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Chapter 179 - My Wife Is So Darn Handsome!

Chapter 179: My Wife Is So Darn Handsome!

Tonnes of curses surged through the internet. Luo Chenxi, who was on the stage, instantly became the target of netizens’ criticism as they flamed her to oblivion.

Wu Lingshan heaved a sigh of relief when she saw the netizens’ reaction. The corners of her mouth curled up, revealing a slight smirk.

So what if Xing Chen’s models performed beautifully?

No matter how well they did, it would not change the fact that the male model was not Shao Mingyi!

Did Luo Chenxi still expect to be able to win the grand prize after provoking Shao Mingyi’s fans? In her dreams!

However, just as she put away her phone, she suddenly heard a gasp from a female reporter beside her.

Following that, waves of exclamations could be heard from the crowd.

“Holy sh*t! Who is this model? He’s so, so, so handsome! Oh, save my frail maiden heart!”

“I shall kneel before him! From today onwards, he’s my new prince charming!”

“He’s so handsome! When he glanced at the audience for a split second, I felt my heart pounding out of my chest! I can’t take it anymore!”

What was going on?

What were they talking about?

Wu Lingshan’s heart skipped a beat, she quickly turned to look at the runway.

At this moment, Luo Chenxi had already walked to Fang Ziqian’s side in her tuxedo tailcoat. She turned to face Fang Ziqian and locked eyes with her.

Fang Ziqian slightly opened her mouth and softly said in a voice that only the two of them on stage could hear, “Little Xixi, you’re amazing!”

Luo Chenxi smiled without answering. The subtle curls at the corners of her lips gave off a hint of frivolity hidden behind her prideful front that completely enchanted the crowd and captured their full attention.

Then, with a hand behind her back, Luo Chenxi bent down slightly toward Fang Ziqian as she reached out her other arm, she performed a simple gesture of a man’s invitation to a woman for a dance.

Luo Chenxi’s courteous movements gave off a naturally elegant and noble vibe, as if she was a prince of the Medieval ages walking out from a castle.

When she looked up at Fang Ziqian with a deep and reserved gaze, gasps could be heard from the crowd.

“Cool! So d*mn cool!”

“My prince charming, please let me marry you!”

Just a moment ago, the audience were still lamenting at Shao Mingyi’s unexpected absence and thought that there was no point left in watching the fashion show.

However, right now, their eyes had been completely drawn toward the young man on stage.

They had even forgotten that they were initially here for Shao Mingyi.

The audience remained in awe even after Luo Chenxi and Fang Ziqian turned around to complete the walk back down the runway, hand in hand.

Not only were the other female designers stunned, many male designers in the fashion industry also became dumbfounded in astonishment. Some even darted up to Sheng Yu to ask about the background of this male model.

“Chief Sheng, where did you find this model? Why hasn’t anyone seen him before? Which agency is he from? Can you let us in on this? I really want him to model for me, this young man’s got such a spiritual vibe on him, so he’s definitely going to be so, so famous! It was no wonder you let him take Shao Mingyi’s place as the showstopper.”

Sheng Yu was also dumbfounded. “To… to be honest, I don’t know him either. I also thought that Shao Mingyi was supposed to be the showstopper, so… Cough, cough! I too, have no idea what’s going on.”

Luo Chenxi’s disguise as a male was a completely different appearance to her usual female look.

Even with an elegant face, there was not a single hint of femininity in her expression. Instead, she gave off a gentle and refined air around her.

Sheng Yu thought she looked familiar, but he could not pinpoint the model’s identity in the heat of the moment.

Meanwhile, Young Master Mu’s face had darkened to the brim.

“It is no wonder this woman stayed outdoors until midnight while I was away. She’s disguising herself as a man to flirt around with people! She hasn’t had enough of seducing men, so she goes off trying to seduce women to have her fill instead!”

The man truly refused to admit the fact that he had begun questioning his own sexuality the moment Luo Chenxi appeared.

Strangely, he was not able to pull his gaze away from the ‘man’ that had appeared on stage.

It was not until he noticed the mole on Luo Chenxi’s collar bone through the slightly opened collars of her outfit that he finally came to a realization.

His wife was actually modelling on stage, disguised as a man in a tailcoat!

And the worst part of it all—she was so darn handsome!

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