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Chapter 199 - Chen Xiluo’s Fangirl

Chapter 199: Chen Xiluo’s Fangirl

However, Mu Yichen acted as if this was completely natural. The man picked up the meat with his chopsticks and put it into his mouth without a second thought.

After swallowing, he put down his chopsticks and gave his thoughts indifferently, “Average. It’s way too sweet.”

The little dumpling pouted and turned to look at Luo Chenxi with a sad face.

Luo Chenxi’s heart ached so much at the sight of the little girl’s reddened eyes.

She also became completely speechless at Young Master Mu’s behavior.

“Mu Yichen! How childish can you be? Why are you fighting with your own daughter over food again? Can’t you just obediently dig in on your own exclusive share of sweet and sour fish?”

Mu Yichen glanced at the woman indifferently. “What are you talking about? Are you stopping a person from eating a dish served on the table? I’m just trying to get a little taste of it anyway.”

Luo Chenxi could not help but roll her eyes at the man.

‘Just getting a little taste he said, when he legitimately snatched such a large piece of meat away!

‘This man even complained that it tasted average!’

Luo Chenxi could not even be bothered with this childish man anymore and turned to coax the little dumpling.

“Tang Tang, be a good girl, we’ll ignore your daddy and try the rest of the dishes, alright? I’ve also made strawberry pudding for you. I’ll let you have it once you’ve finished dinner.”

Under Luo Chenxi’s attempts at consoling the little dumpling, she managed to prevent the little girl from crying right on the spot.

However, she turned to glare at Mu Yichen and scolded, “Daddy bad!”

Mu Yichen raised his eyebrows and was about to say something when the door of the villa was suddenly pushed open from the outside.

Mu Weiwei entered the door looking all travel-worn. Without even taking off her shoes, she grabbed a maid who happened to walk by and asked, “Sister Chen, where’s my big brother? Is he home yet?”

Sister Chen was surprised by Mu Weiwei’s excited look.

“Uh, the eldest young master has returned. He’s eating in the dining room…”

Mu Weiwei immediately darted toward the dining room.

“Big brother, big brother! This is great, you’re home so early today, I need to ask you something…”

Mu Yichen saw her and immediately frowned, then cut her off with a cold voice.

“Stand right there. How can you be yelling all over the place right as you entered the door, where are your manners? Why are you home so late today, where did you even go? Also, what is it you’re wearing?”

Mu Weiwei was wearing a tube top vest and a pair of hot pants. There was also a ‘Peppa Pig’ sticker on her arm, she looked completely like a delinquent girl.

Mu Yichen had a really gloomy look on his face.

Mu Weiwei stopped in her tracks. She remembered that she actually snuck out to play today and planned to sneak back home as she avoided her big brother.

However, a certain incident happened while she was out there.

Thanks to that incident, she got too excited and could not wait to get back home, so she did not even change out of her current outfit.

With that, she ended up bumping onto the gunpoint.

Mu Yichen snorted, “Hurry up and get upstairs to get yourself changed!”

Mu Weiwei did not move an inch. Instead, she asked, “I’ll do that later… Erm, big brother, I can’t believe you actually went to the finals of the Huafeng Competition! Why did you suddenly feel like going to a fashion show? You didn’t even bring me along!”

Mu Yichen frowned. “SL Corporation sent an invitation to mom. Since I had time to spare, I attended the show in her steed. Why would I bring a high school student like you with me? You should be studying instead of going to fashion shows.”

“But… but…”

Mu Weiwei bit her lips. “Big brother, you saw the male model, Chen Xiluo who appeared as a showstopper with your own eyes, didn’t you? Is he as handsome as he looked on camera? Do you have any ways of getting in touch with him?”

Mu Weiwei had been fooling around with her classmates all day. While the group of friends waited for someone, she casually tapped on the live broadcast of the event and had a look.

Thus, she happened to watch the part where Chen Xiluo went on stage.

Mu Weiwei was instantly stunned.

How… how handsome! Too handsome!

Mu Weiwei had never been the type that fawned over idols even at her current age.

Mu Weiwei and her group of friends instantly became Chen Xiluo’s fangirls in a mere minute.

The girls then registered a whole lot of smurf accounts to vote for their prince charming.

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