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Chapter 197 - Care to Explain What’s This Little Son-in-Law?

Chapter 197: Care to Explain What’s This Little Son-in-Law?

Luo Chenxi was stunned as she suddenly remembered that she was still disguised as a man, so she tried her best to explain to the little one.

The little dumpling’s big round eyes glanced at the adults as her gaze fell onto their hands that were clasped together. Then, she puffed her cheeks and darted toward them.

“Get away from each other, get away! Daddy belongs to my big sister!”

The little dumpling reached out her tender, chubby arms and tried to peel her daddy’s fingers off the ‘man’s’ hand.

The corners of Mu Yichen’s mouth twitched and he tightened his grip on Luo Chenxi’s hand without a sign of letting go.

After several failed attempts, the little dumpling quickly turned angry. “Daddy, I hate you! You went for big brother while big sister was away!”

Mu Yichen almost spurted blood.

What was with these absurd encounters today?

Why was he getting his sexuality questioned by his own wife and getting suspected for liking a big brother by his own daughter?

After the little dumpling’s rebuke toward her daddy, she decisively turned her head to look at Luo Chenxi. Then, she blinked her big eyes and put on her cutest smile.

“Big brother, you look so handsome!”

Luo Chenxi was briefly stunned. “Tang Tang, listen to me…”

“Big brother, since you’re so handsome, please be my boyfriend! I’m a hundred times cuter than my daddy!”

As the little dumpling spoked, she grabbed onto Luo Chenxi’s wrist and tried to pull her hand.

The little dumpling was obviously trying to split them both by coaxing Luo Chenxi instead of her daddy because she understood that Mu Yichen was not willing to play along. The little girl even unleashed her very own version of her little honey trap!

Luo Chenxi saw through the little girl’s intention and smiled wryly. “Are you trying to make me your boyfriend here? If that’s the case, what about Big Brother Shaoxuan?”

The little dumpling tilted her head as she bit onto her finger, “But, isn’t Big Brother Shaoxuan a little son-in-law?”

Wait, did that mean… that Bo Shaoxuan is considered… the little dumpling’s spouse?

Luo Chenxi secretly felt sorry for Bo Shaoxuan.

A moment of silence for this young boy…

The little dumpling had always fallen for every boy she set her eyes on.

Thus, things were probably not going to go well for the poor little son-in-law.

Seeing Luo Chenxi remaining silent, the little dumpling straight up pounced on the woman and hugged her thigh. “Pretty please? Big brother! You really are so handsome!”

Tang Tang’s eyes almost turned into two heart shapes.

This was the first time she had seen such a good looking big brother, he even looked so gentle when he smiled!

The little dumpling’s heart swayed and almost got stolen by the ‘big brother’ for real.

However, she would never betray her dear big sister. Daddy could only belong to her big sister!

Thinking of this, the little dumpling tightened her hug on Luo Chenxi.

Luo Chenxi bent down and brought the little girl into her arms, then lightly pinched on her chubby cheeks.

“Tang Tang, you little rascal, Big Brother Shaoxuan is going to get so sad if he heard what you said today.”

As the little dumpling heard Luo Chenxi’s voice, a puzzled look appeared on her face. “Huh?”

The little girl suddenly reached out her hands and wrapped them around Luo Chenxi’s neck. She brought her nose close to the woman’s face and sniffed around. When the little dumpling finally raised her head to look at Luo Chenxi again, her face quickly filled with surprise.

“Smells nice, it’s big sister’s scent! Are you… big sister?”

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