Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

Chapter 180 - Why is Young Master Mu Here?

Chapter 180: Why is Young Master Mu Here?

The audience was still furiously discussing Chen Xi and Fang Ziqian’s catwalk.

Suddenly, the music changed.

All the models once again stepped onto the runway.

This time, they did not have any assigned fixed point or timing by the organizers. Instead, they circled one round on the runway and eventually stood at their designated positions as they awaited their scores from the judges.

Fang Ziqian and Luo Chenxi received special attention from the media reporters as they once again came on stage.

Many of them had forgotten to snap photographs of the two during their catwalk as they were lost in thought while enjoying the two’s magnificent performance earlier. Now that they had another chance, they quickly snapped photos to make up for it.

“Hey, both of you, please look over here!”

“Can you please turn this way, just a little?”

The reporters moved closer and kept taking photos.

This scene was comparable to a top celebrity walking on the red carpet at a film festival.

Bai Xinxin was standing in front of Fang Ziqian and Luo Chenxi, but the reporters completely ignored her and only focused on photographing the two unfamiliar faces behind her.

Seeing this, Bai Xinxin was so angry that her nose could go crooked from the anger.

Were these reporters blind? Did they really have to be so snobbish?

All it took was for her to make one mistake on stage to have everyone start ignoring her!

What good were photographs of these rookie models anyway? They probably were not even worthy of being her side kick!

Luo Chenxi and Fang Ziqian tried their best to comply with the reporters’ requests, so their faces gradually got stiff from smiling.

After a while, the reporters had no choice but to step away as the vice president of SL Corporation finally came on stage to give his speech.

Before Luo Chenxi even managed to heave a sigh of relief, she suddenly saw a familiar figure at the judicial panel’s seat as she turned her head.

She then received a shock that almost threw her off the stage.

Holy crap!

Why was Young Master Mu Here?

Did he not go to M Country for a business trip?

At this moment, Mu Yichen also raised his head and looked at her.

Their eyes finally met.

Young Master Mu’s deep black eyes gazed on her face for a brief moment, then he snorted coldly.

Luo Chenxi’s expression stiffened even more.

It could not be… She was currently disguised as a man! Fang Ziqian even mentioned before that her male appearance was completely different from her usual female look! So, how could Young Master Mu have possibly seen through her disguise?

She felt a sense of guilt and subconsciously took a few steps toward Fang Ziqian.

Then, a wave of praises came from the crowd. “Wow, they look so sweet together!”

Hearing this, the coldness in Mu Yichen’s eyes became even more obvious.

These two women actually wore matching couple outfits!

He recognized the woman standing next to Luo Chenxi. He had seen her the last time he went to Secret Clubhouse, it was Bai Shixun’s female secretary!

Bai Shixun had recently been complaining about his endless pile of work because his secretary was on her annual leave, so he had been wanting to drag her back to work very badly.

Mu Yichen immediately whipped out his cell phone to send a WeChat message to Bai Shixun. “Shixun, have you seen the SL Corporation’s fashion show today?”

Bai Shixun replied shortly after, “Don’t talk to me about fashion shows! It doesn’t matter what kind of gorgeous beauties are there, I won’t even be the least bit interested! Also, I haven’t been hitting the bar for a full month now because I have had to work overtime everyday!”

“I’d strongly suggest you check it out, assuming you want to escape your overtime hell.”

“What do you mean?”

Bai Shixun was at a loss.

At this moment, the vice president’s speech had ended.

Mu Yichen ignored Bai Shixun’s repeated questions and straight up threw his cell phone to the side without replying.

“As everyone knows, the score for the Huafeng Competition finals are made up of two parts. For the first part, the judicial panel present is made up of famous figures from the fashion and business industry, so the points they award shall add up to 60% of a participant’s final score, while the remaining 40% is made up of points given by netizens behind their screens.”

“Now, before the judicial panel reveals the scores, let us listen to their reviews of the participants’ works, and show us which designer’s work is the number 1 in their hearts.”

After the host finished speaking, he walked toward the judicial panel.

The designers on their respective booths all showed nervous and expectant looks.

Wu Lingshan sneered with disdain.

“What a bunch of idiots. Do they really think there would be people complimenting their works? My parents have connections with these judges, they have all been bribed to only nominate me as the winner!”

“The only exception is Young Master Mu. However, since he is here for Bai Xinxin, he is definitely on my side as well!”

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