Magic Industry Empire

Volume 2 Chapter 164 - Take the bait

Three days later, when Xu Yi brought a hundred fully equipped elven warriors and two hundred dwarven warriors into Samara Town, there was a stir that instantly filled the town.

On the Sines Continent, this was already considered a very powerful military force.

Not mentioning a small town like Samara, even if it was a city, it was hard to find a force that could stop this kind of attack.

With the shock of this great power, there were many people on the scene who were confused.

In the history of the Sines Continent, the elves and dwarves had never fought together before.

Not to mention that their leader was actually a frail looking human!

“Am I that frail?” Xu Yi turned to look at an elf warrior who although was slender, was still quite strong. He immediately gave up the idea of comparing himself to those strong looking dwarves, as he honestly accepted this appraisal, “Alright, it seems like I am rather weak. But if those fellows knew that I was a Seventh Grade Magician, would they still say that I was weak?”

Seeing Xu Yi who was acting like a kid, chairman Renersa in front of him couldn’t help laughing.

“In front of a hundred elven warriors and two hundred dwarven warriors, even if it is a Seventh Grade Magician, it still wouldn’t be enough.” Chairman Renersa looked at the two groups of elves and dwarves gathered in the distance and he said in an emotional voice, “Not to mention that they have such expensive equipment. Not mentioning the elves who have a tradition of using equipment that they make themselves, but the thick armour that the dwarves are wearing and the equipment they have, what is the deal with all those high quality equipment? Chairman Xu, you wouldn’t be telling me that you gave them that equipment, right?”

“Of course. They are working for our company, so of course I have to give them the appropriate equipment, otherwise wouldn’t I be taking their lives if I let them go out without anything?” Xu Yi said in a natural manner.

Chairman Renersa couldn’t help shaking his head, “Even if you want to provide equipment for them, you didn’t need to pick such high quality equipment, right? I think that you’ve spent at least three hundred gold coins for a single set of equipment, right? For two hundred dwarven warriors, that is sixty thousand gold coins. Don’t you think that is a bit too generous?”

Xu Yi laughed and suddenly approached chairman Renersa. He lowered his voice and said with a mysterious look, “If I told you that a single set didn’t even cost fifty gold coins, would you believe it?”

“How is that possible!” Chairman Renersa couldn’t help raising his voice, but then he suddenly realized his mistake and lowered his voice, “Are you serious? I wouldn’t make a mistake when it comes to equipment and the material itself is already high grade, not to mention the craftsmanship. I’m certain that to make this set of armour, it must be a blacksmith with a high level of skills!”

After saying this, chairman Renersa suddenly thought of something and revealed a look of understanding.

“Of, right, I forgot that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce doesn’t lack dwarven blacksmiths. But the materials for a set shouldn’t be just fifty gold coins, so could it be that your dwarven master blacksmiths are working for free?”

Xu Yi shook his head with a faint smile, “No, you’re completely wrong. The weapons and armours were all made with magic machines. From head to tail, the master blacksmiths were just responsible for making the molds and they didn’t do anything else.”

Chairman Renersa’s eyes suddenly popped out. He wanted to say that it was impossible, but seeing Xu Yi’s confident smile, he couldn’t say a thing.

Thinking about it, he asked Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, can I give it a try?”


Renersa called a human guard from the Renekton Chamber of Commerce and Xu Yi called a dwarven warrior.

Under Xu Yi’s order, the dwarven warrior casually stood in front of the human guard and that human guard hesitantly lifted his sword as he slashed down with all his might at the dwarven warrior’s shoulder.


A very deep sound rang out as the sword in the human guard’s hand was knocked back by the armour on the dwarven warrior’s shoulder.

Everyone’s gaze fell onto the dwarven warrior’s shoulder and found that other than a white mark left on the armour, there wasn’t any damage to it at all!

Everyone looked back at the sword in the guard’s hand and found that there was a large mark left on the blade of the sword!

Everyone couldn’t help giving surprised gasps.

Even the dwarves had eyes that popped out as their faces were covered in disbelief.

Although they believed that with a human’s strength, it was impossible for them to be hurt while wearing armour, they never would have thought that the quality of the armour would be so strong. Not only did it defend against the human’s attack, it seemed like the other side’s decent quality sword had chipped from hitting it!

All the dwarven soldiers couldn’t help rubbing the armour they were wearing as they looked on with disbelief.

When they set out from the Falling Rain Valley yesterday, Xu Yi had them change into these armours. At first they thought that these armours were a bit light, so the quality must be bad, so they were complaining in their hearts that Xu Yi was a bit too stingy.

But who would have thought that these sets of armours would have such quality, it really surprised them.

Xu Yi on the side wasn’t surprised by this at all.

These sets of armour were made from the new alloy that chief Siluka’s dwarves had developed. Not only was it strong against attacks, it was also wear resistant, so it was very suited for making armour.

