Magic Industry Empire

Volume 2 Chapter 162 - We also want to hire elves

Even when Xu Yi was heading to the Black Rice Wasteland in a horse carriage the next day, he still didn’t get the answer he wanted from Hannas.

Xu Yi had asked him several times, but he gave up in the end.

He had many things to do, so he didn’t plan on wasting time on this meaningless question.

Compared to why Hannas had suddenly called Sophia an idiot, he paid more attention to the matters he was taking care of in the Black Rice Wasteland this time.

Looking at chairman Vincent sitting opposite of him, Xu Yi couldn’t help asking in a curious voice, “Chairman Vincent, why did you suddenly decide to take a trip to the Black Rice Wasteland?”

Chairman Vincent touched the two small whiskers under his nose and replied with a faint smile, “Our Armani Chamber of Commerce sells clothes, so of course I’m going to the Black Rice Wasteland to see if I can sell more clothes.”

Xu Yi thought about it before asking with a frown, “It can’t be because the Voller Tribe asked for large amounts of clothes from us that you suddenly had this idea, right?”

“No, to be accurate, I had this idea a long time ago.” Chairman Vincent said, “The beastmen have never had the ability to weave clothes, so they just wore animal hides. I had thought about it a long time ago and as long as they become used to the clothes we humans make, it would be a very large market. But before this, if the beastmen had any resources, the first thing they would buy would be salt and all kinds of iron tools from humans, so they never asked for clothes. So I am very curious, why did the beastmen suddenly change their mind and decide to learn to wear clothes like us humans?”

Xu Yi laughed and waved his hand as he said, “Chairman Vincent, I think that you’re thinking too much. The Voller Tribe is requesting clothes from us because we bought the non-ferrous metal vein from them for five hundred thousand gold coins. These beastmen have never seen this many gold coins before, so they don’t know how to spend them. I think that after chief Voller bought many necessities, he found that there was quite a bit of money left, so he decided to buy clothes. I don’t think it’s because their attitude has changed. As for the other beastmen tribe, it is impossible for them to have that much money, so they won’t have the same ideas.”

“It’s fine, for something like clothes, they won’t be willing to take it off once they wear it.” Chairman Vincent had a confident smile, “I guarantee that once the beastmen wear our Armani Chamber of Commerce’s clothes, they will never be able to wear those tattered beast pelts anymore. As for money……Now that chairman Xu is interested in this Black Rice Wasteland, I think that these beastmen will become somewhat rich like this dwarves.”

“You really think highly of me.” Xu Yi revealed a modest smile before thinking of an issue, “Speaking of the dwarves having money…..Chairman Vincent, Camby complained to me a while ago that every time he and his dwarven brothers go to your Armani Chamber of Commerce to buy clothes, there aren’t any sizes suited to them and they could only make a custom order. He even asked me, is your Armani Chamber of Commerce discriminating against them as dwarves and if you’re doing it intentionally?”

Chairman Vincent was stunned, but he quickly waved his hand and said, “No, no, no. Our company naturally isn’t discriminating against the dwarven brothers. As for not having anything in their size…..that is something that we have neglected. But chairman Xu, I think that you can understand that the dwarves purchase an amount of clothes that can be ignored by our company and the dwarves have quite special sizes…..”

“I can understand that. I’m mentioning this to you this time to remind you that there are over a thousand dwarven workers now at our company and there will be even more in the future. These dwarves and their families will be buying clothes in Banta City. I have always recommended the Armani Chamber of Commerce to them, but if you keep ignoring the builds of the dwarves and their styles of clothes, you might lose a large group of customers.” Xu Yi said.

“Alright, I will remember this.” Chairman Vincent gave a nod before saying in an emotional voice, “The current Banta City is changing too quickly. The previous Banta City didn’t even have three dwarves and there weren’t any elves, but now there are dwarves all over the streets and it’s normal to see elves. It’s reached the point where it’s become nothing special to the people of Banta City.”

Xu Yi laughed, “So that means the world is changing rather quickly. I will be going to the Falling Rain Forest in a while and chat with the elder of the Night Song Tribe. If nothing unexpected happens, you should see even more elves in Banta City in the future. As for dwarves……everyone has already long become accustomed to them, right?”

