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Chapter 185 - My Dear Prince Charming, Have All My Votes!

Chapter 185: My Dear Prince Charming, Have All My Votes!

“The netizen’s voting segment has already begun since the end of the catwalk session. Now, there are only five minutes left for the netizens to cast their votes!

“When the voting closes, the final vote count will be tabulated based on the total amounts of positive votes versus the negative votes for each designer. The designer who has the highest overall votes will be awarded a full 50 points for this segment, whereas the rest of the designers shall be awarded with points according to their final vote count in descending order.

“Alright, now that everyone is clear about the rules, let’s take a look at the big screen.”

As the host finished speaking, the content on the screen instantly switched.

The vote counts for all ten designers in the competition were displayed on the left side of the screen.

As for the right side of the screen, the camera cut to display the same footage broadcasted online. The overlapping chat box could also be seen on the screen.

Wu Lingshan immediately perked up. She sat up straight and raised her head to look at the screen.

Xing Chen’s vote had probably plummeted all the way down to a negative count!

However, her smug smile instantly froze on her face in the next second. She stared at the big screen in disbelief and almost could not hold back from standing up.

“How is this possible? Why is her score so high? This is unreal!”

On the big screen, Luo Chenxi’s votes soared like a rocket, completely shoving her competitors far behind.

She was already close to the five million vote count mark.

In contrast, Wu Lingshan, who was second to Luo Chenxi in vote count, was only sitting at around 500 thousand votes. The worst part of it all, this was the best she could achieve despite secretly buying votes with huge sums of money.

Naturally, there was also no need to guess the pitiful state that the rest of the designers were in.

‘How can this be? Are Shao Mingiy’s fans not bothered by his absence at all? How can there be no one to cast votes against her?’

Wu Lingshan forced herself to calm down and turned to look at the detailed statistics at the bottom of the screen.

Then, her face darkened even more.

Luo Chenxi indeed had a lot of votes casted against her. These votes were so frighteningly high that they had already breached the three million mark.

However, she had received way more for votes to make up for it! These votes had even reached more than eight million in number!

That was why her net vote count was as high as five million.

Everyone in the hall was stunned at the numbers displayed on the screen. Such a shocking vote count was unprecedented in the history of the Huafeng Competition!

Sheng Yu, too, had a face full of shock. The first thought that crossed his mind was that Luo Chenxi might have pulled some tricks to steal votes.

He almost wanted to stand up and call for a time-out.

However, as his eyes turned to look at the live broadcast on the right half of the screen, he got stunned.

“Aaahhhhhhh! My dear prince charming, have all my votes! Your performance on the runway was simply gorgeous! Here’s a vote for you!”

“So handsome! So handsome! So handsome! Here’s the main point being emphasized thrice, because why not? Now take all my votes!”

“My dear prince charming! Can you talk to us just a little bit? We’ve only seen you modelling, so we have yet to hear your voice!”

The insane hype of the netizens flooding the screen with countless comments on the overlapping chat box was on par with the hype when the netizens thought Shao Mingyi was going to appear next.

The only difference right now was the target of the netizens’ flattery. Instead of Shao Mingyi, the overwhelming amount of praises were completely directed at the rookie male model!

The host was also shocked by the result.

After what seemed like a long while, he finally came back to his senses and turned to Luo Chenxi with a smile. “It seems like we have an unbelievably popular rookie model here with us today. Allow me to humor the fans’ request, no need to thank me, alright?

The host walked to Luo Chenxi as laughter sounded from the crowd. “Hello, mister model, do you mind telling us your name?”

Luo Chenxi briefly stunned as the microphone suddenly got brought to her mouth.

At first, she expected her task of disguising as a man to end after the runway walk was over. Who would have thought that she would suddenly receive this much attention just from her appearance.

Right now, all the cameras were focused on her.

The live broadcast platform also showed a close-up of Luo Chenxi’s face.

Her slightly hesitant expression immediately triggered a new round of netizens’ comments on the screen.

“Ahhh! He even looks so cute when he’s in a daze!”

“How can he be this handsome? He looks so good from every angle!”

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