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Chapter 194 - She Didn’t Check Her Fortune for the Day Before Heading Out

Chapter 194: She Didn’t Check Her Fortune for the Day Before Heading Out

In the silverish gray limousine, Luo Chenxi carefully sized up the man beside her as he wore an ashen face.

She pondered again and again deep down but could not figure out why Young Master Mu had gotten so angry.

All she did was participate in a designing competition, did she not?

It was not like he just found out about this anyway!

Mu Yichen glanced at her coldly.

Luo Chenxi jolted and came back to her senses, then she quickly put on a sweet smile.

“Young Master Mu, we haven’t seen each other for more than ten days. Looking at you today, I realized that you’re looking even more handsome, more masculine, more charming, more dependable, more short-tempered… Cough, cough, wait, that’s not…”

Luo Chenxi dryly coughed and shut her mouth as she saw Young Master Mu’s face getting darker and darker.

“Well? Carry on. Why did you stop? I haven’t realized this before, but you are pretty rich in vocabulary, aren’t you? That’s quite a few phrases that you blurted out there!”

“It’s… it’s nothing…” Luo Chenxi laughed dryly.

Mu yichen snorted coldly, “So, are you finished?”

Oh, no… Bad omen! This man was finally going to settle things with her!

The quick-witted Luo Chenxi said obsequiously, “No, no, I’m not done yet! What I’m trying to say is… Young Master Mu, I’ve been thinking about you all the time these days, and I want to thank you properly!

“Thank you for giving the project to the Luo Family, this has been a great help to me. Also, thank you for speaking up for me in the competition just now. Otherwise, I would totally have no idea how to get myself out of that sticky situation back there.”

Her words were genuinely sincere.

Thinking about it carefully, even though Young Master Mu had often been disdainful toward everything Luo Chenxi did and got randomly pissed at her, he never really did anything that could harm her.

Instead, the man had always been able to come to her aid during crucial moments to bail her out of tight situations.

Luo Chenxi was indeed grateful to Mu Yichen for all he had done for her.

Hearing the woman mention that she had been thinking of him, his heart did waver for a moment.

However, when Mu Yichen realized that Luo Chenxi was only thinking about thanking him and nothing else, he almost could not hold back from snapping at her again.

What was this? Was she… shoving him into the friendzone?

However, seeing Luo Chenxi staring at him with her big, glittering, round eyes and a sincere expression full of gratitude, the displeasure in his heart instantly vanished.

Then, the corners of his mouth curled up, revealing a smug look.

His thin lips parted, “Don’t overthink it. I only showed up at the Huafeng Competition because SL Corporation gave my mother an invitation to the fashion show, so I’m just attending it in her steed.

“As for the matter about speaking up for you… Well, god knows why did I just happen to grab the clothes you made before I came here. The media reporters even recognized them just from one look. What else could I have done if I didn’t speak up for you in terms of your design? Should I have given it to them straight that you are my wife instead?”

Luo Chenxi’s smile instantly froze on her face.

Was this man even capable of saying anything nice?

What was with this disdainful tone that sounded so different from when he spoke at the competition earlier? Now, he sounded like he completely despised the clothes she made!

This man did not even look into the mirror, did he?

Did he even realize how handsome he looked in this outfit?

“Well… If you hate it that much, give it back!”

Young Master Mu glared at her with a cold face. He did not bother humoring her in this conversation and said, “Enough, don’t change the topic.”

Then, he grabbed Luo Chenxi in the wrist and pulled her back to his side forcefully as she was backing away from him.

“Tell me, why are you, a designer, throwing flirtatious glances and seducing the entire world on the runway in this get-up?”

Luo Chenxi’s eyes widened as she became dumbfounded, “What… what do you mean by this get-up? Is there even anything wrong with this outfit? Also, when have I ever been throwing any flirtatious glances? And… seducing the… what?”

Mu Yichen narrowed his eyes. Thinking back, this woman exuded such an intoxicating charm on the T stage while being disguised as a man. Be it men or women, everyone was completely drawn to her on stage.

His expression gradually became hostile.

“You’re clearly a woman, so why are you wearing men’s clothing? Also, have I ever given you the permission to model on the runway?”

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