Chairman Vincent looked at Xu Yi and hesitated a bit before saying, “Chairman Xu, can I……ask you to help me with something?”

“Please speak.”

“Are you very close to the elves right now? You can even speak to their elder, so can you help me tell those elves that our Armani Chamber of Commerce sincerely invites them to work for our company as clothing designers?” Chairman Vincent asked.

Xu Yi was a bit surprised, “You want hire elves to be clothing designers for your company?”

“Yes. Not just one, I want a few if possible.” Chairman Vincent nodded before saying, “Other than dress designers, I also want to hire several elves as models to be……Un…..It’s like how young miss Still is the spokesperson for your company and the Sarank Chamber of Commerce.”

Xu Yi looked at chairman Vincent with a bit of surprise before suddenly revealing a smile, “Chairman Vincent, can I call this copying my creativity?”

Chairman Vincent laughed, “It can be called this. Chairman Xu is this creative, so if I don’t use it as a reference, it would be wasted.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help laughing as he shook his head. He thought for a bit before saying, “I can give this request to the Night Song Tribe elder, but I can’t guarantee if she’ll agree or not. Other than that, you still haven’t told me what conditions you’ll give them.”

“Alright, many thanks chairman Xu. As for conditions…..” Chairman Vincent thought for a bit before saying, “For the clothing designers, our company gives our best designers a salary of a thousand gold coins per year, so if the elves are willing, as long as they can use their outstanding talent, their salary will be five hundred gold coins with room for increase based on the situation. As for the models and spokespeople, this is hard to decide. It will depend on how often they work and the amount of time they work, but I can guarantee that it will not be less than three hundred gold coins a year.”

“Alright, those conditions aren’t bad, but you have forgotten one important thing.” Xu Yi reminded.

“What is it?”

“You have to apply for a labour card in the name of the Armani Chamber of Commerce for them.” Xu Yi said, “Compared to wages, the elves care more about obtaining the right to live a normal life in our human society.”

“That isn’t a problem. But our company doesn’t have experience with this, so I’ll have to ask chairman Xu for your help when the time comes.” Chairman Vincent said.

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “No problem.”

The motorcade carrying a large pile of clothes stopped at the Falling Rain Valley. Xu Yi bid farewell to chairman Vincent, letting him go to Samara Town first to meet chairman Renersa, while he entered the Falling Rain Valley.

Even though spring wasn’t truly here yet, the Falling Rain Valley had strange plants from the elves, so it was filled with bright flowers and green leaves. There were the metallic sounds of magic machines coming from all over the valley, combined with the sounds of people talking, it showed that the Falling Rain Valley was filled with life.

Xu Yi entered the tire factory not far from the entrance and saw the tire production line before heading to a corner in the factory.

There were a total of ten people here that included elves, dwarves, and humans. They were talking about a few tires on the ground that were narrower than the ones being produced in the production line.

“I suggest that we reduce the resin amount for the tire and add a few softeners to make the tire tube even softer, which makes it easier to pump air in.” The one pinching the tire made of soft resin was the dwarf craftsman Bordeau.

The tire factory was designing a new tire according to Xu Yi’s requests, so the magic machine research workshop had come, mainly in charge of designing the rim of the tire.

“But if there are too many softeners, I’m worried that once the weather gets warmer, the tire tube will start melting. Not mentioning if it could even be used, it might not even be able to maintain its normal shape.”

The one who spoke was a male elf named Yldan. He was currently the elf who was best at handling resin of the hundred elves in the tire factory.

When it came to developing this new tire, of course they couldn’t lack his participation.

“If there are many worries with this problem, we’ll just test it a few more times until we reach the perfect ratio to guarantee that it will work properly and can withstand high temperatures. The chairman said that we shouldn’t be afraid of failure. Rather even if we experiment ten times, a hundred times, or even a thousand times, we need to guarantee the quality of the product.”

“Pa, pa, pa.”

Xu Yi who had just arrived heard these words and immediately gave his applause as he praised them, “Ankhto’s words are quite good. You shouldn’t be afraid when it comes to experimenting, what’s terrifying is the product failing after it is produced. No matter what kind of products are developed, we must guarantee that in any situation, at any time, the probability of a problem occurring with the product is as low as possible.”

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