Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered

Chapter 219 - Sister Ran Takes Action, Xiao Mumu Should Become Stronger

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Among these people, the only person who knew of Qin Ran’s computer skills was Cheng Mu.

When he heard Cheng Huo talking about the internal port entry, he thought of Qin Ran—

That night, she had indeed been playing with her computer.

And… she had mentioned the barbecue first.

Cheng Mu and Qian Dui had worked together before, and only by comparison did Cheng Mu realize just how impressive Qin Ran’s skills were.

But something wasn’t right. Qin Ran’s computer skills… Were they really better than Cheng Huo’s?

Cheng Mu couldn’t find an answer to this question for now.

Cheng Huo bent down to pick up the stick that Cheng Mu had accidentally dropped. He handed it back to him and laughed. “Cheng Mu, I haven’t seen you in just a few months, why are you so surprised to see me?”

Glancing at him, Cheng Mu took the stick expressionlessly and didn’t say anything.

“By the way, I forgot something.” Cheng Shui thought of something at the sight of Cheng Mu. He took out a contactor from his pocket and threw it to him. “This is the contacting device of the law enforcement hall.”

Many people’s eyes changed when they saw Cheng Shui handing Cheng Mu the contacting device.

The manor system was very strict and only the leaders of each hall had the authority to use this type of device. The ordinary members only had normal pagers.

“I’m going to the training ground.” Most of the people in the chamber were staring at him, and he simply couldn’t bear it any longer.

He lowered his voice and said something to Cheng Shui.

Cheng Shui nodded and didn’t stop him.

Cheng Huo stared at him as he left and asked in surprise, “What’s the matter with Cheng Mu?”

“Nothing.” With so many people around, Cheng Shui didn’t explain the situation and just glanced seriously at Cheng Huo. “You’re guessing that the third-party hacker involved was one of Matthew’s men?”

“Yes.” Cheng Huo looked away from Cheng Mu and frowned. “Speaking of this, why would Matthew target us? He has a hacker behind him, it would cause some trouble if he intervened in our manor.”

“I’ll get someone to investigate before finding Boss.” Cheng Shui nodded and stopped talking about it. He glanced at the blond mixed-race woman beside Cheng Huo. “This is…?”

“Oh, I almost forgot. She’s a newly added technician here. Her Chinese name is Tang Qing. We have an evaluation next month, right? I specially recruited my junior for the information hall. Her hacking skills…” Cheng Huo turned sideways to introduce the blond mixed-race woman to everyone. Speaking of her hacking skills, he paused and laughed. “She has hacked the Koeln Triangle building before and escaped unharmed.”

Cheng Huo was the leader of the information hall. Although he wasn’t as good in combat, the crowd still feared him as much as they did Cheng Shui.

After all… who would dare to offend a hacker? He was a hacker from the Hacker Alliance, for God’s sake.

They might wake up to find their nationality changed if they offended him.

In particular, the information hall was full of technician personnel. Although their combat skills fell short of those in the law enforcement hall, they weren’t to be underestimated.

After hearing Cheng Huo’s introduction of Tang Qing, the crowd looked at her with a whole new level of respect.

There were few female hackers, especially ones so powerful and fierce to even dare to attack the Koeln Triangle building…


Here, Rui Jin was led to Cheng Juan’s study.

“Mr. L.” Rui Jin bowed very respectfully. When he looked up again, he saw an extremely young and handsome face.

Pausing, he remained calm on the outside, but big waves were rolling in his heart.

The diamond big boss. Few people had information about this big boss, and even Matthew only had one photograph of him as he rarely appeared in front of people.

Some people suspected he was a Jew, while others suspected he was a native of Continent M.

In short, aside from the people of this manor, few people had seen him before.

Before coming, Rui Jin had made several guesses about his appearance. The only thing he didn’t expect was how young Cheng Juan was!

“Are you looking for information about the arena?” Cheng Juan pointed at a chair beside him. “Sit.”

Rui Jin sat down apprehensively. He was, after all, the manager of the arena, so he snapped out of his daze quickly. “Yes, Mr. L. We have a VIP file and need permission. We have some pictures. If you want to see them…”

Cheng Juan’s hand stopped tapping the table and he looked down, his dark eyes emotionless. “Thank you, I’ll get my men to find you if it’s necessary.”

Rui Jin didn’t say much. The Mas family wanted a share of the pie, and under the premise of making a good deal, they didn’t mind having a strong ally.

After conveying the Mas family’s goodwill, he got up and bid his farewell.

The maid sent him out.

Foreigners always looked older than their real age. Rui Jin was around forty or fifty years old, but his hair was already white. He was very tall and, due to his experience all year round in the arena, was full of viciousness. His features were prominent and even the servants who led the way for him didn’t dare look at him directly in the eyes.

