Magic Industry Empire

Volume 2 Chapter 156 - What are you thinking that much for

As March came, the winter cold gradually left Banta City. In the wilderness outside Banta City, there were patches of green that appeared. The wind blowing into people’s faces no longer had the same bone chilling cold and when sitting under the sun, they even felt a bit warm.

Xu Yi looked at Koror Village not far to the left and pointed in the distance. After drawing a circle in the air, he finally pointed at the Sandy River flowing in the distance.

“Cantona, there’s no need to manage the fruit trees here. However it was done before, do the same now. But in the places where there aren’t fruit trees, fill them all with fruit trees. This will be Banta City’s future fruit production base, so it’s best if nothing else appears here. Moreover, if possible, put the same kinds of fruits together as much as possible, that way not only is it easy to plant and harvest, it’s easy to create tags.”

While Xu Yi said this, Cantona nodded and took out a small notebook to write it all down.

Seeing Cantona’s messy words being written on the paper, Xu Yi couldn’t help shaking his head with a smile.

This Cantona was just a normal farmer before and had never had a proper education. Even his reading and writing skills came from after he made the Cantona Chamber of Commerce last year, so his writing was quite ugly.

But Xu Yi appreciated his attitude very much.

Cantona had rather good eyes for business and a flexible mind, while also being just thirty so he could still learn new things, so he could be considered something quite rare.

He couldn’t stand out before because he never had a chance.

But after the Frestech Chamber of Commerce provided him with a small Magic Harvester for their farmer support plan, he seized this chance. With just a single small Magic Harvester, he created the Cantona Chamber of Commerce in just a single year and took the business of harvesting crops for Banta City and the surrounding cities.

During the fall harvest last year, just by harvesting crops in Banta City and the surrounding cities, the Cantona Chamber of Commerce earned over five thousand gold coins.

With this money, he actually had the idea of renting a large piece of farmland for himself.

When Xu Yi heard him mention this idea, he almost felt that this person had transmigrated from earth.

Out of his appreciation of Cantona, Xu Yi immediately supported Cantona’s idea and discussed the possibility of cooperating between them. He even took this opportunity to propose the idea of agricultural industrialization to Count Sean.

According to Xu Yi and Cantona’s plans, when Cantona rented the farmland of Koror Village, Kambia Village, and Mexilan Village from the City Lord’s Manor, the Cantona Chamber of Commerce will be responsible for planting crops in these Kambia Village and Mexilan Village, such as rice and wheat.

As for the farmland around Koror Village, they would be planting all kinds of fruit trees.

As for what the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would do, they would find the location for the first canned fruit factory near Koror Village.

This way they could combine it with processing, saving costs for both sides. Whether it was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce or the Cantona Chamber of Commerce, this was a very advantageous deal.

Other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Cantona Chamber of Commerce, the villagers of the three villages would also benefit from this cooperation.

According to Xu Yi and Cantona’s plan, for the villagers of the three villages, as long as they aren’t working for any companies in Banta City, a part of them could work for the Cantona Chamber of Commerce as farm hands while another part could for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as workers in the canned fruit factory.

There were close to two thousand villagers in these three villages, other than the women, the elderly, the children, and the people working for companies in the city, there were around six hundred normal workers.

Three hundred of the strongest young men were taken by the Cantona Chamber of Commerce. Even with the help of the agricultural magic machines, farming was something that required quite a bit of strength.

The Cantona Chamber of Commerce had taken the farmland for these three villages at once, so if he wanted to meet the yearly quota Count Sean had set for him, he had to work hard and weaker people couldn’t take this much work.

The other three hundred workers were taken into the canned fruit factory.

The work in the canned fruit factory was quite relaxed. They just needed to cook the food, fill it, and pack it, so even those who were weaker in physical strength could do it.

Actually there were jobs all over Banta City right now, so if these six hundred workers were willing to go into the city to work, they could find suitable jobs.

But the villagers of Banta City were influenced by the traditions of the Sines Continent and weren’t willing to leave their villages, so they preferred to stay in their villages.

Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Cantona Chamber of Commerce were setting up a large scale farm and a canned fruit factory near them, many people were willing to join.

