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Chapter 198 - He’s the Head of the Family!

Chapter 198: He’s the Head of the Family!

“Luo Chenxin, stop right there! What are you hiding from me?”

Mu Yichen gritted his teeth as he glared at the two of them.

These two have really grown some guts, huh? How dare they!

His daughter was only three and a half years old this year, yet she already has a little husband?

Which little brat with b*lls of steel dared get big ideas about his dear little princess?

The little dumpling also realized that something was up when she saw her daddy’s gloomy face. She blinked her eyes innocently, shrunk her neck down and buried her face into Luo Chenxi’s arms.

Luo Chenxi laughed dryly. “You’ve heard it wrongly!”

“Are you claiming my ears failed me? My hearing is perfectly fine! Let go of Tang Tang and let her explain it to me.”

Luo Chenxi hugged Tang Tang tightly and did not let go, then puffed her cheeks and said, “Hey, what kind of person are you? Don’t you even have the slightest sense of humor? They are just little children playing house and shouldn’t even be taken seriously, so why are you getting mad? If you keep bullying my dear Tang Tang, you’re not getting any sweet and sour fish tonight!”

As soon as she finished, Luo Chenxi quickly escaped with Tang Tang in her arms.

Mu Yichen was briefly stunned. He could not believe the fact that he just got reprimanded by this woman!

How was he wrong for wanting to teach his own daughter a lesson as the head of the family?

How did that lead to his wife threatening him in return?

In just a few seconds, Luo Chenxi had already run back to her room and locked the door.

She removed her disguise and changed into a new set of clothes. When she came back out, she realized that Mu Yichen had already gone into the study room.

She secretly heaved a sigh of relief and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner, with the little dumpling following behind. The little dumpling had offered to help her.

This time, with the help of the maids in the kitchen, Luo Chenxi managed to prepare the food faster than before.

In just less than an hour, she made six dishes and a bowl of soup. Then, she served them on the table and got someone to call Mu Yichen to come downstairs for dinner.

Young Master Mu was still wearing the suit he wore during the day. He came downstairs and sat at the dining table with a cold expression.

His gaze swept across the dishes on the table.

He saw that the dish closest to him was sweet and sour fish.

Mu Yichen’s expression finally turned a little warmer.

Luo Chenxi smiled at him fawningly. “Young Master Mu, please try this. I made this sweet and sour fish for you!”

She reached out her chopsticks, picked up a large piece of tender flesh from the fish’s belly, then placed it into Mu Yichen’s bowl.

This time, the little dumpling did not jump in to protest.

Mu Yichen felt a little strange at the unexpected ‘peace’ on the dining table, so he turned to look at the little dumpling who was sitting next to Luo Chenxi.

The little girl had a sweet little smile on her chubby face. “Daddy, try this fishy!”

Mu Yichen raised his eyebrows. He could not believe the fact that his gluttonous little devil was being so generous today!

The man lowered his head, picked up the flesh and put it in his mouth.

The sweet and sour taste was not really to his liking, but for some reason, this woman’s cooking surprisingly clicked with his appetite.

As Mu Yichen ate it, the cold, intimidating silhouette of his face turned warm and gentle.

Luo Chenxi heaved a sigh of relief and turned to pick a few bites of the dishes for the little dumpling.

“Tang Tang, be sure to eat your fish too.”

She reached out her chopsticks and picked a large piece of meat from the tomato gravy fish. Then, she put the meat in the little dumpling’s bowl after carefully picking out the bones.

Luo Chenxi had learned her lesson from the day when this pair of father and daughter fought for the same plate of sweet and sour fish.

Thus, today, she decided to simply make two fish dishes—a plate of sweet and sour fish, and a plate of tomato gravy fish, one for each of them.

This settled the problem of this pair of father and daughter fighting over the same dish!

Luo Chenxi gave a thumbs up to her own wit.

Since the little dumpling had taken a great liking to the tomato gravy fish, she had completely forgotten about her previous favorite dish.

The little dumpling grinned from ear to ear as she dug in on the fish meat that had its bones completely picked out by Luo Chenxi. Her cheeks puffed up like a happy little squirrel as she chewed the food.

At this moment, a pair of chopsticks reached out from the side and picked up the remaining meat on the plate of tomato gravy fish.

The little dumpling instantly stopped what she was doing. She widened her big, round eyes and locked her sights on the ‘fish thief’!

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