Magic Industry Empire

Volume 2 Chapter 158 - New city square

Even though it was March and the cold winter had passed, it was still cold during the nights.

Normally speaking, on these kinds of cold nights, most people of Banta City chose to stay in their homes. They either wrapped themselves in their blankets or enjoyed the warm wind of the Magic Air Conditioner.

If nothing special was happening, no one was willing to go out.

But tonight, the people of Banta City went against the norm. Once it became dark and after they finished dinner, they left their warm homes and entered the cold breeze as they headed to the city square at the center of Banta City.

When it completely became dark, the roads to the city square were filled with people and were completely blocked.

Even when it wasn’t that cold, although there were countless people who walked around in the city square during the evening, it was never as crowded as this.

The reason why this happened was that a week ago, the «Banta Times» used a large title to announce that a week later, the Banta City city square would have a new appearance and the entire square would be changed.

The Lord City Lord had also expressed his views in the «Banta Times», indicating that this new city square would open everyone’s eyes and shock them.

Count Sean was the Banta City City Lord, but he rarely made this kind of exaggeration before. So after the «Banta Times» report came out, it immediately attracted the attention of everyone in Banta City.

This new city square, what kind of appearance would it have? If could even make the Lord City Lord describe it as “unbelievable”.

After this report, starting from the second day, there would be a large number at the head of the «Banta Times» every day.

The first day was six, the second day was five, the third day was four…..

So everyone knew that the «Banta Times» was making a countdown.

As the day approached, everyone became more and more excited for this new city square.

Although before the «Banta Times» report came out, everyone found that the City Lord’s Manor had suddenly sealed off the city square and blocked it off, making people unable to see into it.

Although they could hear the sounds of construction coming in from it, doing this attracted people’s attention more.

When the day finally came, everyone’s curiosity reached a peak and many people came to the new city square without even getting dinner, just to see the new city square as soon as possible.

They didn’t know if the City Lord’s Manor did it on purpose, but the day that was chosen was a day in the period of two days where there wasn’t a moon each month.

Although they could see the stars in the sky since there were no clouds, once it became dark, the city square fell into complete darkness.

There were many smart citizens who had predicted this and brought their Magic Lamp from home.

When the sky fell into darkness, there were many different colours of lights around the city square.

If one looked down from above, they would be able to see that in the dense crowd, there would be countless different lights that looked like the stars above them in the sky.

Everyone patiently waited while chatting with each other. When it finally reached eight at night that the «Banta Times» had said,, there was a deep sound as the city square was unsealed. Then fireworks roared out into the sky and exploded, lighting up the night.

Everyone instantly stopped talking because of this and the entire area fell into silence, as a deep male’s voice rang out.

“Banta City residents, welcome to the new Banta City city square!”

As soon as this voice fell, the curtain surrounding the city square fell down and was pulled aside by an unknown force.

The Banta City city square that had been sealed for close to a month had finally revealed its appearance.

The crowd swarmed into the city square, as everyone wanted to see what the city square looked like as soon as possible.

But just with the light of the Magic Lamps in their hands and the stars above them, they couldn’t even see ten meters in front of them. How was it possible to see the entire city square with this many people here.

Some people with better eyes could make out large pillars that were in the city square with the faint light.

When everyone was feeling impatient, there was suddenly a sound from the center as a firework flew into the air.

After everyone’s attention was attracted, there was a bright light that came from the center of the city square, as a figure that was bathed in light had appeared suddenly.

On the stage, Count Sean was bathed in light. He had a faint smile on his face as he looked at the people around him, raising his hands to give a signal.

When everyone calmed down, Count Sean said in a clear voice, “Citizens of Banta City, I know that you have been waiting for this night for a long time, so I won’t take up your time. I just want to remind you that everything you see tonight will definitely be something you never forget!”

It was fine if he said nothing, but once he said this, the people under the stage filled with curiosity became even more impatient.

There were some people who were so impatient that they shouted, “Lord City Lord, what does it look like? Let us see it!”

Hearing these shouts, the crowd echoed this.

The sound surged forth and spread far away from the market.

At this moment, it was impossible to find peace in Banta City.

Count Sean raised his hand again and calmed everyone down, before nodding behind him.

A slender girl who had a cute round face walked out while being illuminated by the light and handed a small box to Count Sean.

Count Sean took the box and asked the girl a few things before turning around. He looked at everyone and raised the hand in his box as he said in a loud voice, “Now is the time to witness a miracle!”

After he said this, Count Sean reached out a finger to press down on the box.

In an instant, there were bright lights that appeared above the city square, like several moons had appeared above them and lit up the city square like it was day time.

This sudden change made people close their eyes, but when they opened them again, they were shocked to find that there was no longer night in the city square, it was just like day.

This kind of light came from the giant Magic Lamps that were hanging on the poles around the city square.

By the sides of the trees and flowers, there were also small poles that had small Magic Lamps hanging on them.

These Magic Lamps didn’t release the same white light as the large magic lamps, rather they released light of all colours.

This seemed a bit disorderly, but after the light shined on the plants, it created a beautiful arrangement.

But it wasn’t over yet.

Everyone looked at the center and found that there was a fountain dug there, perfectly placed in the center with the platform in the middle.

With the light above them, everyone could clearly see that there was a statue on the platform and by the four sides of the platform, there were Magic Lamps releasing all kinds of coloured lights placed in rows.

The lights were all pointed at the statue, making it hard for people not to look at the statue.

But when they saw the statue, people were confused.

It was because this wasn’t the statue of a person, rather it was a strange looking white horse with a horn on its head and wings on its back.

“What is this thing?”

When everyone was confused, columns of water were shot out from around the platform and came together in the air. They suddenly gathered together to take the shape of a flower that slowly bloomed.

With the different colours of light shining on it, this flower completely made of water was filled with different colours of light, looking incredibly beautiful.

The people in the square saw this fantasy like show. They were shocked by the bright lights in the square, but now they saw the water turning into different shapes, they seemed like they were going to go crazy.

In a room on the third floor of the City Lord’s Manor not far from the square, Xu Yi looked away from the scene in the square and turned to look at Hannas on the side, as he said with sigh, “It seems like the Lord City Lord isn’t good at creating a show. This was a good chance to shorten the distance between him and the people, letting the people of Banta City know him better, but he wasn’t willing to take my advice. It really is a pity, it’s a waste of a good chance.”

Hannas turned to Xu Yi and couldn’t help saying with a smile, “What kind of person do you think the Lord Count is? Does he need to put on a show for the citizens? These citizens can’t do anything to him.”

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