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Chapter 172 - Young Master, Please Don’t Misunderstand The Young Madam

Chapter 172: Young Master, Please Don’t Misunderstand The Young Madam

“The Young Madam left early in the morning.”

Mu Yichen subconsciously frowned.

She went out again?

Tang Tang’s words from a few days back flashed in his mind, his face instantly darkened a bit.

Could she be out there with that “very handsome uncle”? Was she going to return home at midnight again?

“Where did the Young Madam go? Did she go out to fool around instead of keeping Tang Tang company at home?”

Butler Chen hurriedly explained, “Young Master, please don’t get the wrong idea. The Little Miss has gone to kindergarten already. The Young Madam has been busy with a competition or something these few days, and it seems like today is the day of the finals. That’s why she has been busy till late night.”

“A competition?”

Mu Yichen was startled.

“Yes, Young Master, please don’t misunderstand the Young Madam. Young Madam doesn’t have time to pick up the Little Miss from school, that’s why the girl got jealous and said what she said. In fact, the Young Madam has been working really hard these days, and she always falls asleep on the couch.”

Butler Chen was afraid of the Young Master getting into another fight with the Young Madam, so he quickly said good things about her.

Mu Yichen gestured for the butler to leave, then he got upstairs alone and entered the study room.

He pulled open the drawer and took out a gilded invitation letter.

This invitation letter was not directed at Mu Yichen, but at his mother, Tan Yueru.

Madam Tan was invited to be a judge for the Huafeng Competition by the SL Corporation.

Not only was Tan Yueru the Madam of the Mu Family, she was also a woman of fairly decent class and could be said to be one of the most prestigious ladies in T City.

She would always receive invitation letters from all kinds of major brands in the fashion industry when they hold fashion shows.

However, she almost never attended to these invitations, so her occasional appearance would mean the highest form of praise and honor for the designers of the respective brands.

Mu Yichen took the invitation letter with him and prepared to leave.

Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks.

He turned around and walked into the wardrobe room. His gaze fell on an exquisite and casual suit as he recalled the scene where the woman put these clothes on him.

And also… that Weibo post.

“How could they say that the person wearing this suit is Sheng Yu? What a bunch of blind folks!”

Mu Yichen snorted coldly and simply took off his clothes and changed into the casual suit. Then, he picked up his car keys and left the house.

At the backstage in SL Corporation, Shao Mingyi and Fang Ziqian had already changed into the clothes that were going to be presented on the runway.

Luo Chenxi carefully checked them and made sure that every inch of their clothes was in perfect condition before she finally felt relieved.

Then, she watched the two rehearsed one last time.

“That’s great! The two of you perform so well together! Today’s show will definitely be a success. Oh, right, Young Master Shao, even though you didn’t come for rehearsal yesterday, there’s no need for you to worry. Little Qianqian knows the sequence and the order of your appearance, so when the time comes, just be sure to follow behind her.”

Shao Mingyi nodded. “Understood. Miss Fang, I’ll be counting on you later.”

Fang Ziqian fell into a daze after hearing her prince charming’s words.

“Young Master Shao, please don’t say that. I’m really, really happy to be able to walk with you! With you here today, and with Little Xixi’s excellent design, we definitely stand a chance at winning the grand prize!”

Shao Mingyi stared at her with a smile. “You’ve performed well too, you’re the most outstanding model I’ve ever seen.”

“Oh, my prince charming, you are so good at sweet talking a girl.” Fang Ziqian blushed.

Luo Chenxi also laughed. “Young Master Shao is telling the truth! Little Qianqian, I’ve always known that your runway skills are the best, so show Bai Xinxin what you’ve got, and let her know how a true professional should look!”

Most models nowadays were influenced by the entertainment industry. Most of them only wanted to draw people in for popularity and scrape as much profit as they could. Only a few would share the same passion as Fang Ziqian and perfect the fundamentals like she did in the past.

Even Bai Xinxin fell far behind Fang Ziqian in terms of skills. Bai Xinxin had only managed to reach where she was today all thanks to the influence of her powerful family background.

Just then, Luo Chenxi heard the staff calling her name outside, so she turned around and headed back to her booth.

“Miss Xing Chen, are you guys ready? Your models’ appearance timing is minute 15, 20 seconds, while their positions should be fixed at minute 16. Be sure not to miss a single second of the timing, alright?” The staff reminded Luo Chenxi as he gave the instructions.

After confirming with the manager, Luo Chenxi returned to her booth.

Fang Ziqian was darting back and forth anxiously like a headless fly.

Beside her, Shao Mingyi had a face as pale as a sheet. He was curled up on the chair as beads of cold sweat dripped down his forehead.

Luo Chenxi was shocked.

“You guys… What’s going on?”

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