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Chapter 183 - Is He Here for Xing Chen?

Chapter 183: Is He Here for Xing Chen?

Mu Yichen pursed his lips as he swept a glance at Luo Chenxi in her menswear. He could see that she was extremely nervous.

He then nodded and faintly answered, “Yes.”

The host asked again, “Then… Please allow me to ask this, how did you come across Xing Chen’s design in the first place, and what do you think about her work?”

“I came across Xing Chen’s work because…”

Mu Yichen answered slowly. As his deep and magnetic voice broadcasted live on the internet through the cameras, the netizens instantly started losing their minds and furiously commented on the chat sections on various online streaming platforms.

However, halfway through his sentence, he suddenly stopped talking.

Luo Chenxi instantly felt her heart pounding so hard it felt as if it could pound through her chest.

Mu Yichen would not reveal their relationship out of the blue, would he?

He would not be that much of an *sshole, right?

Aside from the fact that they were not truly husband and wife, Luo Chenxi did not want to abuse her title as Young Madam Mu to push her odds of winning in the competition.

She had been working so hard all this time just so she could win the masses’s recognition solely by relying on her own design talent.

If Young Master Mu slipped up now, all her past efforts would be in vain!

Mu Yichen briefly paused before speaking again, “I, too, noticed Xing Chen’s designs from Weibo. I really liked them, which is why we got in touch, and I had her tailor a few sets of outfits for me.”

“In my opinion, Xing Chen’s design is very much in line with my aesthetic standards. It perfectly reflects the definition of ‘elegance’, and is without a doubt the first choice for both men and women with a certain specific taste for their outfits.”

Mu Yichen’s words surprised everyone once again.

The fact that the man attended the fashion show in an outfit designed by Xing Chen had been a clear indication for his affinity toward her design.

Therefore, no one had expected him to go as far as giving such high praise to Xing Chen.

It was an admiration that came from the bottom of his heart.

Meanwhile, the color on Bai Xinxin’s face instantly disappeared.

She stared at Mu Yichen’s perfectly handsome side profile in disbelief and her pale lips trembled slightly as if she was about to cry.

‘Did Yichen really come for that designer called Xing Chen instead of me?’

How… How was this possible?!

There was no way Bai Xinxin could accept how things had turned awry beyond her expectations!

Regrettably, Mu Yichen had never really batted an eye at her.

As soon as he finished giving his praise to Xing Chen, he put down his microphone and sat back down with a plain face.

With this, the rest of the judges’ faces were filled with indescribable awkwardness.

Just a moment ago, they were looking down on Xing Chen’s design for being dull and ordinary. Who would have thought things would take such an unexpected turn in the blink of an eye.

Mu Yichen actually stepped out to prove his support for Xing Chen through his actions and even complimented her highly.

Mu Yichen’s praises to Xing Chen hit so hard that their initial criticism backfired like heavy slaps in their faces!

Young Master Mu was publicly acknowledged as the number one noble son of China. Hence, any piece of clothing he wore would immediately become a hit and be wildly pursued by his fans.

A single word of praise from him was more impactful than a hundred words from all the other judges combined.

Despite Young Master Mu’s completely different opinion from the rest of the judges, no one would doubt his tastes. Instead, everyone would only assume that the rest of the judicial panel was not fit to be judges because of their low aesthetic standards!

Master Meng was the first to speak after a brief moment of silence.

“Hmm, about that… Upon closer look, Xing Chen’s design is indeed very spiritual, unlike Wu Lingshan’s exaggerated work. Xing Chen is truly a fashion designer who respects practicality and realism!”

His words acted as a shepherd to the herd as the rest of the judges scrambled to follow suit.

“That’s right, that’s right! Just like what Young Master Mu said, this is what you call true elegance!”

“A truly successful design will not only be a mere show-off on the runway, but can also be worn practically by many in daily life. From this standpoint alone, Xing Chen’s design is clearly ahead of that of Wu Lingshan’s.”

In just a few minutes, the judges’ comments and reviews took a drastic, 180 degree turn.

The judges who initially spoke up for Wu Lingshan started to praise Luo Chenxi in order to please Young Master Mu.

Moreover, it was never a difficult thing to do in the first place, because Luo Chenxi’s work was truly excellent!

Back when they sang praises for Wu Lingshan, they had to rack their brains to give their comments as naturally as possible.

Now that they were complimenting Luo Chenxi, most of them commented endlessly as they unknowingly said a bunch of good things about her design.

At this moment, Wu Lingshan, who was standing at her booth, was trembling in anger.

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