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Chapter 181 - Is That Outfit On Young Master Mu… A Work of Xing Chen’s?

Chapter 181: Is That Outfit On Young Master Mu… A Work of Xing Chen’s?

“My favorite designer is the one whose model appeared second last, Miss Wu Lingshan.

“Her design is graceful and elegant, and it incorporates many retro elements. Be it the fabric used, the embroidery, or the craftsmanship, all these aspects are no doubt first-class. One can see the designer’s effort from the final product. This kind of craftsmanship is exactly what young designers nowadays lack.”

A male designer in his forties was the first to voice his comments.

A lot of the other judges on the panel also nodded with him.

“Not bad. Wu Lingshan’s design is indeed very charming. The integration between various elements is excellent.”

“The embroidery on this gown requires a good few days work of at least four to five embroidery workers. Its standard is comparable to or, one might even claim that it might surpass that of a typical customization of a high-end outfit!”

“I, too, will vote for Wu Lingshan. Despite the minor hiccups in her model’s catwalk, occasional mistakes like that are normal and therefore shall not be a justification to forfeit a designer’s outstanding talent.”

The judges gave their comments one after another as they one-sidedly spoke up for Wu Lingshan.

The audience and reporters in the stands slowly became dumbfounded.

“What… what is going on? Why is everyone saying that Wu Lingshan’s design is better? Xing Chen’s design is clearly miles ahead!”

“That’s right, I think so too. But… Since the judges said so, could it just be a problem with our aesthetic standards?”

The host was also a little puzzled, so he asked one of the judges, “Well then, Master Meng, what do you… think of Xing Chen’s work?”

Master Meng was a good friend of Wu Lingshan’s father. Naturally, he immediately answered disdainfully, “I have no idea how you could possibly ask such a question! Which part of Xing Chen’s horrendously ordinary design could compare to that of Wu Lingshan’s?”

“All she had in her was her models’ outstanding performance on stage! Mind you, the Huafeng Competition is a competition for fashion designers, not models!”

The others nodded in agreement.

This scene put a smug smile on Wu Lingshan’s face.

She could almost see the champion’s trophy waving at her!

At this moment, the host turned to Mu Yichen.

“Young Master Mu, it’s truly surprising that you are able to join us today as one of the judges for the competition. May I ask if there is a designer here that catches your eye?”

Everyone quieted down and looked at Mu Yichen.

Even though Young Master Mu had remained silent for the entire time, his presence in the hall was so strong that no one could possibly ignore him.

The cameramen even took close-up shots at the man once every few minutes.

With Mu Yichen’s social status, a few simple words from him would turn out to be significantly more impactful than that of the rest of the judges combined.

Bai Xinxin could not help but take a step forward and turn around to face Mu Yichen.

The gloominess from before was swept away, and all that remained was a bright, sweet smile on her face.

Young Master Mu would definitely speak up for her!

What was the point of those small-time models’ excellent performance anyway? It would not matter in the least, because the person who would be hoarding the limelight today was none other than her, Bai Xinxin!

Mu Yichen took the microphone as he subtly adjusted his posture.

Before he could speak, a girl from the crowd suddenly cried out in surprise.

“Ah! This casual suit that Young Master Mu is wearing, could it be… could it be the one that was posted on Xing Chen’s Weibo?”

“What? Miss, what did you just say?”

The host hurriedly walked over to the girl.

The girl had acted on impulse. Now that the cameras turned to face her, she started becoming a little nervous.

“Ahem, it’s just… I’ve been following Xing Chen’s Weibo, and she occasionally posts some of her latest designs online. I happened to have seen Young Master Mu’s current outfit by chance and it left a deep impression on me because I wanted to have one tailored for my boyfriend…”

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