Magic Industry Empire

Volume 2 Chapter 159 - City symbol

Xu Yi thought about it, but he gave up explaining this to Hannas.

The Sines Continent’s social system was different from earth. On earth, the politicians needed to earn the support of the people, but for the Sines Continent, a great noble like Count Sean didn’t need to put on a show for the citizens at all.

It was like Hannas said, those citizens couldn’t influence Count Sean at all because it was impossible for them to choose the City Lord, decide Count Sean’s title, and they couldn’t influence the family behind Count Sean.

“Alright, let’s not talk about this. Hannas, after you saw this new city square, what do you think?” Xu Yi asked as he changed the topic.

“What do I think? This is just too shocking!” Hannas immediately gave an emotional sigh, holding nothing back, “Xu Yi, how could I have never discovered this before, you were actually such an expert in building a city? This city square is just too creative. I dare say that on the entire Sines Continent, there isn’t a single city with the same city square. Not mentioning the beautiful fountain in the middle, just the Magic Lights that can light up the entire square is shocking enough.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, thinking that Hannas really was inexperienced.

Just a small city square was enough to shock him, then wouldn’t he faint from his shock if he were to see those huge metropolises on earth?

Of course, he was very clear on the fact that the Banta City square could be considered crude to him, but this was a very shocking new thing on the Sines Continent.

Hannas kept praising him for a bit before suddenly changing the topic.

“This new city square is indeed quite good, but was it worth you having me specially come from Anvilmar City?”

“Of course, you are the secret leader of Anvilmar City’s newspaper business. If I don’t find you, how can I show everyone in the kingdom the beautiful scene of Banta City’s city square?” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Hannas slightly knit his brows, “Actually…..I’m very curious. Xu Yi, why are you so passionate about this? You are just a normal company’s chairman and not Banta City’s City Lord. Putting in this much effort for this matter and even advertising it like this, why are you doing this?”

“It’s very simple, I did this to raise the fame of Banta City, to let everyone know that this small and remote city in everyone’s mind is a new and impressive city filled with life. If Banta City becomes famous, it would greatly help the companies in Banta City.” After saying this, Xu Yi pointed at the city square in the distance and said, “Do you see that unicorn in the center of the square? It is the name card of Banta City. When people introduce Banta City in the future, it will be the symbol of Banta City.”

Hannas looked at where Xu Yi was pointing and muttered, “That is a unicorn? I thought that it was a horse with a deformity……”

Xu Yi couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

He thought that since this world had dwarves, elves, beastmen, and once had halfling and dragons, it meant that the divine beast of the western fantasy world, the unicorn would also exist.

But when Count Sean asked about the design of the statue and Xu Yi proposed the unicorn, he was met with looks of bewilderment.

When he gave the rough outline of the unicorn, whether it was Count Sean, Agnes, or even the elf in the factory, they had never seen this kind of creature before.

Xu Yi could only helplessly accept the fact that there were no unicorns in this world, but Count Sean was very pleased by the image that he drew. After they had an artist draw it, they decided to have it as the statue that would represent Banta City.

This unicorn had a very profound meaning.

First the unicorn was in the shape of a horse and horses represented speed and endurance. Banty City was in a state of quick development and has kept it going all this time.

Next, there was only a single horn on the unicorn’s head. It meant that no matter what difficulties there were, Banta City would keep charging forward and break through everything.

Finally it was the pair of wings which meant that Banta City would soar in the sky.

When Xu Yi told Count Sean of all these meanings, Count Sean approved it even more.

Count Sean even planned to publish a book on Banta City’s history, which would not only describe the past, it would also describe the current Banta City. He was planning to show everyone the current Banta City through this book.

This was also a part of the “Banta City image construction plan” that Xu Yi proposed.

The other things like rebuilding the city square and calling Hannas over to use the newspaper to advertise Banta City all over the country was all a part of the plan.

In short, it was to build a star city in the Lampuri Kingdom, to let everyone in the Lampuri Kingdom know about Banta City.

“Then what is your real goal?” Hannas asked, “You say that this is helpful to all the companies in your Banta City, but I don’t see how it will help. If you are planning to increase the fame of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce and let it develop a bit faster, I can understand and there are many methods that can help you achieve this. But if you’re talking about creating a symbol for Banta City…..I still have the same thing to say, that is something for Count Sean to consider and not something for a normal merchant like you.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help giving a sigh.

Different societies had different understandings. For Xu Yi who transmigrated from earth, building the image of a city was a natural thing.

But for someone from the Sines Continent, a city was just a city in the end. It was a place with a bit more people living in it, but there was no special meaning.

To let them understand the importance of a city’s image was simply playing the fiddle for a bull.

Even for Hannas who came from the largest Anvilmar City was the same.

After thinking about it, Xu Yi found that if he wanted to let Hannas understand the meaning of this matter and how it would help the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it would be a troublesome matter. He was too lazy to explain and just asked him to help him advertise this without caring about the reason.

As for the benefits it would bring to the companies of Banta City and Banta City itself, Hannas didn’t know now, but he would know in the future.

After discussing how to advertise this with Hannas, Xu Yi had Hannas go meet Count Sean who returned to the City Lord’s Manor as he went to a wing in the City Lord’s Manor.

When he came into the hall, Xu Yi heard the unique laughter of Akali coming through the door.

“Ha, ha, you really should have been on stage. When the surrounding Magic Lamps lit up, everyone closed their eyes. When they opened them again, almost everyone’s mouths dropped in shock. Their expressions were really funny…..”

“Is that so? I feel their mouths weren’t open as wide as yours right now, right?” Xu Yi smiled as he opened the door and walked in.

The little hall had seven members of the magic research facility including Akali. They were the technical support staff for the Magic Lamps in the city square, they were mainly responsible for solving the problem of how the lamps would light up the entire square.

The twenty large scale Magic Lamps on poles around the city square and the small lamps by the plants, as well as the lamps in the fountain, were all designed by them.

The chief designer was Akali.

Seeing Xu Yi come in, Akali wanted to excitedly charge over, but hearing what Xu Yi said, she stopped and said with a soft snort, “Sir chairman, I just completed quite a meaningful job, can’t you let me be happy for a bit?”

“Of course you can.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Not only can you be happy for a bit, you can keep being happy since I have some good news for you. With the success of this city square improvement plan, especially with how great the Magic Lamps were working, I’ve decided to represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in giving you a special reward.”

Hearing the words “special reward”, all the researchers looked at Xu Yi with expectant looks.

Xu Yi deliberately paused before giving a cough and saying in a loud voice, “Other than Akali, the six of you will receive a third grade reward. This means that each person will receive one hundred gold coins!”


“That’s great!”


“Ah, ha, ha, ha.”


When Xu Yi’s voice fell, everyone immediately burst out in cheers.

Akali rushed over in an excited manner and grabbed Xu Yi’s arm while asking, “Sir chairman, what about my reward? You said last time that my magic resonating technology was a great discovery and I’ve worked so hard, look how thin I’ve become. Since it’s like this, my reward can’t be less than theirs, right?”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and said with a nod, “Of course, you are the inventor of this technology and the leader of this research group, so your reward is definitely higher than the others.”

“Then I should be at the second grade right? Let me think……The second grade is…..Is…..”

“No need. It’s not the second grade, rather it’s the first grade. That means you receive five hundred gold coins!”

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