He bumped into someone on the stairs.

The servant recognized who it was and immediately took a step back. He greeted her respectfully. “Miss Qin.”

Qin Ran held a coat in her left hand and her right hand dangled beside her. She narrowed her eyes slightly and nodded at the servant.

The servant continued taking Rui Jin to the door downstairs.

Rui Jin followed behind the servant but turned back doubtfully to look at Qin Ran.

The two of them were already downstairs, but Qin Ran was standing still at the stairs.

After a long while, when Cheng Juan came out, she was still standing there, her eyes lowered and her eyelashes trembling. Her beautiful eyes were dark and she was lost in thought.

“What’s wrong? Where’s Shi Liming?” Cheng Juan walked over. When he saw that she only had a shirt on, he couldn’t help but reach out for her left hand—

It was as if he had touched an ice cube.

The temperature in the old castle wasn’t low, but the corridor was a little colder than the rooms.

Her hands were so cold that Cheng Juan frowned immediately. He reached out, took her coat, and wrapped it around her. Then, he grabbed her right hand and took her into the study.

The temperature of the study room was 24-degrees celsius. He took the remote control and adjusted to a higher temperature.

When the temperature picked up and a familiar cold fragrance lingered at the tip of her nose, Qin Ran finally returned to her senses. She glanced up at Cheng Juan, in a daze.

Sunlight seeped through the windows onto the table. Under the light, she stared at Cheng Juan with a pair of dark eyes.

She finally seemed to recover.

His coat was still hanging on his chair. Cheng Juan saw it and let go of her hand to take it. “Miss Qin, good job. Why didn’t you wear your jacket when you came out…”

His hair was a little messy and he was a little drowsy from lack of sleep. He didn’t wear a jacket either and only wore a white sweater that softened his imposing face.

Unlike how unapproachable he usually looked outside, he now looked casual and gentle.

He was about to get his coat when Qin Ran reached out to hold his hand.

Cheng Juan froze for a moment before turning around. Qin Ran seemed to hear him sigh, and then he reached out to pull her into a tight, innocent hug.

Frowning slightly, his voice was gentle and heavy. “Do you miss your grandma?”

Qin Ran’s mind was blank for a moment. After a long while, she looked up and shook her head. “Shi Liming is waiting for me downstairs. I’ll go find him.”

Once she left, the gentleness on Cheng Juan’s face disappeared. He stood by the study window and glanced out. Downstairs, Qin Ran was talking to Shi Liming. He took out his phone and called Cheng Shui. He lowered his eyes and said in a solemn voice, “Get me the surveillance videos of the study corridor from two to two-thirty pm.”


Shi Liming was well-rested. After eating lunch, he followed Cheng Shui’s instructions and read the travel guide near Continent M.

“Miss Qin, there’s a big underground city nearby. Do you want to go to the tourist destinations?” Shi Liming turned over the travel guide and showed her the underground city.

“Maybe later.” Qin Ran looked around and pulled up her hat. She couldn’t see Cheng Mu anywhere. “Where’s Cheng Mu?”

“He’s at the training ground.” Shi Liming put the travel guide away and led her to the training ground. He sounded quite impressed. “Brother Cheng Mu works very hard.”

The two of them headed towards the training ground.

Cheng Mu was still in the corner, but he wasn’t training alone this time. Instead, he was fighting with a young man.

“Bang—” Cheng Mu fell heavily on the ground, stirring up a layer of dust.

He propped his hands on the ground and climbed up again.

The man across from him clapped his hands, relaxed. Then, he smirked at Cheng Mu, picked up his jacket on the side, and followed a group of people out the door.

Qin Ran didn’t go in and just stood by the railing.

The young man paused before walking past Qin Ran and Shi Liming. “Miss Qin.”

Although he was greeting her politely, he didn’t sound particularly respectful.

The others also greeted her.

Beside her, Shi Liming whispered, “That’s Jerry, a leader of the information hall. He’s Mr. Cheng Huo’s subordinate.”

Qin Ran put her hands behind her head and glanced at them. Her slightly lowered eyebrows were ostentatious, but she remained silent.

The corners of her mouth curled up casually.

Jerry and his group walked away, and someone looked back at Qin Ran. “Did you see that? Shi Liming has the travel guide in his hand. He really became a dog’s leg. Thank God Mr. Cheng Shui didn’t find me last time…”

They laughed.

Their voices weren’t loud, but they could still be heard distinctly.

Qin Ran watched as Cheng Mu silently got up. Then, she smiled and turned towards Shi Liming, her eyebrows raised in a cold and evil manner. She asked in a very light tone, “Do you know where a person can truly become stronger quickly?”

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