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Chapter 201 - Are You Blind?

Chapter 201: Are You Blind?

“Even though I’ve only seen my prince charming model on stage, I can tell so much more about him from his performance. He surely isn’t a man who’s all about his looks, he’s respectful toward his job and has a good grasp of his catwalk on stage.

“He also looked so refined and courteous. His outstandingly elegant temperament surely indicates that he was raised in a noble family and is very well educated.”

Mu Weiwei placed both hands on her chest as she raised her head and looked into the distance.

As she finished, she swept a disdainful glance at Luo Chenxi.

“Forget it, it’s pointless to tell you anyway. Would a woman from a lowly family background like you even understand what a noble temperament is like?”

“You… Cough, cough… You’re right, I really had no idea…”

Luo Chenxi dryly coughed a few times. She had a really complicated expression on her face.

A noble temperament? Luo Chenxi did not even know she actually looked like a ‘young master’ from a noble family even at her current age!

What was more, Mu Weiwei even praised her masculine temperament just a moment ago. Then, the next second, she started to despise Luo Chenxi for being a country bumpkin from a lowly family.

Hey, girlie, are you… blind?

Seeing Luo Chenxi’s stiff and complicated look on her face, Mu Weiwei mistook such an expression for Luo Chenxi’s guilty conscience. Thus, Mu Weiwei grew even more disdainful toward her.

“Stay quiet if you’re aware that you’re a fool who knows nothing! What does me talking to my big brother have anything to do with you?”

The corners of Luo Chenxi’s mouth twitched.

Of course she would not be bothered to get involved in the delusional world of a pampered girl like Mu Weiwei.

However, Luo Chenxi was undeniably Chen Xiluo in flesh and blood, and that was the main issue here!

If Mu Weiwei’s grades deteriorated because she was busy chasing after idols, would Young Master Mu blame it on Luo Chenxi?

“Cough, cough! I need to tell you something, and I need you to stay calm when I do. I’m actually…”

After thoroughly pondering about the matter, Luo Chenxi decided that it was still better to tell Mu Weiwei the truth.

“Enough! Say no more!”

However, Mu Yichen cut her off before she could finish her explanation. Luo Chenxi was stunned and turned to look at the man.

Mu Yichen did not even look at her as he said, “Tang Tang’s done eating, take her upstairs to play.”


“Hurry up, can’t you see that Tang Tang is dozing off?”

Hearing this, Luo Chenxi turned her head and realized that the little dumpling had started nodding off.

She shoved her thoughts away and quickly went over to pick the little girl up.

Seeing Luo Chenxi leave, Mu Yichen turned to Mu Weiwei and said coldly, “Chen Xiluo is just a temporary replacement today, he’s not a professional. Also, you shouldn’t be wasting your time chasing after idols. So, from today onward, you’ll be grounded for one month!”

“What? Big brother! What did I do wrong? So what if I chase after idols? What kind of girl at my age doesn’t do the same?” Mu Weiwei widened her eyes.

“I’m your big brother. When I say you’re not allowed to do so, you will not disobey me.”

Chasing after an idol who was actually her own sister-in-law? How blasphemous!

“Big brother!” Mu Weiwei yelled angry as she stomped her feet.

Luo Chenxi coaxed the little dumpling into sleep and returned to the master bedroom.

When she entered, she saw Young Master Mu leaning against the bedhead in his sleeping robe.

She got briefly surprised and subconsciously raised her head to look at the clock.

It was only nine o’clock!

‘Should Mu Yichen not be working in the study room? Why is he going to bed so early today?’

Mu Yichen heard her footsteps and looked up at her. “Why are you standing at the door? Come on in.”


Since Young Master Mu was sitting on the bed, Luo Chenxi subconsciously moved away from the bed and walked toward the couch at the corner of the master bedroom.

“Where are you going?” Mu Yichen frowned.

Luo Chenxi pointed at the laptop on the couch. “I’m going to sit here and surf the net for a while.”

“Surf the net? Did you forget what you promised me this afternoon?”

“What did I… promise you?”

Luo Chenxi blinked her eyes and met the man’s deep gaze.

The scene from the sports car in the afternoon flashed through her mind.

In order to coax the arrogant young master Mu, she racked her brains and ended up promising to cook for him, to make him sweet and sour fish, and… to give him a massage…

He could not be talking about this, could he?

Luo Chenxi abruptly raised her head, then she saw the man sit upright and undid the belt on his waist as he removed the upper half of his robe.

As the black silk slid down his shoulders, his firm and smooth skin gradually got revealed. His smooth, muscular lines exuded male hormone levels that were completely off the charts.

Luo Chenxi felt like she was going to get a nosebleed, so she subconsciously touched her nose.

Mu Yichen turned his head and said impatiently, “Aren’t you coming here?”

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