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Chapter 175 - Yichen… He’s Here for Me Today

Chapter 175: Yichen… He’s Here for Me Today

As soon as they entered the seating area, everyone’s gaze instantly fell on Mu Yichen.

This was especially the female celebrities who came to the show. They all became extremely excited at his appearance.

They gradually stood back up from their designated seats in an attempt to show their face to Young Master Mu.

The winner of the Golden Qilin Best Actress Award, Lu Jiachun was the first to walk toward the man because she was seated in the front row.

“Young Master Mu, I’m Lu Jiachun. You were the one who handed me the award at the Golden Qilin Award, do you still remember me?”

She had a look of anticipation on her face. Unfortunately, Mu Yichen completely ignored her.

Young Master Mu walked straight to the judicial panel seat and sat down.

Lu Jiachun retreated back in defeat.

Seeing this, the rest of the female celebrities all gave up on trying to greet the man.

News of Young Master Mu’s arrival soon spread to every nook and cranny of SL Corporation.

Wu Lingshan also became excited when the news reached her ears.

“I’ve never seen Young Master Mu with my own eyes! If it weren’t for the show starting soon that I can’t leave, I really want to get out there and see for myself!”

Bai Xinxin glanced at her disdainfully and revealed an arrogant smile. “Just follow me if you want to see Young Master Mu. Yichen… is here for me today!”

“Huh? What? Miss Bai, do you know Young Master Mu personally?” Wu Lingshan asked in shock.

Bai Xinxin glanced in Mu Yichen’s direction and blushed shyly.

“Of course. My brother and Yichen are close friends. I’ve been dating Yichen for a while now. We just haven’t disclosed our relationship for the sake of my career. You have to keep it a secret for me, understand?”

Although Bai Xinxin said to keep it a secret, in truth, she really wanted the entire world to know about it.

Yichen actually came to watch her walk the runway!

After all, this was only a competition meant for rookie designers, so it was completely impossible for a member of a noble family to show up, let alone someone from the Mu Family.

With this fact out of the way, was there even a need to guess the real reason he was here? Who else was he doing this for?

Thinking of this, Bai Xinxin felt a sweetness in her heart.

“Consider yourself lucky. With Yichen as the judge, he will definitely give you a handsome score for the sake of our relationship.” Bai Xinxin said.

Wu Lingshan was still in shock after receiving the massive chunk of juicy gossip. The moment Bai Xinxin finished, she instantly snapped back to her senses and became excited.

She quickly thanked Bai Xinxin, “Miss Bai, thank you so much! You’re definitely a big help to me if I managed to win the first prize today! As expected of the number one supermodel, a woman who’s beautiful on the outside and from within, Young Master Mu truly has good tastes!”

Bai Xinxin was delighted by this flattery. She waved her hand and said, “Alright, just sit back and relax as you watch the grand prize fall into your hands. You will surely make the headlines!”

Wu Lingshan was extremely excited, but at the same time, she felt a little frustrated.

If she had known that Young Master Mu would come, she would not have to risk drugging Shao Mingyi.

There was no way Shao Mingyi’s popularity could compare to that of the great ideal husband of the nation, Young Master Mu.

However, what was done was done. There was no luxury for her to regret her actions.

Thinking of this, Wu Lingshan took out her cell phone and made a post on Weibo.

@Wu Lingshan, #Huafeng Competition#Who would’ve thought that I would meet my prince charming, Young Master Shao! Judging by his get-up, it looks like he’ll be modelling today. I wonder who’s the amazing one who contracted him, I’m so envious.

She also attached a few photos of Shao Mingyi that she had secretly taken backstage.

Barely a minute after the post was sent, hundreds of replies appeared underneath.

Wu Lingshan put away her cell phone without even a glance at the screen.

The corners of her mouth curled into a cold smile.

If Shao Mingyi’s fans knew that he would be modelling, they would definitely fight their way out to watch the live broadcast of the Huafeng Competition.

Then, when they finally realized that their prince charming did not appear after a long while and found out that he had ended up in the hospital instead, Xing Chen would surely become the target of the netizen’s criticism!

Thus, Xing Chen’s voting count would definitely hit rock bottom in the audience voting segment.

What was more, Young Master Mu was also going to be one of the judges…

The grand prize was already in the bag!

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