Xu Yi had planned on selling this alloy to the military to let them make a new set of armour. After he came up with the idea of recruiting dwarves for the company guards, he had chief Siluka and chief Mont build a bunch of these sets of armour first and now he could use them.

As for the weapons in the hands of the dwarven warriors, that was even more simple.

Before the army built their factory, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had produced fifty thousand sets of armour and weapons, so it was easy for them to make several hundred sets.

“Now try the weapon.” Xu Yi said to chairman Renersa.

Chairman Renersa nodded. He didn’t have a human guard try to take a hit from the dwarves, rather he had him take off his armour and put it on the ground, letting the dwarven warrior try out his weapon.

Even if the dwarven warrior’s weapon was disappointing, just with the strength of the dwarven warrior, they could beat a human guard half to death with just a simple stone.

When the dwarven warrior was about to make a move, Xu Yi suddenly shouted, “Use a bit less strength, otherwise the might of this axe can’t be displayed.”

The dwarven warrior was surprised, but he nodded to show he understood. He gently raised the axe that was even bigger than his head and without using much strength, the axe fell down with gravity.


With a dull sound and after the dirt dispersed, everyone looked at the ground and found that the armour that the human guard had been wearing had been split in half.

The blade of the axe was even a finger’s length deep into the ground, which showed just how sharp the axe was.

Chairman Renersa looked at the smooth cut on the armour and after being stunned, he suddenly stretched out a finger to Xu Yi as he said with a serious face, “One hundred per set, sell me three hundred sets.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile.

After fishing for a while, the fish finally took the bait.


The next day, Xu Yi and chairman Renersa, along with chairman Vincent brought this large assembly of guards, who protected more than thirty horse carriages filled with commodities to the Voller Tribe. From the chief Voller to even the small wolfmen who were only a few years old, they were all shocked by this.

When the three companies decided to build that non-ferrous mine, chief Voller knew that these humans would be sending some guards, but he never thought that these humans would send such an impressive lineup.

Forgetting the few hundred human guards, why were there one hundred elven warriors and two hundred dwarven warriors among the guards?

When did elves and dwarves start cooperating with humans?

Because of how shocked he was, chief Voller didn’t hear what Xu Yi and chairman Renersa said, just following the two of them during the commodity exchange procedure in a daze.

But after the procedure was over, chief Voller watched the small mountain of goods and he slowly came back to his senses.

Seeing the small wolfmen children dig out some small toys from the small mountain and happily playing with them, chief Voller’s wolf face couldn’t help revealing a heartfelt smile.

The beastmen had been living bitter days on the Black Rice Wasteland. These children could barely feed themselves before, so not mentioning toys to play with, even having a single new piece of clothing was good enough.

But after those three human merchants came and saw that strange non-ferrous metal vein, they suddenly gave five hundred thousand gold coins for it. This made chief Voller feel that it was like a large pie that fell from the sky.

The most important thing was that these human merchants had kept their word. They really gave many things that they needed and the price wasn’t that high, so it made chief Voller feel a bit of trust towards them.

Although humans were untrustworthy in the hearts of beastmen, chief Voller was clear that these humans wanted the non-ferrous mine, so that mine was the most important thing to them and there was no need to lie to them about other things.

Thinking of this, chief Voller suddenly thought of another important problem. Thinking about it, he asked Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, last time you said that our tribesman can go work for your company and you would apply for labour cards for them, letting them receive the same treatment in your human kingdom. Has there been progress in this matter?”

Seeing the expectant look in chief Voller’s eyes, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. This chief Voller really was a chief, he had some experience. He knew that compared to the five hundred thousand gold coins, the more important thing was solving their long term problem.

“Un, there’s been quite a bit of progress. I have confirmed it with the kingdom’s officials and you beastmen will be treated like the elves and dwarves. Even if you’re from another race, as long as you’re willing to work for our human companies, you can apply for labour cards.” Xu Yi said.

Chief Voller revealed a look of joy and when he wanted to say something, Xu Yi suddenly cut him off.


Xu Yi deliberately paused, making chief Voller’s heart jump to his throat as he looked at Xu Yi with a nervous gaze.

“But the premise of getting a labour card is that you cannot be hostile towards humans. You have to follow the rules of humans if you work in human factories and can’t go against the laws of the human kingdom.”

“Of course, of course.” Chief Voller kept nodding, “Chairman Xu can be assured, our Voller Tribe is very friendly towards humans, we have never attacked humans before. You can ask chairman Renersa if you don’t believe me.”

Chairman Renersa on the side nodded with a faint smile, “Yes, I can guarantee that the Voller Tribe has always been good in cooperating with us, they have never attacked humans before.”

“That’s good.” Xu Yi nodded, “Other than these two important conditions, the kingdom officials have another limitation. It is that for each beastmen household, they can only receive one labour card.”

“Ah?” Chief Voller looked at Xu Yi in surprise as his two big wolf eyes kept blinking in confusion, completely not understanding what this limitation was for.

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