Mu also excused himself. Since he didn’t understand the talk about the EA3 robot, he decided to head to the training ground.


At noon.

Cheng Shui walked into the middle castle with his phone.

“Is Boss inside?” he asked the maid standing at the gate.

“He’s in the study.” The maid bowed.

Still in the study? Cheng Shui frowned. Cheng Juan didn’t come out from yesterday evening to now?

He went to the third floor and knocked on the door of the study. As soon as he entered, he saw Cheng Juan still looking through the pile of materials he had asked from Rui Jin last night.

“Boss, haven’t you found the information you wanted yet?” Cheng Shui glanced at the stack of documents.

The stack of documents was indeed very thick, but Cheng Juan always read fast and could have finished flipping through them in ten hours if he stayed up since the evening.

“It’s not here.” Cheng Juan threw a document on the table. His eyes were bloodshot from lack of rest.

Cheng Shui glanced at the stack of documents and said in surprise, “Then, should I find Rui Jin again at night?”

Cheng Juan didn’t speak and just lowered his head. There was rare tranquility in his eyes.

After a long while, when Cheng Shui thought Cheng Juan wasn’t going to reply, he suddenly said, “No need. I guess… it’s good that I can’t find it.”

Before Cheng Shui could react, Cheng Juan stood up.

“You came to find me because Cheng Huo is back?” He packed the materials and picked up the coat on the side.

“Yes, he’s at the manor gate.” Cheng Shui withdrew his eyes from the pile of documents.

Cheng Juan slowly put on his jacket and walked outside. “Let’s go, let’s see what news the goods and Cheng Huo have brought back.”

From the middle castle, it was necessary to pass the cobblestone road on the left as well as the martial arts field.

Cheng Mu had yet to rest and was still in the martial arts field.

The martial arts arena was large and had sufficient facilities, so there were always a lot of people in it. Everyone was working hard because of the assessment next month.

Cheng Mu came late and wasn’t very strong, so he didn’t manage to occupy the most favorable position in the middle. Instead, he was left alone in the corner, waving his wooden stick around.

Cheng Shui noticed him at a glance and frowned. “Boss, has he been here the whole time?”

“Yeah.” Cheng Juan put his hands in his pockets and glanced past him lightly. “He was greatly stimulated by you.”

Cheng Mu and Cheng Shui were of the same generation, but they were worlds apart in so many aspects, so it was understandable that he would feel the huge disparity in his heart.

Cheng Shui shook his head. “I’ll tell him to come up. He hasn’t seen Cheng Huo in a long time.”

He went down to call Cheng Mu. Cheng Mu followed behind them very silently, with obvious dark circles under both his eyes.


The three soon arrived in the chamber.

There were two rows of chairs and each leader stood in the middle.

In the center, a young man and a blond woman were surrounded. When Cheng Juan came over, everyone stood up and made way for him.

Cheng Juan sat on the front seat while Cheng Mu and Cheng Shui sat on either side.

In the past, only Cheng Shui could stand on the left side of Cheng Juan. Cheng Juan didn’t have many trusted aides, so when the others saw Cheng Mu standing beside him, they couldn’t help but feel faintly dissatisfied.

Cheng Shui was powerful and had always been second in command, so it was understandable for him to be there. Cheng Mu, however…

“Boss, these are our goods.” Leader Zhou took out the box.

Cheng Juan didn’t ask him to open it and just nodded. He said lightly, “Give it to the foreign trade hall.”

The blond woman played with her hair and looked over to Cheng Shui, Cheng Juan, and Cheng Mu.

The leaders were gathered together, so Cheng Juan discussed the next assessment, and then someone reported that Mr. Rui Jin had come to find him.

Rui Jin was part of the Mas family who was in charge of the arena.

Cheng Shui subconsciously glanced at Cheng Juan.

Cheng Juan had been tapping his fingers casually on the armrest of the chair. Hearing this, he suddenly paused.

He stood up after about a minute, his eyebrows drooping and his voice undulated. “Cheng Shui, deal with the next issue.”

Although Cheng Juan was young, he exuded an extremely imposing aura. His expression was also fierce, so nobody dared look directly at him.

When he stepped out of the door, everyone’s anxious heart suddenly relaxed.

They all sighed in relief, then looked up at Cheng Huo.

“That’s your boss?” The blond woman withdrew her gaze and glanced at Cheng Huo with deep eyes. “He’s different from how I imagined.”

He didn’t talk much and even his delicate eyebrows seemed a little lazy, yet there was a kind of indifference that made people feel thousands of miles away from him.

Cheng Huo nodded.

Cheng Shui came down from the front. “Cheng Huo, have you checked on the hacking at the aircraft parking ground?”

Leader Zhou handed the box in his hand to Leader Yuan. When he heard this, he looked up. “Mr. Cheng Shui, didn’t the hacker screw up?”

“Could you have received the wrong message about Road 26 if they had screwed up?” Cheng Huo said seriously. He lowered his head and took out his computer, then opened a page and showed it to them. “I checked the system already. A third party infiltrated and intentionally confused us with Road 26. I don’t know their intention, but the main thing is that this third party… entered from our internal system.”

The internal system was recorded, but Cheng Huo couldn’t check on anything beyond that.

Cheng Huo’s identity was no secret and most people knew that he was associated with the Hacker Alliance.

As for the specific status of Cheng Huo in the Hacker Alliance, nobody else except Cheng Juan and Cheng Shui knew the truth. But other people also knew this—

Cheng Huo’s technological skills were out of this world.

But even he couldn’t find the hacker?

“The only person who can achieve this feat,” Cheng Huo pursed his lips and said seriously, “Is only the hacker behind Matthew. Other than him, I don’t know who else.”


Behind, the wooden stick in Cheng Mu’s hand fell and rolled to Cheng Huo’s side.

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