Moreover, the Cantona Chamber of Commerce had promised their workers that their monthly wages would be over seven gold coins, which was equal to their entire income from farming all year round before.

Although the salary for the workers of the canned fruit factory was lower, Xu Yi represented the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in saying that the lowest wage of the workers would not be less than five gold coins.

Even those workers that were recruited to watch the gates would receive four gold coins a month.

Cantona was someone from Kambia Village, but people were doubtful of his promises, so the work in the three villages didn’t go that smoothly.

But once the Frestech Chamber of Commerce joined in, the attitude of the villagers quickly changed.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had only been established for two months, the people of Banta City and the surrounding cities gave them more fame than those old companies.

Moreover, the actions of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were put in the reports of many papers. Even if one didn’t read the papers, they could hear about it from people who did. Then there were the various advertisements for magic machines that were in Banta City, so it was hard for people not to know about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Compared to the Cantona Chamber of Commerce, whether it was trust of fame, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was much more reliable.

Not to mention that Xu Yi came with people of the City Lord’s Manor, obtaining the approval of the Lord City Lord.

In the eyes of these villagers, the Lord City Lord was like a god. As long as the Lord City Lord approved something, the villagers wouldn’t resist at all.

So Xu Yi talked to the villagers of the three villages representing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and received their approval immediately, allowing this project to proceed very smoothly.

It was because of this that Cantona felt even more worship towards Xu Yi. As long as it was related to the project, he would immediately follow him.

Seeing Cantona writing down the main points of his words, Xu Yi nodded and headed towards the distant Koror Village with him.

Before they even entered the village, there was a delicious fragrance that hit them.

Xu Yi took a deep breath and enjoyed the fragrance, as he revealed a look of fond remembrance.

“It really has been a long time since I smelled this. Last time I ate canned fruit boiled in crystal sugar was at least twenty years ago…..”

“Twenty years ago?” Cantona on the side asked in a confused voice, “Chairman Xu, you weren’t even ten years old twenty years ago. Were there people making canned fruits back then? Why have I never heard of this before? Such a good thing should have spread a long time ago.”

Xu Yi instantly woke up and felt that he had accidentally said too much when he smelled this fragrance.

“It was eaten in my hometown. There was only an old grandfather who made it and I felt it was delicious, so I learned how to make it from him.” Xu Yi explained with some nonsense.

“Oh…..” Cantona didn’t doubt him, as he said in a regretful voice, “It would be good if this method spread a long time ago. The fruits of our villages wouldn’t have been wasted by going rotten.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Relax, I guarantee that not long from now, even if there aren’t canned fruits, the fruits of Banta City can be transported to other places of the Sines Continent to let them enjoy the fresh specialty fruits of Banta City.”

“How is that possible?” Cantona clearly didn’t believe him, “Not mentioning other countries, it takes several days just to transport to Anvilmar City. When it gets transported, it would have already spoiled.”

“You don’t believe?” Xu Yi revealed a mysterious smile, “Then just wait and see.”

Seeing Xu Yi’s confident steps, Cantona couldn’t help shaking his head.

Although he had been with Xu Yi quite a bit during this time, the more he was with Xu Yi, the more Cantona felt that he couldn’t understand his thoughts and couldn’t keep up at all.

If at first the impression Xu Yi left him was a young and energetic chairman with farsight and courage, in the eyes of the current Cantona, Xu Yi became more and more mysterious.

If someone else told Cantona that fruits could be transported to other countries without going rotten, Cantona would have scolded them for spewing nonsense without even thinking about it.

But when Xu Yi said it, although Cantona didn’t believe him at first, once he thought about it and remembered all the miracles the Frestech Chamber of Commerce created over the years, bringing a large change to Banta City and the surrounding cities, he couldn’t help gradually believing in him.

Since chairman Xu said it could be done, even if it couldn’t be done now, it could be done in the future!

Thinking of this, Cantona suddenly slapped his head.

He was just a small character, how could he try to guess the thoughts of a large character like chairman Xu?

What was he thinking this much for? It was better to follow chairman Xu and handle the things he could handle. Naturally he would depend on the large tree of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to earn money.

Thinking this through, Cantona revealed a grin and quickly caught up to Xu Yi in front of him.

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